YUCHIP P8 Rental and Perimeter LED Display

P8 Rental Perimeter LED Display is a perimeter display for sports events or rental display for events.

Perimeter LED Display

It displays various information about the game for sports events, such as game scores, participants’ profiles, accomplishments, game outline, and time clock. It also displays commercials and promotions, acknowledges sponsors and stakeholders, and shows prominent audiences.

Perimeter LED Display
Perimeter LED Screen in a Sports Event

It is also to highlight some parts of the game and ease organizers’ sending messages in a big crowd. Also, it adds visual effects to the whole stadium or sports venue, making it more attractive and engaging.

Rental LED Screen

For rental events, this type of LED Display is also very ideal. It is suitable for occasions, gatherings, and events. It allows everyone to see a clearer image and vivid video through its HD resolution.

Because of its size, it is convenient for transporting and transferring from one location to another, like in schools for presentations, small theaters, pageants, and modeling events, mall events, family gatherings, and company events.

Rental LED Display
Rental LED Screen

Some of its general features are as follows:

  1. Cabinet material: Die-casting aluminum
  2. Cabinet size: 960x960mm
  3. Weight: 32kg
It has these two features as well:

Perimeter LED Display screen features:

  • Adjustable back bracket;
  • Soft pillow on cabinet top;
  • High refresh frequency, up to 3840HZ
Rental Perimeter LED Display
Rental Display 

Rental LED Display screen  features:

  • Ultra-thin and lightweight cabinet design;
  • Fast assemble and dismantle.
  • Flight case package for multi-location movement.

Rental Perimeter LED Display is multifunctional, giving clients ease and options. Its efficiency and long life span make it even more ideal as an investment, for instance. It doesn’t rust because it is out of extrusion aluminum material; therefore, it can benefit you in the long run.

Please visit our website for more information. (https://www.yuchip-led.com/) Or message us; manager@yuchip.com

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