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LED Screen Status In The Philippines


1. Introduction


LED Screen Philippines

YUCHIP, an LED Display company from China, serves hundreds of people in their business needs. We have clients from Europe, South and North America, Africa, especially Asia. And one of our clients from Asia is from the Philippines.

The Philippines is an archipelagic country in Southeast Asia. It has three main geographical divisions: north to south; Luzon, Visayas, and Mindanao.

The Philippine economy has been transitioning from agriculture to an economy emphasizing services and manufacturing. Its economic growth mainly focuses on tourism since the country possesses many tourist spots.

Besides maintaining tourist destinations, they also build hotels for accommodation to further tourism revenue. There are an estimated 7.1 million visitors every year, making tourism one of its core sectors.


2. P4 LED Screen In Hotels In The Philippines


There are many hotels in the Philippines, giving much competition in the industry. And to escalate their service, they invest in new standards to satisfy their customers. That’s where we get in, to upscale every individual’s experience.

After a continuous exchange and sustained efforts, we finally carried out a project at the end of 2016 in the Philippines. The project utilized a 6 * 2.5m P4 indoor rental LED display.

P4 Indoor Rental Screen Philippines
P4 Indoor Rental Screen

The specific information of the project are as follows:

  • 6.144 * 2.56m P4 Indoor Rental LED display;
  • SMD2121;
  • Black LEDs;
  • MBI5124IC;
  • 90-260V AC power supply

After the rental use, the customer said:

“The showing effect of YUCHIP LED display is very good. The color is very realistic and has no color difference. The picture is very clear and smooth, and the operation is also very easy to understand in each activity process. Once I did not know how to do, I can always get timely help and support from them for which I have to express my heartfelt thanks.

In short, YUCHIP products let me get a good profit, they offer the intimate and timely service and support, I also feel at ease, meanwhile my customers are also very satisfied and they are very interested in this display.”

3. What Are The Advantages Of A Stage Rental LED Display?


The rapid development of the advertising industry gave birth to LED displays. Making progress in the future will have a fair reflection of the value of this product.

Because the LED display can be used indoors or outdoors and fixed or rental use flexibly. Its application is extensive, from the taxi trailer to the major shopping malls, railway stations, bus stations, convention centers, large indoor and outdoor gymnasiums, etc. Because of this, business products have been in an outstanding promotion accompanied by a considerable profit.

Here are the advantages of a stage rental display.

LED Wall Philippines

Easy Installation.

When human resources and workforce are minimal, especially in places with a designated job, stage rental saves time and effort. The rental design is skillfully crafted to ease installation at its finest. Hence, connecting cabinets modules and running the system is way more accessible, convenient, and comfortable.

Low Maintenance. 

Rental screens require very little to no maintenance. However, if there is a need to do so, care comes in two-way, either rear or front, and you can do both in a few minutes.

Leasing Services.

If your LED displays are not used for your events or occasions, you may opt to use them for leasing services. You’re getting extra profit and helping small individuals achieve greater height in their respective events.

Above all, the stage rental LED display also has high brightness, a high refresh rate, clear and vivid visuals, and priority specifications. Before delivering it right to your doorsteps, it includes aging, display, and screen tests.

YUCHIP continues to innovate and makes its place in the display industry. We continue to expand overseas markets and establish long-term friendly relations with many different countries’ clients worldwide.


4. What Is The Status Of LED Screen In The Philippines?


The Philippines has an active status and embrace when it comes to technological advancement and globalization. Amidst the various adversities the country has faced in recent years, it ventures forward and continues to grow economically and in all aspects.

Businesses, companies, and large-scale production and corporations adopt various methods to leverage their business status and profits. One effective way is the use of advertising and different advertising channels.

Only a few years back, the use of LED screens became prominent in the Philippines. Technically, people believe another method is more effective, such as promoters, papers, brochures, tarpaulins, posters, etc. But the game changed when more prominent firms decided to use giant screens along mega highways such as EDSA in Metro Manila. It brought so much visual impact, and people remembered the brand, which is the main reason for advertising. Because of that, LED screens in the Philippines have become widespread, upbeat, and impactful.

Here are a few significant LED screen projects in the Philippines.


Billboard Philippines
GA Tower Building

This display is considered the most significant and most extensive LED display in the Philippines by far. It has 2260㎡ installed in the GA Tower Building and is highly visible along EDSA Avenue in Manila. The provider of this large screen is Unilumin Joyway.


Billboard Suppliers
Ayala Mall Display

Ayala Mall is one of the most prominent large shopping malls in the Philippines. It offers a comfortable and luxurious shopping experience to every shopper. It has a total size of 180 m² and utilizes a P2.8 indoor fixed LED display. The display has three sides, making it more visible and highly spectacular.


LED Display In The Philippines
Mall of Asia Arena Media Mesh

With a total size of 700 m², this large screen gives various data such as weather forecasts, flood advisory, and traffic updates. It is also in celebration of MOA Arean’s second anniversary. Mall of Asia is the largest and most significant shopping mall in the Philippines, while MOA Arena is the second-largest arena in the country.


LED Display Screen
SM MOA Sphere Screen

The sphere has a 26m diameter and a total display area of 2,124m². It is an immense sphere LED display in the Philippines.

Are you in the Philippines and looking for a quality LED Display provider? Would you please send us a message?

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