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Novastar H5 Processor: Features And Functions


1. Introduction


Novastar is a known company in the LED screen industry. It may be a brand you have heard of many times before. Or, if you haven’t, it is a term you’ll most likely hear as you engage in the LED screen market.

Let us glimpse its rundown to help you have a little information about this brand.

Novastar H5
Novastar H5

Novastar is a leading global LED display solution provider headquartered in Xi’an, China. They provide LED display synchronous control systems, LED display point-to-point calibration systems, cloud-based management services, and more.

One of their notable contributions and projects was the Novastar’s Synchronous Control system N100 used on the 3,400 ㎡ main screens on Morgan Plaza for the 2008 Beijing Olympics.

In 2014, Novastar was also recognized as one of the “Top 50 Fastest Growing Companies” in China.


2. What Is A Novastar H5 Processor?


The Novastar H5 Processor is part of the H series video splicing servers developed by Novastar Company.
You can use it as a video processor, video control two-in-one video splicing processor, and a pure video splicing processor.

Also, it adopts modular and plug-in design, thus allowing flexible configuration and making way for the interchanging of input and output cards.

The Novastar HD Processor is not only applicable to HD LED screens and other small pixel pitch screens but also in many firms and industries. It includes military command centers, national defense command, radio, television and broadcasting, banking, research, etc.


3. Novastar H5 Processor Functions And Features


The Novastar H5 Processor is explicitly designed for fine pixel-pitched screens and can function as a splicer combining/ integrating video processing and video control functions or as a pure splicing processor.

Here are more of its features.

  • Multi-user Operation

It supports various operational channels such as MAC, Windows, iOS, Android, and Linux. Its rapid web response also dramatically improves the effectiveness of field environment configuration. It also supports other online firmware so that you may efficiently complete hardware upgrades in the future.

Novastar H5 Price
Novastar H5
  • Card-operated

The Novastar H5 is card-operated, meaning you can make easy, quick, and flexible configurations at times. A single card slot can support multiple capacities, such as four channels 1920 x 1080@60Hz, two channels 3840 x 1080@60Hz, and one channel 4096 x 2160 @60Hz.

  • High-image Quality

The H5 Processor is mainly for small pixel pitch screens. With this device, you can easily make the visual presentation of an LED screen more astonishing. Also, clearer visuals can show the full details of images, videos, and slides.

Novastar H5 Processor
Novastar H5 Processor
  • Multi-screen Management

Each screen can have a different output resolution. You can also configure irregular screens quickly, has LCD bezel compensation, and has an eye-saver mode.

  • Safe And Stable

The Novastar H5 Processor has features for safe handling and transporting. It has handles that make quick carrying and fast transportation, if any.

Apart from these features mentioned, you can also see more and check its specifications by clicking this link.


4. Why Choose A Novastar Product?


Novastar is not only famous globally for its wide range of products but also for providing highly technical and highly efficient solutions to your needs. It is a dependable partner you can rely on upon with your software and LED components needs, including the Novastar H5 Processor.

Novastar H5 Video Processor
Novastar H5 Video Processor

Apart from the mentioned product, Novastar also has a comprehensive series of sending and receiving cards and other video processor models. They also have software and control systems available, known for being secure, user-friendly, and convenient to configure.

Novastar is one of the highlights in LED screen manufacturing. They partner with both vast and start-up providers to develop excellent product quality. As we all know, China is home to thousands of manufacturing companies.

Furthermore, Novastar continues to innovate and develop its solutions to easily cope and compete with many underlying providers in the market on a global scale.


5. Conclusion


Video processors, such as the Novastar H5 processor, are components vital for your LED screens’ functions. It is used for HD LED screens, and if you’re interested in getting an HD LED display, it is a topic you need to know.

YUCHIP has been partnering with Novastar company over the years. Many of our projects utilized their software and solutions, resulting in worthwhile outcomes.

Furthermore, if you need a processor or solution provider, you may reach us at

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