P16 Outdoor Mesh LED Display

  • Pixel pitch: 16mm
  • Refresh rate: 3840Hz
  • Brightness: ≥7500 CD/㎡
  • Cabinet Size: 960*960*90mm
  • Cabinet Weight: 38kg

P16 Outdoor Mesh LED Display is Ultrathin design,It is ultra light and ultrathin and requires low load bearing. It has ultrathin design, the thickness of the whole cabinet is only 90mm and it is 50mm .

Low windage: Because the screen is ventilation, it reduce the windage and can  save the structure costs.Good ventilation: Do not need to use air conditioning fan and save cost.

P16 Outdorr Mesh LED Display is High applicability IP65, fully sealing design, rain proof, dust proof, adapted to all weather surroundings.

P16 Outdorr Mesh LED Screen is Environmental protection and energy saving: It can save more than 40% energy compared with the conventional display .

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