YUCHIP Outdoor LED Display Has Exported To Over 102 Countries

  • Yuchip is your professional outdoor LED screen manufacturer in China, started since 2004.
  • Yuchip reliable outdoor LED screen will skyrocket your business and greatly enhance your image.
  • Our high quality outdoor LED display have exported to over 102 countries. They are widedly used as advertising LED screen, stadium LED screen, church LED screen and more.
Football Stadium

P16 Outdoor LED Display
220sqm, DIP346
Brussels, Belguim

Basketball Stadium

P8 Outdoor LED Screen
P6.25 Rental LED Display
MKOSZ Stadium, Hungary

Cricket Stadium

184sqn P16 LED Display
Hyderabad, India

Outdoor LED Displays

LED Display Test
Pixel by Pixel, Dot by Dot

Outdoor LED Displays

LED Screen Color Test
Each Single Color, Red, Green, Blue
White Balance Test, Grey Grade Test
Ensure You A Perfect Outdoor LED Display

Outdoor LED Displays

LED Screen Test
Each Single LED Pixel Perfect Work

Outdoor LED Screen

Better Ventilation
Energy Saving LED
Perfect for Hot Areas

Outdoor LED Screen

Best Quality Material
Corrosion Resistance
Ideal for Coastal Areas

Outdoor LED Screen

Low-Temperature Starting
Best for Extremely Cold Areas

YUCHIP Outdoor LED Display Has Exported To Over 102 Countries

As China leading LED display manufacturer, YUCHIP outdoor LED displays have successfully exported to over 102 countries since 2004. LED digital display board offer a fantastic way to engage audiences, improve communication and create dynamic environments with our state-of-the-art technology. YUCHIP outdoor LED displays are installed as outdoor advertising LED display screen, stadium LED screen, church LED wall, digital signage board and more.

Outdoor LED screen also known as LED digital display board, LED billboard, LED advertising board, outdoor advertising LED display screen etc. It delivers you dynamic visual effect, easily catches people’s attention in just a glance. The outdoor LED screens are waterproof, highly brightful, energy saving, and ultra slim, valuable to change your any space into digital world.

    YUCHIP High Quality Outdoor LED Billboard Provides You 3 Years Warranty

    YUCHIP outdoor LED display signboard use the highest quality LED display components to enusre you 3-5 years warranty based on your each project requirement. Above that, the quality management system is in compliance with ISO9001 and products are certified with CE, RoHs, FCC, CCC, TUV-EMC, Saber, BIS and SONCAP etc. Both outdoor LED display and indoor LED screen spend 72 hours aging test in workshop, being fine tuned. Each part is hand checked against stringent quality control list to ensure it meets our very high standards.

    YUCHIP LED Billboard Offer You A Wide Range Of Pixel Pitch

    Outdoor LED billboard pixel pitch comes from 2.5mm to 50mm. The smaller the pixel pitch (distance between two LEDs), the higher the resolution and closer the viewer can be stood to the screen. People are demanding more and more clear display, so outdoor LED display board pixel pitch develops to smaller and smaller. For example, in 2006, a P50 outdoor LED display excited its viewers. In 2010, a P16 outdoor LED display WOW the audience by its high resolution. In 2015, P5 outdoor LED panel becomes the 1st choose as high resolution outdoor LED panels. Since 2018, P3 and P2.5 outdoor LED screens have started to use more and more.

    YUCHIP Outdoor LED Display Are IP65 To IP68, Weatherproof For Your Different Environment.

    For instance, extremely cold Russian cities require LED screen panels fine work under ultra low temperature. And severely hot the Middle East areas demand outdoor LED screen perfect work withstanding continuously high temperature. At the same time, YUCHIP provide you various robust cabinet materials, such as die casting aluminum, aluminum alloy, aluminum, steel and more.

    YUCHIP Outdoor LED Video wall Offer You Stunning Brightness In Daytime

    In day time outdoor LED video wall brightness is up to 10000 nits, enabling visible video, image and text display even under direct sunlight. Thanks to its light sensor designed, outdoor LED screen brightness will drop automatically in night time, comfortable for audience’s view and save electricity cost.

    Outdoor LED Video Wall Outdoor LED Video Wall


    YUCHIP Outdoor LED Display Provides You Wide Variety Of Display Shapes

    Depending on installation site, outdoor LED displays can be customized as flat, curved, 90 degree and cube shape. Relying on our cutting-edge technology, customized outdoor LED displays are seamlessly connected. And this custom design won’t cost you extra. Telling us your project request, you will get an instant solution with customized shape, size and resolution.

    YUCHIP Outdoor LED Displays Are Easy To Maintain

    YUCHIP outdoor LED displays are installed in different ways. It can be wall mounted, fixed on steel pole, put on building roof, lifting from ceiling and more. All of these outdoor LED screens are available in front or rear service which is easy and cost saving.

    YUCHIP Outdoor LED Display Can Be Tailored To Any Size You Need

    Modular outdoor LED screen design makes it possible to build large LED screen seamlessly. The screen width and height is tailored to be small or as large as needed. In 2016, YUCHIP built the largest outdoor LED screen in South America, a 402sqm screen for Ripley, located in Lima, Peru.

    YUCHIP Is Your Best Outdoor LED Display Manufacturer In China

    Founded in 2004, YUCHIP is an award-winning global LED display supplier headquartered in Shenzhen, China. As an comprehensive LED display manufacturer, it focus on offering top notch technology and high-performing visual products. The great range of LED displays includes outdoor LED display, indoor LED screen, rental LED display, transparent LED display, LED poster, flexible LED display, HD LED screen, mobile LED video screens, LED wall controller and more.


    At YUCHIP, you’ll discover our highly skilled team of marketing and technical experts are ready to tackle your project. So whether you are a large organization looking to rebrand multiple locations across the country or a smaller business looking to create one showstopper LED display for your business location, we can help.

    Contact us today, we have the experience, vision and insight needed to create, manage and implement your best outdoor LED screen solution.

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