YUCHIP Indoor P5 Front Maintenance LED Screen In Exhibition

85mm panel depth and 16kg panel weight lead to significant saving in transportation and installation than traditional panel.
Superior consistency coupled,with Low Brightness and High Grayscale
IF5.0 is endowed with superior consistency under low brightness status, even reduced to 20% brightness

P5 Front Maintenance has Perfect Model for Indoor Application
Fully front-access, super slim design and excellent display performance make it the first choice in hospitality, conference room, TV studio application.

YUCHIP P3 Indoor Rental LED Screen In Shopping mall

Indoor Rental LED Screen Display, such as the stage, outdoor advertising, shopping malls etc.

This project adopt hanging the way to install in the mall, which is the best form of advertising, in the flow of people in a large shopping malls.

If you want to learn more about the LED Screen information, please contact us, 13 years led display industry experience, to provide you with quality service and products.

Outdoor Fixed P16 LED Display For Advertising

P16 LED DISPLAY is a good choice for Outdoor LED advertising , now outdoor smd led display applications gradually wide, but DIP led display still has its irreplaceable advantages such as high brightness up to 8000 or more, low cost, ripeand’s technology and stabilize quality. Yuchip has been specializing in outdoor displays for thirteen years, with a wealth of industry experience and improved products.

P4 Fixed Indoor LED Advertising Display

This project located Malaysia. Cabinet size:512mm*512mm .
Length:6.14m, High: 3.1m.

P4 indoor HD LED advertising display can be used for meeting, small stage, conference, airport, railway stations and other places.
YUCHIP P4 indoor LED advertising display adopts smd2121, low brightness and high intensity, ensure display effect in the indoor, the picture is vivid, bring you perfect visual experience.

P20 Outdoor Advertising LED Display In Peru

Project Introduce: Outdoor P20 LED Billboard, size as 10.24×6.72m,resolution ratio 512×336,Cabinet size:1280mm*960mm Address: Peru.

Our products are widely applied in the projects of advertising media,

YUCHIP Stadium Led Display Led Billboard In India

1. P16 1RGB;
2. Led billboard size: 18.432m x 9.984m;
3. Display resolution: 1152 x 624 pixels;

YUCHIP Outdoor LED Video Display Led Video Panel

P10 Outdoor LED Display, 12×4 meters Outdoor P10 Advertising LED Billboard. High quality at 3 years warranty.

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