P1.25 COB LED Screen For Denmark’s Gas Company


1. Introduction


LED screens have also eased security monitoring over the years. Since it may come in various sizes, you can choose to have a larger screen so that all CCTVs in an area will be accumulated in the large video wall. Also, LED screens have high resolution, showing clear and unpixelated footage of different happenings in a location.

(P1.25 COB LED Screen)

The footage, screenshots, and videos captured can make a way in solving crimes and incidents and has a higher possibility of preventing them from happening when it will involve sudden and quick actions of the authority.

LED screens used for monitoring aren’t all about crime prevention but also a way of looking after personnel, overlooking the daily routine of a business and other essential whereabouts. For many business owners, it is crucial to be familiar with how a company or business grows, and when there’s trouble, they can quickly respond to it.

Furthermore, in this article, you’ll learn about LED screens used for monitoring. It utilizes a COB LED screen which we will further explain to you what it is, its advantages, and its applications.


2. P1.25 COB LED Screen Project Details


YUCHIP takes a further step in manufacturing various LED displays, including the COB LED screen. In one of our recent breakthroughs, we provided a COB LED Screen for Denmark. The details are below.

  • The project utilized a P1.25 COB LED screen.
  • We provided it for a gas company in Denmark, which will be used as a monitoring LED screen.
  • It has a total size of 56 sqm.
  • Each cabinet measures 600 x 337.5 mm.
  • The client is delighted that they now have a video wall to ease monitoring their gas company.

Denmark is a Nordic country in Northern Europe. It is the most populous constituent of the Kingdom of Denmark.

The country has a total area of 42,943 km². Furthermore, the government is known for its high-quality design and architecture. They are also referred to as the happiest country as they have a high level of equality and a strong sense of shared responsibility for social welfare.


3. What Is COB LED Screen, And What Are Its Advantages?


COB LEDs are compact. Its chips are tightly bonded together and have no extra lenses and packaging. Therefore, COB LEDs are way lighter in weight and smaller in size.
Also, COB LEDs are brighter, energy-saving, and have a higher quality beam of light than typical and traditional LEDs.

P1.25 COB LED Display
P1.25 COB LED Display

The COB or Chip-on-board has the following advantages:

  • Smaller And Lightweight

COBs are equipped with minor light chips, and because it is compact, they occupy smaller spaces with no extra lenses, so they are significantly lightweight. It also needs fewer parts to install. 

  • Better Brightness Intensity

Unlike typical and traditional LEDs, COB LEDs do not create light patches and glares. These factors are unsafe for human eyes. Also, it creates a higher lumen per watt. As a result, it makes a better brightness level.

P1.25 COB LED Display Denmark
P1.25 COB LED Display
  • Efficient Heat Dissipation

Usually, COB LED screens use aluminum or ceramic substrates making lesser thermal resistance. It also has higher heat conductivity, high power light-emitting diodes, and a better lighting effect. 


4. P1.25 COB LED Screen Application Scope


COB LED screens have a broad application scope, and you can use them in many ways. You can use COBs for the spotlight, phones, street posters, and more.

Monitoring LED Screen
Monitoring LED Screen

And likewise, the P1.25 COB LED display has a broad application scope. Below are a few.

  • Monitoring

The P1.25 COB LED screen is ideal for security monitoring with a higher resolution. It has clearer visuals and better brightness intensity, which is essential for capturing great videos and footage.

  • Concerts/ Events

With a more intense approach to color and brightness parameters, the P1.25 COB LED screen gives a positive vibe during an indoor or outdoor concert. It helps events achieve the utmost spirit of enjoyment, digital approach, and overall fun and music.

  • Conferences/ Schools

Conferences and school endeavors typically take place indoors. So, if you need a high-resolution screen for indoor applications, the P1.25 COB display is a great choice.

P1.25 Denmark
P1.25 LED Screen
  • Street Signs

Street signs are essential parts of public information sharing. These are great information channels for relaying various types of data to people more effortlessly and stress-free. With the P1.25 COB, posting announcements, traffic advisories, and ads is more appealing, precise, and catchy.


5. Conclusion


COB LED screens are another upgraded LED screen type. It has many advantages and on the other hand, also has some downsides such as it has a slight color in the market. It is because COB is a newly-introduced and yet to be available in more features, colors, and designs. However, these disadvantages do not limit the possibilities of its value.

Moreover, should you need a P1.25 COB LED for your next project, whether it is for monitoring use or other application, please don’t hesitate to contact us.


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