YUCHIP’s P1.25 HD LED Screen In Hefei


1. Introduction


Today, when it comes to indoor LED screens, we find and trust nothing but LED screens with fine pixels. And when we say fine pixels, it means clear visuals, a flicker-free display, and high-quality images. If these are your concerns, too, then you probably need an HD LED screen.

HD LED screens are LED displays with minor pixel pitches that feature ultra-high-definition displays. It is conventionally applicable for indoor viewing or for outdoor as long as the viewing space is small or not vast. HD or high-definition LED screens are almost like LCDs because it is applicable for closer viewing, such as less than a meter.

P1.25 HD LED Screen
P1.25 HD LED Screen

Meanwhile, HD LED screen tops the list of expensive LED screens, utilizing high-grade and top components to ensure reliable presentation. It is also a cost-effective investment as you can use it in various ways; it can come in thin panels, lightweight, etc.

HD LED Screen is perhaps used for control rooms in monitoring security cameras, theaters, museums, schools/school affairs, conference rooms, exhibitions, etc.

Also, to give you different scenarios and information about the HD LED screen series, we give you one of our recent projects. It utilizes a P1.25 HD LED Screen for Hefei, China. Learn more about the details below.


2. YUCHIP P1.25 HD LED Screen Project Details


YUCHIP is an international name/brand providing various LED screen needs for your projects.

Our products and solutions have reached several countries worldwide as we’ve exported hundreds of LED modules and panels to 105 countries. Also, apart from tangible outcomes, we cater to LED screen technical needs such as installation, consultation, customization, and more.

P1.25 HD LED Display
P1.25 HD LED Display

Furthermore, one of our most recent projects is the P1.25 HD LED Screen in Hefei, China. As we all know, Hefei is the capital and largest city of Anhui Province.  It lies in the province’s center and has a 7 million population as of the 2017 census. The town is famous for the Three Kingdoms times and for being the hometown of Baozheng, a renowned judge in Chinese history.

Here are the project details.

  • The project utilized a P1.25 HD LED screen for our HD LED screens series.
  • It has a total size of 128 sqm.
  • The HD LED Screen is used for a control room as a video wall screen flashing details of various security cameras and other monitoring devices of the establishment.
  • We installed it in Hefei, China, in Anhui province. The city is the economic, cultural, and political center.

If you’re thinking about getting a P1.25 HD LED Screen for your establishment, please let us know by sending us a message.


3. Why Is HD LED Screen Costly And Common These Days?


Many of you will ask why LED screens have different prices and why HD ones are the most expensive, especially today. Firstly, LED screens are typically more expensive than LCDs because they utilize light-emitting diodes and have a longer lifespan. Also, technically, LEDs contain more components to run and require only high-grade materials to perform fully and well.

LED displays can come in large sizes and accommodate a large audience compared to LCDs. So, if you need a product that can accommodate both big and small viewer numbers, then LED best fit your needs.

P1.25 HD LED Panel Hefei
P1.25 HD LED Panel

Secondly, HD LED screens are the most expensive among LED display series in price. Why? HD displays have small pixel pitches, and the smaller the pixel pitch, the clearer visuals. The better visuals also resemble higher-grade components, which means pricey and costly. HD LED screens are typically thin and lightweight, and convenient to use. These features also add to why it is expensive.

Lastly, despite the HD display price, it is still very prevalent today because it upgrades your viewing experience and gives a shallow risk of you getting eye fatigue. Today, whereas the pandemic is still striking in some parts of the world, more and more people choose to stay indoors. And to achieve the ultra-fine experience, people choose HD displays.


4. What Are The Best Applications For HD LED Screens?


Museum HD Display
Museum HD Display

HD LED screens are compatible with any application. Here are the several possibilities an HD LED display can be of great help:

  • Advertising LED Screens and digital billboards
  • LED displays for retail stores and shops
  • Interactive LED screens in the museums and amusement parks
  • HD LED video walls for control rooms and conference rooms
  • Welcome board and screen display in lounges, lobbies, receptions, and waiting areas
  • Wayfinding and information screens for airports, stations, and harbors
  • LED screen monitors for broadcast and television studios
  • LED screen displays for restaurants, clubs, casinos, bars, and pubs
  • (Perimetral) screen monitors in stadiums, arenas, and sports centers.
  • Scoreboard screens for any sporting events.
  • Digital screens for traffic signs and public service announcements
  • Creative displays in events
  • LED screens for building facades and windows
  • Modular LED displays for rentals and stage background.


5. Where Can I Find A Reliable HD LED Display Provider?


If you’re looking for a dependable HD LED Display provider and manufacturer, you are precisely on the right page. We are YUCHIP, and we are China’s leading LED display supplier with many partners and distributors globally.

LED HD Screen
LED HD Screen

We provide LED screens of various uses, applications, sizes, pixel pitches, and designs suitable for your needs. Also, we are equipped with a spacious and top-grade factory headquartered in Shenzhen, China. We have a professional R&D team and skilled engineers who will guide you in understanding the needs of your project, customizing the design and sizes, and other features.

We look forward to working with you on your project. Would you please send us a message at manager@yuchip.com?

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