P1.86 LED Poster For An American Events Company


1. Introduction


LED Posters, such as the P1.86 LED poster, are adaptive digital devices. They come in various sizes, designs, and installation methods. And more than their transportability, LED posters are cost-saving investments you can have for your business or if you handle events.

P1.86 LED Poster
P1.86 LED Poster

Commonly, you can see them along malls and shops used as digital design playing ads and content, but how about LED posters for events? Have you seen one? If your answer is “not yet,” then look at this project we provided recently.

Tune in and read more below for more information.


2. P1.86 LED Poster Project Details


YUCHIP has established a great image in the global LED screen market. With that, we could also have companions and partners in many parts of the world. One of them is in America, where we had our latest LED poster project. The project details are below.

P1.86 LED Poster Screen
P1.86 LED Poster Screen
  • The project utilized a P1.86 LED Poster.
  • We provided four pcs of the P1.86 LED poster.
  • The project is for an American Events Company that organizes high-end events such as summits in hotels.
  • The P1.86 LED poster will serve as a sign for the hotel or summit entrance.
  • It will serve as a video wall display that plays ads or guides and trivia for the related events.

The USA, perhaps, is known to host many events, both big, high-end, and small ones. With LED screens, such as LED posters, events become smoother and a lot more exciting.


3. Features Of The P1.86 LED Poster


Here are some features of the P1.86 LED poster.

P1.86 LED Poster Display
P1.86 LED Poster Display
  1. High Resolution. The P1.86 LED Poster has a resolution of 344 x 2064 pixels.
  2. High Refresh Rate. Its refresh rate can reach up to 3840 Hz; thus, it makes a smooth transition and visual effects.
  3. Quality Material. The P1.86 LED poster has high precision and evenness as it uses an extrusion aluminum cabinet.
  4. Rigid Design. It has a toughened glass front cover that prevents deformation and anti-yellowing even after a few years of use.
  5. Easy Management. It utilizes very user-friendly software as you can easily control the LED poster using a laptop, tablet, or mobile phone.
  6. Convenient Cascading Method. Cascading is the key if you have numerous LED posters and want to play the same content simultaneously. Apart from it, when you cascade LED signs, you can create a broader and bigger screen just like typical indoor or retail LED displays.
  7. Affordable Rate. Seeing many manufacturers and suppliers online will observe the very high price ranges. In YUCHIP, we offer a justifiable price with high standards and excellent product quality.


4. How Do LED Posters Work?


LED posters are a plug-and-play kind of LED display. It works just like other LED displays but is slightly more user-friendly and easier to install anywhere you want. Also, it is a wheeled LED poster with an ultra-thin poster frame and glass cover design.

P1.86 LED Poster Backview
P1.86 LED Poster Backview

It offers high-definition displays with pixel pitch that ranges from P1.8 to P3 and has a high-end removable hydraulic back bracket (secured using six stainless screws), making assembling and disassembling easier. You can display the LED Poster Screen horizontally or vertically according to your liking. It has a stable stand, so you don’t have to worry about falling.

You can also move it anywhere and anytime you want because it is lightweight and has four wheels. LED posters are an excellent option for your new advertising LED screen, which you can use to promote your product or business and attract and amaze your audience and target market.


5. What Features Do LED Posters Have That Other LED Displays Don’t?


Both LED poster displays and LED display screens are excellent digital tools to advertise and promote your brand and messages. However, LED posters to offer unique features that other LED displays do not.

LED Poster Sign
LED Poster Sign
  • Movable.

LED posters are freestanding LED displays that you can quickly move from one point to another without needing any tools or equipment. It has four wheels attached to its stand.

  • Fold-out Stand.

LED posters can stand on their own because they have built-in stands. The fold-out frame provides sturdy support to the LED display. It also has a neatly incorporated groove where you can discreetly tuck away the shelf when it is not in use.

  • Lightweight.

LED poster displays are lighter compared to other LED displays. One LED poster only weighs around 30 – 40 kg per set. You can single-handedly carry or move your own LED poster.

  • Function Buttons and Connectors.

The LED Poster has Wi-Fi Antenna, HDMI output, USB port, RJ45 port, Power Adapter Jack, Audio output, function buttons for brightness control, mirroring, and extended mode selector.

  • Multiple-Installation.

LED posters allow multiple installation methods to meet your advertising and event display needs.


6. How To Manage An LED Poster?


LED posters can easily be operated and controlled using smartphones, mobile phones, iPad, and PCs. It offers a plug-and-play feature and allows USB, HDMI, LAN, Cloud, WIFI, and network control.

LED poster display is equipped with WIFI connectivity and supports mobile application management. It means that you may now manage and monitor your screen display with the help of a particular mobile app.

Cascaded LED Poster
Cascaded LED Poster

Since an LED poster is a more advanced digital LED display, you may now download a particular app, and your mobile phone or tablet where you downloaded it may serve as your monitor and remote for your LED poster display. You can remotely control your poster display or iPoster asynchronously (cross-platform functioning) or synchronously (real-time play) using IOS, Windows, or Android devices anytime and anywhere.

You may also schedule content or messages weeks or months earlier. Meanwhile, you have to create the content and save it to your device for later use. Here is our quick guide to learning more about how to cascade LED posters.


7. Conclusion


LED Poster Visual Effects
LED Poster Visual Effects

LED posters are far from traditional LED screens, which you can apply to some specific applications. It is now fueled with the latest technology, excellent product design, and rigid construction that’ll surely elevate your business ventures.

Should you need a P1.86 LED poster for malls, retails, or events, please don’t hesitate to contact us at manager@yuchip.com.

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