P10 Outdoor LED Video Wall For Zhengzhou


1. Introduction


Outdoor LED video walls have broad application scope. Primarily, we use them for advertising, but they can also be used as an aesthetic design in an area. Outdoor LED video walls vary in size, pixel pitches, installation methods, and other features. And perhaps, you need to know what you need to check and emphasize before purchasing an outdoor LED screen.

P10 Outdoor LED Video Wall
P10 Outdoor LED Video Wall

Outdoor LED screens offer significant advantages for your business. If you’re into brand and service promotion, advertising is one factor that could quickly increase your popularity. Also, with advertising and LED screen devices, you’ll reach your target audience more straightforwardly, quicker, and smoother.

In this article, we’ll share a project YUCHIP recently concluded in Zhengzhou featuring a P10 outdoor LED video wall for advertising. Please tune in and read below to know more.


2. P10 Outdoor LED Video Wall Project Details


YUCHIP has been through and has finished numerous projects featuring an outdoor LED screen. Among those, the most common product would be a P10 outdoor LED video wall. One of our most recent projects is in Zhengzhou. The details are below.

  • The project utilized a P10 outdoor LED video wall.
  • We installed it for outdoor use in Zhengzhou.
  • It has a total size of 960 sqm and utilizes a fixed half-hexagon installation.
  • The client shall use it for advertising, and the video wall display brought great aesthetic ambiance to the area.

Zhengzhou is the capital and largest city of Henan Province in China. It has a total area of 7,533 km2 and has a population of 10.35 million as of the 2019 census.
Zhengzhou is a place known for its rich culture, long history, and significant contributions to Chinese culture and civilization. It is also called the cradle of Chinese civilization.


3. How Do LED Video Walls Ease Advertising And Aesthetic Designing?


LED video walls ease advertising in many ways. If you opt to widen your product identity and scope, LED, screens would make it possible. But how do LED video walls ease advertising?

LED screens are way more improved, convenient, and classy than traditional advertising using paper and radio—no need to use form and continue playing ads on radios and TV shows.

Outdoor LED Video Wall P10
Outdoor LED Video Wall P10

LED screens offer more convenient uploading of content. You can play videos and ads simultaneously or have different content for several LED screens. It is possible because of the features and the device’s software. You can upload content such as ads, videos, and animations through the web; more convenient and accessible.

LED video walls also make an area more appealing and friendly. It improves the ambiance and spirit of a room, and with a digital approach, viewers can easily remember your advertising, gaining trust, reliability, and truthfulness.


4. What Should You Know Before Purchasing A P10 Outdoor LED Video Wall?


There are plenty of things you need to check upon purchasing an LED screen, such as a P10 outdoor LED video wall. Perhaps, it is essential to know and be familiar with these things as they might help you get the best choice for your business and project needs.

Here are a few.

Outdoor LED Video P10
Outdoor LED Video P10
  • IP Level

The Ingress Protection is one factor you have to know and be familiar with before getting an outdoor LED screen. The Ingress Protection serves as the device’s shield against elements that could deteriorate its function. It includes dust, water mist, direct sunlight, and more. The higher the IP level means, the better protection against these factors. Outdoor LED screens are expected to encounter these external components as the environment is wide open.

  • Structure And Design

The design of the LED screen should match your project needs. Making sure the structure is rigid is also necessary to accomplish great results.

When it comes to structure and design, choose a provider open to customization. Your provider should have a fine sight of how the LED screen could help your business and advertising breakthroughs.

P10 Outdoor LED Video
P10 Outdoor LED Video Display
  • Visual Impact

The visual aspect of the device talks about the brightness, color, and clarity that it exhibits. An outdoor LED screen such as a P10 outdoor LED should have better resolution, wider viewing angle, wide color gamut, adjustable brightness, and clear visuals.

  • Lifespan And Materials

LED screens, especially outdoor video walls, are great investments, costly, and enormous. That’s why it is essential to know the materials and components. Make sure to choose reliable materials for the cabinet, such as aluminum, steel, or die-casting aluminum.

Should you need more advice or you have further questions, please email us at manager@yuchip.com.


5. Conclusion


P10 Outdoor LED Wall
P10 Outdoor LED Wall

In this article, we’ve featured one of our local projects in China, in Zhengzhou. It utilized a P10 outdoor LED video wall with a total size of 960 sqm installed in a fixed and half-hexagon design.

If you’re also thinking of getting a P10 outdoor LED for your project needs, above is a quick guide you can follow.

For more information, here’s our email; manager@yuchip.com; please get in touch with us anytime.

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