P2.5 Christ Community Church LED Display: A YUCHIP’s Project


1. Introduction


Churches have been utilizing LED screens for some time now. Perhaps, the church LED display helps make praises and church-related activities even more fun and accessible.

Christ Community Church
Christ Community Church

It is undeniable that churches have also integrated technology into their endeavors as these digital screens significantly impact the many during Sunday masses and the like.

In this article, we’ll feature a project we’ve distributed to a church in America. Also, below are some facts and trivia you may want to know if you’re thinking of getting your church LED screen.


2. P2.5 LED Display For Christ Community Church


YUCHIP is a known LED screen manufacturer and provider with several partner contributors worldwide. One of our partners/distributors is headquartered in America, easing us in getting projects in the area.

P2.5 Christ Community Church LED Display
P2.5 Christ Community Church LED Display

Furthermore, YUCHIP recently provided a church LED display for a known church in America. The details are as follows:

  • The project utilized a P2.5 customized LED display for a church.
  • We installed it for the Christ Community Church in the United States of America.
  • We provided 40 pcs of P2.5 LED cabinets connected to form a massive LED screen.
  • It uses a high refresh frequency driver IC and has a complete front maintenance cabinet design.

Christ Community Church is an evangelical non-denominational church. John Alexander Dowie founded it in 1896.


3. How Much Does A P2.5 Christ Community Church LED Display Cost?


For people thinking of purchasing large video screens for churches, the most frequently asked question is how much those would cost.

Church LED screen price is relative to many different factors. That is why it is not easy to look for fixed-price LED church screens for sale. The cost of purchasing LED displays is based on various factors such as the physical size of the screens, the pixel pitch, installation type, and other added features you might request.

Screen Size. A church video wall is generally created by connecting multiple LED screens. Therefore, the number of LED panels depends on how big you want your LED wall. Accordingly, the bigger the LED church stage display, the more expensive it becomes.

P2.5 Church LED Display
P2.5 Church LED Display

Pixel Pitch. The pixel pitch greatly affects the church LED wall price. Like what we have already established, LED screens with lower pixel pitch are typically more expensive.

Installation Type. You might want to secure an additional budget if your church LED screens to require a much more complex installation process.

Value-Added Features. When purchasing church LED displays, you may request specific customizations, added products, or services from your LED provider. But sometimes, this also means paying extra cash.

YUCHIP has been a global LED screen provider in China since 2004. We have excellent quality yet affordable LED screens (indoor and outdoor) perfect for church use.


4. Regular Projector vs. LED Screen Displays, Which Is Better?


With all things considered, a church LED video wall is better than the traditional projector. More and more churches are stepping towards digital displays by investing in LED church stage displays.

Here are some of the reasons why it is the right time to consider switching to LED screens:

More Energy Efficient. Using an LED video wall for the church stage will significantly help you decrease your monthly electric bill. The upfront cost for a traditional projector may be lower than LED screen displays but LED screens to consume up to 50% less energy than regular projectors.

P2.5 Church LED Screen
P2.5 Church LED Screen

Brighter and More Visible. LED screens are bright enough to be seen even under bright light or direct sunlight. So, you need not darken the room to ensure that your digital display is visible to everyone. However, visual display tends to blur out when hit by bright light, unlike a regular projector.

Longer Life Span. LED screen panels can significantly last longer than traditional church projector screens. When a regular projector bulb gets burnt out, it is typically swapped out with a cheaper bulb that lasts for less than a year to 2 years. The LED wall is also modular, so when a screen module gets broken, we can easily replace it with a new one without taking down the whole LED wall.

More Cost-effective. Since the lifespan of a regular projector is relatively shorter than an LED screen, you will need to purchase a new projector multiple times in a decade, which will cost you more in the long run.

More Flexible. It is proven that there is much so you can display using an LED screen. You can manage it remotely or schedule content for continuous production.


5. Can Church Displays Play Similar Content?


You may set up multiple screens around your mega-size church so all congregation members who are present will not miss any part of the ceremony regardless of how far or close they are seated from the stage.

P2.5 LED Wall
P2.5 LED Wall

Also, you may display on every LED screen the song’s lyrics during praise and worship or the critical points of the pastor’s sermon for everyone to see. You may also do simultaneous video casting of any internet web feeds. LED video displays for churches offer almost unlimited configuration.

One of the best features of LED screen displays is that they are highly adaptable and customizable. Operating LED screens is as easy as managing your smartphone.


6. Conclusion


The use of digital devices is prevalent today. Years ago, they were only utilized by business establishments, advertising firms, and event organizers, while now, schools and even religious congregations have adopted LED screens.

YUCHIP P2.5 Church LED Screen
YUCHIP P2.5 Church LED Screen

Its increasing demand also signifies the rich acceptance of technology in the many firms and markets in the world.

Furthermore, in YUCHIP, we will continue innovating and integrating the latest technology and design in all our products and LED screen solutions.

Should you have further questions, please let us know. Please email us at manager@yuchip.com.

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