P2.5 Flexible LED Screen In Beijing: A YUCHIP Project


1. Introduction


P2.5 Flexible LED Screen
P2.5 Flexible LED Screen

Beijing is the capital of China or known as the People’s Republic Of China. Beijing Is the world’s most populous national capital city, is very competitive in all aspects, and is home to large LED screens.

Also, it is a place where you can see almost all kinds of conventional LED screen applications. Nearly all establishments utilize digital screens either for advertising or information purposes.

In this way, Beijing is believed to be one of the most valuable and expensive cities globally. The capital city, perhaps, has wide racial diversity, is home to all kinds of businesses, etc.

Also, Beijing is among the big cities where YUCHIP had a project. In our latest project in the said city, we utilized a P2.5 Flexible LED screen designed for a bank.

Generally, flexible LED screens, such as a P2.5, has vast applicability. You may use it in all kinds of ways as it has an easy splicing feature and is readily beautiful in all angles.

It is also partnered with good brightness and grayscale level, a high frame rate, etc. While you may be considering getting a P2.5 Flexible LED screen, here are the project details below.


2. YUCHIP’s P2.5 Flexible LED Screen In Beijing


YUCHIP is China’s leading LED screen supplier. We have various projects around the world and also in China. Among China’s giant city projects we had is in Beijing. The project utilized a P2.5 Flexible LED Screen for bank use.

P2.5 Flexible LED Screen Beijing
P2.5 Flexible LED Screen In Beijing

The project was for indoor application but can also apply to semi-outdoor and outdoor use. YUCHIP’s flexible LED screen has an easy splicing feature that allows you to convert them into different angles, curves, and shapes. It is perhaps multidimensional, cost-effective, and highly reliable.

YUCHIP’s flexible LED screen can come in two cabinet materials. You can choose from aluminum or die-casting aluminum. Both are quality and superior materials compared to other conventional materials before. These two are corrosion-resistant and can stand various weather situations in the long run.

A P2.5 Flexible LED screen’s brightness can reach up to 1200 cd/m² and a refresh rate of up to 3840 Hz. These parameters determine whether the LED screen has a good resolution. In this regard, the P2.5 LED screen has high-resolution visuals, smooth lines, flicker-free, and remarkable brightness attributes.

Above all, the project satisfied our client greatly and is happy with their bank establishment’s LED screen. As you may know, Beijing is home to various monetary sectors, big businesses; that’s why enriching the customer’s experience is a highlight for every business owner. If you need a P2.5 Flexible LED screen for a likewise purpose, offices, buildings, schools, and airports, we will promptly accommodate and address your needs. Contact us now.


3. What Advantages Do Flexible LED Screens Have?


Flexible LED Screens offer a list of advantages for both the user and viewer. It is generally creative, captivating, and easy to use. It’s highly convertible equipment if you opt to deliver various views, designs, and relative art. You may elastically convert them into waves, multiple shapes, different techniques, angles and degrees, and so much more. Here are some more of its advantages.

  • Extremely Lightweight

A flexible LED module is lighter than typical indoor or outdoor modules. It has thin panels, which contribute significantly to its lightweight feature. Because of its lightweight property, you can easily carry a module or a cabinet (in case of location change), install, and dismantle it. A single panel or module can weigh as light as 40 grams, while a cabinet can have a maximum weight of 10-14 kg.

P2.5 Flexible LED Display
P2.5 Flexible LED Display
  • Easy Splicing Method

The flexible LED screen has elastic and pliable features. It allows the module’s easy conversion into different angles and shapes. Therefore, creating a wavy design, circle, and curves will take only a few minutes or seconds.

  • User-friendly Software System

YUCHIP’s flexible LED screen utilizes various control systems. It supports Linsn, Novastar, LEDSet, LEDVISION, etc. These control software are from YUCHIP’s trusted partners in the industry who are also from China. In addition, a flexible module has Nationstar LED.

  • Various Applications

Flexible LED screens top the list when it comes to having various applications. It can be both indoor or outdoor since it has good heat dissipation, has outstanding performance, and is equipped with easy installation parts. Flexible LED screens, perhaps, are used in museums, concerts, airports, banks, offices, and establishments, schools, conferences, trade shows, summits, etc.

However, if you opt for different usage of the product, YUCHIP will help your project needs.


4. Why Choose YUCHIP As Your Flexible LED Screen Supplier?


YUCHIP is a professional, flexible LED screen supplier from China. We are the top-most supplier of flexible screens and all kinds of digital displays in the market. Our accomplishments and track record are relevant to your needs as we have hundreds of projects worldwide. A flexible LED screen is one of our main products in the long run. It is our clients’ choice because it has excellent quality and creates exceptional views in all aspects.

P2.5 Display Flexible
Flexible LED Screen

YUCHIP takes pride in many of our flexible screen projects across Asia, Africa, America, Europe, and China’s big cities.

We have been in the industry for almost 17 years and comprise professional individuals, experts, engineers, and marketing heads.

We are headquartered in Shenzhen, China, and have partner distributors around the world.

Also, YUCHIP offers the most affordable price in the market but is of high product quality.

We also offer our prompt technical support and after-sales service. Be our next customer, and let us help you with all your LED screen needs.


5. Conclusion


Beijing LED Display
YUCHIP LED Display In Beijing

YUCHIP is a reliable partner you can rely on when it comes to your LED screen needs.

We offer quality flexible LED screens, outdoor LED screens, indoor LED displays, transparent  LED screens, and a lot more.

Our clients are delighted with our products, LED screen solutions, and technical support.

YUCHIP promises to give you prompt advice, response, and guidance throughout your journey.

Our professional R&D team will help you customize your needs to suit your project.

And above all, YUCHIP is happy to serve you.

We are a team of continuous development, and we make sure we integrate the latest technology to all our project intent, including the P2.5 Flexible LED screen in Beijing, China.

Should you have questions, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us.

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