P2.5 Flexible LED Screen For Chongqing TV Studio


1. Introduction


Flexible LED screens are among the most conventional and versatile display designs you can have these days. It is equipped with many advantages that make up for excellent overall product quality. Also, it may come in various sizes, module design, cabinet design, and pixel pitches; it has all the necessary features you’ll need.

Curved P2.5 LED Display
Curved P2.5 LED Display

Flexible LED screens are adaptive devices that you can use for designing creative stages and locations. You may also use it as an advertising screen and make it a flat panel.

This article will share some details of our latest project utilizing a P2.5 flexible LED screen in Chongqing. Learn more below.


2. P2.5 Flexible LED Screen For Chongqing TV Studio Project Details


YUCHIP is a China-based LED screen manufacturer and provider with 17 years of experience. Among our successful projects is in Chongqing. P2.5 flexible LED screen is the star product we utilized for the Chongqing project. Below are the project details.

P2.5 Flexible LED Screen
P2.5 Flexible LED Screen
  • The project utilized a P2.5 flexible LED screen.
  • We installed it for the Chongqing TV station.
  • The LED screen has a total size of 125 sqm.
  • The P2.5 flexible LED screen made a magnificent view of the area. Many people can be accommodated as the LED screen is more extensive.

Chongqing is a municipality located in the southwestern part of China. It is considered one of the largest cities in the world, with a 31 million population. The city is known as the “mountain city” and an important political, economic and strategic center in China’s west. Furthermore, it has a total area of 82,300 sqm.


3. How Pliable And Versatile P2.5 Flexible LED Screens Are?


Flexible LED screens, including the P2.5 flexible LED screen, are equipped with solid and sturdy materials carefully crafted and manufactured in our factory. Its high flexibility comes from the rubber material, making the easy conversion of shapes and designs. The panel, perhaps, can come in various thicknesses and sizes. Some are as thin as paper, while some may be thicker than a book.

In choosing suitable flexible LED screens, thickness is one factor you need to consider. It determines the strength and flexibility and makes installation and dismantling procedures easy.

Flexible LED screens are versatile features as you may apply them in different ways, locations, installation methods, and more. Here are a few project ideas for your P2.5 flexible LED screen.

P2.5 Flexible Display Chongqing
P2.5 Flexible Display

Flexible LED screens are great devices to make a very purposive and attractive stage. Various shapes, designs, and orientations will surely deliver a perfect view for your audience and overall event.

In addition to products and devices being exhibited, flexible LED screens add flavor and theme. It can easily attract your target prospects and audience and as an information screen that shows guides, product reviews, and more.

  • TV Studios

TV studios, such as the Chongqing project location, are convenient for flexible LED screens. You may use the P2.5 flexible LED screen for conferences, variety shows, award ceremonies, and more. In each event, you can put dynamic use of the LED display.

  • Outdoor Advertising Display

Flexible LED screens, such as the P2.5 flexible LED screen, are not for design and attractive use alone. Besides the structure and dynamic visuals they can give, you may also use them as advertising screens. It has clear visuals, good brightness levels, and a high refresh rate that constitutes and makes an effective screen.

Besides those mentioned above, flexible LED screens are of wide usage and applications.


4. How To Make A DIY Flexible LED Screen?


How To Make Flexible LED Screen

If you are thinking of making a DIY flexible LED screen, below are the steps on how you can make a flexible LED display:

  • Contact us and request a CAD drawing of an adjustable LED module.
  • Design and start building the LED frame where you will mount your flexible LED screen panel. Use steel or iron materials.
  • Attach the soft LED modules to the customized frame, which is equipped with magnet suction connectors. A standard LED screen panel has ten strong magnets.
  • Connect the power cable (5V) and the signal cables to the LED panels. Follow the arrow marks found on the boards as your guides.
  • Connect the power cable to the screen panel and the LED power supply.
  • Next, connect the flat cable to your flexile LED display panel and LED screen receiving card.
  • Connect the LAN cable to the LED receiving card and LED sending card. Use RJ45 cable.
  • Now, connect the power cable to the power source. Check for a 220V or 110V power cord and plug compatibility.

After successfully doing the steps listed above, the next thing that you have to do is to configure your flexible LED screen. You may check out this video to further guide you on connecting and configuring your flexible LED screen display.

Click on this link LED panel video connection to watch the video. You may also check this link to know more details about flexible LED screens.


5. How Big Can It Be?


You can create a flexible LED screen display as big as you desire. Flexible LED screens are customizable to any size that will meet the requirement of your LED project. All you have to do is contact your flexible LED screen supplier and tell them about your needs, and they will make you an LED panel dimension size suitable for your display or video wall.

Flexible LED Display In An Airport
Flexible LED Display In An Airport

Suppose you are looking for a reputable LED manufacturer and supplier. In that case, YUCHIP offers a great range of high-quality but affordable flexible LED screens that we custom-built to match the needs of every client. We can make you a large-size LED screen display either for outdoor or indoor installation.

You may click on this link and tell us about your flexible LED project today. We will provide you with reliable LED products, services, and creative solutions customized to your project requirement.


6. Where To Find Reliable Flexible LED Screens?


LED P2.5 Flexible
LED P2.5 Flexible

Worry no more! If you’re reading this, you’re precisely on the right page to inquire about LED display needs.

We are YUCHIP, and we are a China-based LED screen company that has distributed hundreds of LED modules, products, and screen solutions to 105 countries worldwide. Apart from our products, we are also famous for providing excellent services to our clients globally.

Other than flexible LED screens, we have a wide range of products you can choose from. Please visit our homepage to know more.

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