P2.5 Front Maintenance LED Display For A Philippine Casino


1. Introduction


Casinos, perhaps, are signs of rich tourism and the presence of leisure facilities in an area or country. In many cities and capitals globally, you’ll see several hotels and casinos serving as entertainment areas for locals and foreigners. And the Philippines is no exception to the rule.

P2.5 Front Maintenance LED Display
P2.5 Front Maintenance LED Display

Suppose you’re from the Philippines or have been in this country. In that case, you’ll observe a massive fluctuation in the number of casinos and hotels in areas in Manila, Cebu, Davao, and other crowded cities.

It is a significant sign of good tourism, fun, and enjoyment among visitors and locals. And it is not new to us seeing LED screens being utilized in these areas as these digital devices significantly contribute to this sector.

Furthermore, this article will use one of YUCHIP’s projects for a casino in the Philippines. Also, below, you’ll see some other information relevant to casinos, hotels, or the hospitality market.


2. P2.5 Front Maintenance LED Display Project Details


YUCHIP is an international brand known for its quality, customized, and rigid designs of LED screen solutions. Apart from being a top-rated choice for European countries and America, YUCHIP has also expanded its influence in Southeast Asia, for instance, the Philippines. It is, perhaps, where we recently concluded a project.

Front Service LED Cabinet
Front Service LED Cabinet

Here are the project details.

  • The project utilized P2.5 front maintenance LED display.
  • We provided 85 pieces of LED cabinets assembled to form a giant LED screen.
  • Each cabinet measures 640x480mm and has a complete front maintenance design.

Casinos benefit greatly and even the country’s economy when tourists fluctuate and visit these areas. And with the use of a digital device, such as an LED screen, eases the casino management in facilitating activities, announcing information, guiding guests, and more.

Also, with us, YUCHIP, you can choose to have your casino LED display customized, redesigned, and have a different size or installation.


3. How Rich Is The Casino/Hospitality Sector In The Philippines?


Casinos, hotels, and generally the hospitality sector play a vital role in keeping the Philippines economy stable. With a profound estimate, there are mostly 18-20 privately owned casinos in the Philippines, with a majority operating in Metro Manila. And in total, there must be 71-80 legal gambling facilities spread all over the country.

Casino In The Philippines
Casino In The Philippines

In 2016, the gross gaming revenues reached 158 billion or approximately 3.3 billion USD, and 172 billion or 3.4 billion USD in 2017. These figures signify the increasing and underlying economic contribution of casinos to the country’s financial stability.

PAGCOR, or the Philippine Amusement and Gaming Corporation, has also encouraged computer-based online casino services to both locals and international visitors. And to maximize the experience that every visitor has, casinos in the Philippines have also adopted digital LED screens to equip and provide smoother transactions and establish a friendly atmosphere within the area.


4. How Can Digital Signage, Such As A P2.5 Front Maintenance LED Display, Be Helpful In The Hospitality Sector?


Here is how your hospitality or casino business can benefit from utilizing LED display technology in your venue:

  • LED digital display boosts the appeal of your place. It can help you create an ambiance or look that is way more interesting and inviting for the audience.
  • It can help you serve your customers better. LED screens can be utilized as directory signages or wayfinding signs to guide visitors to reach their desired destination.
  • LED digital displays help you communicate with your guests. You can use LED screens to feature promotions, menus, or reminders for visitors.
  • It provides entertainment to the audience. LED screens are vital in waiting or sitting areas like lobbies and dining areas because they provide your guests with an engaging and delightful visual experience.
  • You can utilize it to explicitly advertise other products and services you offer without talking directly with the customers.


5. How Can LED Display Helps Boost And Recover The Hospitality Market?


As you may observe, the hospitality industry is the economic sector that suffered the most from the pandemic. Many establishments and businesses are still non-operational and on the verge of permanent closure, while some utilize a 50% operational workforce.

Many believe that once everything goes back to normal, the hospitality industry will make a huge comeback.

Although there is already an attempt to reopen this industry, it will not be fully operational if the pandemic is still here. Many owners use this time to think about how they can market their businesses to attract as many customers as possible to make up for their losses.
LED display technology is one effective tool to revitalize and revamp your venue and brand image. Also, it can help you reinvent the look of your place/venue.

Above all, as the competition will become more competitive and aggressive once the economy fully reopens, it will become necessary for businesses to go digital to keep up and survive.


6. YUCHIP: Your Most Reliable Casino LED Screen Provider


Front Maintenance LED Cabinet Design
Front Maintenance LED Cabinet Design

YUCHIP is a well-experienced and skilled provider that you can trust. Our series of LED screen solutions are known globally for being sturdy, relevant, updated, and affordable compared to other underlying providers.

Also, you can check out our products and solutions and send us your message to start your project now.

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