P2.5 Full Front Maintenance Church LED Screen In Nigeria


1. Introduction


In many parts of the world, religious events have also embraced technology. Many congregations use digital screens to give a different vibe during worship or praise. It is used not only for displaying images, videos and lyrics but also during liturgy and testimonials.

LED Screen For Church Price
LED Screen For Church

Since LED screens are widely embraced in churches and houses of worship, we have also encountered an increasing demand for this LED screen solution. Over the years, we’ve accumulated great numbers of church LED screen needs from various parts of the world. One of those where we commonly have a project is in Nigeria.

Furthermore, below is a project we had in Nigeria. It is a church LED screen. Tune down below for more information.


2. P2.5 Full Front Maintenance Church LED Screen Project Details


YUCHIP has been a reliable partner for many churches in Nigeria. Nigeria is a country in Africa home to more than 250 ethnic groups and has around 206 million population as of the 2020 census.

This country has a majority of Christians, which is evident in the high number of churches in the country. And one of those Christian churches is where we provided another church LED project. The details are as follows.

P2.5 Full Front Maintenance
P2.5 Full Front Maintenance Church LED Screen
  • We provided two pcs of P2.5 LED.
  • It was a P2.5 full-front maintenance Church LED screen.
  • It measures 2.88 x 1.92m.
  • The Church LED Display is installed for a church in Nigeria.

Apart from this project, YUCHIP has had various and numerous projects in the country. Below are a few.

  1. P4 LED Screen In Lagos, Nigeria
  2. Living Faith Church: LED Display In Nigeria
  3. P6 Church LED Screen In Nigeria: A YUCHIP’s Project

Should you have further questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us at manager@yuchip.com. Request a quote now!


3. What Are The Features Of A Full Front Maintenance LED Screen?


A complete front maintenance LED screen is an excellent ease for anyone. Here’s why.

LED Screen For Church Price In Nigeria
LED Screen For Church In Nigeria
  • A complete front maintenance LED screen makes less effort in performing maintenance tasks. It is because it uses lesser equipment and workforce.
  • This maintenance applies to those LED screens that have fixed installation. Compared to rear care, front maintenance is way easier and lighter.
  • It uses a screwdriver or a magnetic screw that easily detaches the module from the cabinet. If you prefer this method, you can check the internal parts of the screen either by portion or by separating the whole screen simultaneously.
  • Front maintenance is a method you can perform on both fixed and rental screens. The equipment you’ll need for this procedure will be given to you in a complete set upon purchase.
  • We also provide front maintenance services in case you prefer professionals to perform the task for you. Or, if you’re not yet familiar with the method and the procedure, you can hand over the job to us.

Complete front maintenance LED screens usually have these standard features. However, when it comes to screen and LED properties, each product can have differences in some aspects.


4. How Much Is A Church LED Screen Price?


A church LED screen can come in various sizes and pixel pitches. Therefore, its price range can also be vastly different. But to give you a glimpse of how much you should prepare before your purchase, here’s an example.

The church LED screen pixel pitches can be from P1.9 to P6, and you can have a higher or a lower one than mentioned. The lower the pixel pitch, the better resolution, and so is higher in price. Church LED displays from P6 and higher are best for crowded and huge churches or outdoor worship, while HD ones are suitable for smaller congregations.

LED Screen For Church
LED Screen For Church

When it comes to size, we offer customized sizes and designs. So, if you prefer a six sqm screen size for a church display, it might cost you around 1,500 – 4,000 USD, depending on customizations and designs.

While church LED screen demand is increasing despite its value in the market, many people embrace its use as it is beneficial. Apart from using them for churches, you can use them for other related activities, easing the relay of information, etc.


5. Conclusion


LED Screen Panels For Church
LED Screen Panels For Church

YUCHIP makes sure to serve and give you the best-LED screen all the time. We received so much positive feedback regarding services and product quality after finishing numerous projects worldwide.

And in our continuing journey in integrating the latest technology, we hope to help religious congregations, churches, and many other fields and sectors.

Should you have further questions, please visit our homepage; https://www.yuchip-led.com/ or email us at manager@yuchip.com.


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