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P2.6 LED Screen In Spain: A YUCHIP’s XR Breakthrough Project


1. Introduction


After being introduced in the market, the XR LED screens rapidly gained a good reputation in the filming firm. Besides easing the production team in shooting clips, the XR LED screen also offers a wide variety of features that reduce the editing and polishing of videos.

P2.6 LED Screen
P2.6 LED Screen

Today, the use and rise of demand for XR LED screens are rampant worldwide and are never questioned as it is beneficial, especially during the pandemic. The pandemic increased the need for global XR screens since travel has been restricted, and filming has gone through limited resources.

Above all, the XR LED screens function and ought to do nothing but entertain us with movie clips we can watch in the comfort of our homes. And to learn more about XR LED display, below is a project we recently concluded in Spain. Check out the details and more information below.


2. P2.6 LED Screen In Spain Project Details


YUCHIP is a world-class LED screen provider headquartered in Shenzhen, China. We are one of the country’s top manufacturers and suppliers, enabling a wide range of influence worldwide.

Our products have reached various regions and continents over the years. Aside from prospecting projects in Asia, we’ve also handled different European countries for multiple breakthroughs and partnerships. One of those is a recent one in Spain, a country in southwestern Europe. The details are below.

  • The project utilized a P2.6 LED screen; an XR LED product series.
  • We provided our client with 544 pcs of P2.6 LED screen cabinets.
  • Each cabinet size has a measure of 500 x 500 mm.
  • When assembled into an expansive display, the whole screen has a total size of 136 sqm.

Transporting huge sizes and many cabinets are challenging for most manufacturers and the operation’s logistics. In most cases, when LED displays are not handled well, it results in poor performance. However, in YUCHIP, we choose a reliable logistics partner for our projects.

And the device, before reaching its destination, is tested simultaneously, checked thoroughly, and inspected well in our headquarters. Rest assured that the product arrives to you at its complete pace, with no buts and ifs.


3. What Comes With Our P2.6 LED Screen?


The P2.6 LED screen is crafted carefully following standards and product requirements. The following are some of its noticeable features as an XR LED screen.

  • High Refresh Rate. XR LED screens have a higher refresh rate and frame rate than usual LED displays. It is to meet the shooting needs, and as a result, videos captured do not have blur backgrounds and are flicker-free.
  • Rigid Design. The P2.6 LED screen is designed to stand film requirements. It includes action, tension, and the presence of various equipment that adds up to filming. These include sand or soil, small pools, landscapes, etc.
  • High Resolution. To make the background even more honest and accurate, the XR LED screens, including the P2.6 LED screen, have a very high resolution, clear display, and have no unwanted pixels and dots.
P2.6 XR LED Screen
P2.6 XR LED Screen

Now, apart from these features, what comes with the P2.6 LED screen?

  • Tangible Equipment. The device has substantial parts such as manuals, maintenance equipment, and more. LED screens also come in boxes with wheels to ease transportation and mobility.
  • Services And Warranty. YUCHIP is also known for providing quality services alongside our rigid products. We are always ready to help you with maintenance, operation, installation, dismantling, and more. Chances are, we also do site-visitation from time to time to see how the device is performing over time.


4. Why Should You Invest In An XR LED Screen Rather Than Continuous Use Of Green Screens?


It is never an easy task to produce movies, and investing in movie production equipment is never a joke. Sufficing an entire team to make films means a considerable budget and a handful list of equipment to make the results possible and feasible.

XR LED Screen Spain
XR LED Screen In Spain

And when we say equipment for filming, nothing comes better than an XR LED screen. Many great movies have also utilized the green screen, but today, XR displays have almost replaced it. Unlike green screens, putting effects to a video is easier with the XR screen as a background.

Also, actors can testify to how motivating it is to act when a transparent and realistic background is present. While some would still prefer green screens over this digital technology, this device makes your films more worthy of view and appreciation.


5. Conclusion


It is never new that every field makes use of technology. From entertainment, rental events, schools, and now, filming, digital devices have been integrated into almost all aspects of our lives.

P2.6 XR LED In Spain
P2.6 XR LED In Spain

And with XR technology, such as the P2.6 XR LED screen or Spain LED screen, we ensure that our client can achieve greater heights in the movie production industry.

Are you thinking of getting your own XR device for filming? Please reach us at manager@yuchip.com for more information.

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