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P2.97 LED Display For Joeone Brand In Shenzhen


1. Introduction


Shenzhen is home to several malls, retail stores, and commercial establishments. It is also a place where you’ll find an enormous number of LED screen manufacturers supplying firms all around the world.

It is, perhaps, never a question if we see this city flourishing more in digital display applications. And since YUCHIP’s headquarter is in the same town, we have accomplished many projects across the area over the years. Furthermore, in this article, we’ll feature a recent one. Tune in down below for the details.


2. P2.97 LED Display In Shenzhen Project Details


YUCHIP had a recent retail store project in Shenzhen. Shenzhen is a city that contains a massive number of famous brands and stores. Meanwhile, these stores utilize LED screens to ease brand promotion and advertising. Here’s a project we recently concluded; below are the details.

P2.97 LED Display
P2.97 LED Display
  • The project utilized a P2.97 LED display.
  • We installed it in Shenzhen for the Joeone brand store.
  • It measures 5m x 3.5m in size. In total, 17.5 m².
  • It functions as a retail store displaying the store’s product, ads, and other product information.

Joeone is a leading brand in men’s business and casual wear in China. This brand is known as the “Trousers Expert” for its excellent trouser quality and superb design. Apart from trousers for men, some of their winning products are jackets and assorted women’s apparel. The brand has collaborated with various collections, brands, and runways over the past years, and their recent one is the JOEONE Spring 2022 Menswear collection.


3. Why Should You Choose A P2.97 LED Screen For Shops And Retail Stores?


Unlike before, brand stores and retail shops have also utilized digital technology. Not only to keep up with the trend but also to firmly promote brand and products. Here are a few reasons why a P2.97 LED screen is an ideal choice for shops and retail stores.

P2.97 LED Display Shenzhen
P2.97 LED Display In Shenzhen
  • Easier to maintain. Shops are busy locations, typically crowded, and need an entire workforce, especially when placed inside malls. In this case, store owners may not fully pay attention to the device’s maintenance. The P2.97 LED screen is suitable for these areas as it requires periodic maintenance, and when necessary, you’ll have it most smoothly and quickly.
  •  Clear and advertising-wise. Overall, it has a clear and radiant display, and you can use it for advertising your brand and products. It’s easier to relay the message to a crowd, especially if you have numerous product series or at the start-up launch.
  • Creative And Attractive. Besides playing ads, LED screens like the P2.97 LED display are also a great mechanism to glue your audience into watching your videos. Remember that people remember videos and ads when protected on screen; the more aesthetically appealing the screen is, the higher the visual impact. So, it’s a free way for you to enhance brand sensitivity.
  • Information Signage. These digital screens are not for advertising alone; you can also use them for sharing emergent Infos, promos, mall advisories, and much more. It is more visible as you can enlarge content, and you may upload content in five seconds.

The P2.97 is not only applicable for retail stores but other locations and use. Please inquire with us if you have further questions.


4. Conclusion


P2.97 LED Screen

The P2.97 has various features and is designed to fit your needs perfectly. Whether for retail stores or brand shops, schools, concerts, or other events, we’ve got you always.

Share with us your notions about the P2.97 LED display, and if you have further questions, here’s our email where you can message us; manager@yuchip.com.

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