P2.97 LED Screen For Saudi Arabia Events Company


1. Introduction


Saudi Arabia is home to numerous tourist spots that are equally magnificent and amazing. It is a country in Western Asia with an area of 2.1 million km²; perhaps, it is the fifth-largest country in Asia.

P2.97 LED Display
P2.97 LED Display

And apart from the rich culture and upscaled economical status of the country, they are also known for emphasizing science and technology. Moreover, it is evident in the broad application of digital devices in the country, including LED displays.

LED displays play a vital role in upgrading the socio-economic aspect of the country. LED screens to help establishments such as hotels, restaurants, and airports serve their visitors, leaving a positive mark on international tourists. Hence, one great example is a project we recently provided to our client in Saudi Arabia. The details of the project are below.


2. P2.97 LED Screen Project Details


YUCHIP recently fulfilled a project in Saudi Arabia. In the past years, we’ve also accumulated many significant projects in the country, including a petroleum company’s P10 Outdoor LED screen. This time we provided an LED screen for an events company in the country. The project details are below.

  • The project utilized a P2.97 LED screen.
  • We provided it for an event company based in Saudi Arabia.
  • YUCHIP provided 400 pcs of LED screen cabinet where each cabinet measures 500 x 500 mm.
  • The P2.97 LED screen has a high refresh rate of 3840 Hz.
  • It utilizes black LEDs with a 5000:1 high contrast ratio, Novastar A5s receiving card, and has four corner protection on each cabinet.

The P2.97 LED screen will surely help our clients endeavor event organizing, stage decorating, and their dynamic business needs. And should you have questions or inquiries about the P2.97 LED screen, please reach us at manager@yuchip.com.

UPDATE: YUCHIP again delivered sets of P2.97 LED screens for the same client in Saudi Arabia. The time interval from the first project is 3-4 weeks. Check out the video and details below.


The new sets have the following details.

  • We delivered a total of 400 pcs of the same product (P2.97 LED screen from the Z series) to Saudi Arabia in the Middle East.
  • Each cabinet measures 500 x 500 mm.
  • It utilized a high-end Nationstar LED, 3840 Hz refresh rate, A5S receiving card, and CE power supply.
  • It has also undergone a 72-hour aging test QC assured, and has an excellent front view with an ideal 2m distance from the screen.
  • On each flight case are 10 pcs of cabinets and are safely loaded into containers for transport and delivery.


3. What Should You Expect With A P2.97 LED Screen?


The P2.97 is among YUCHIP’s most regarded LED screen products in the HD and indoor series. Apart from that, you may also have the P2.97 in various series such as flexible, outdoor, rental, indoor ball, and more. We can customize it for you and perfect it as a solution for your needs.

Here are some features you can check if you’re thinking about how the P2.97 can help you reach your business.

  • The P2.97 LED screen is made of composite materials, all with stable features and rigid.
  • It features a high-resolution display considering lessening eye fatigue; we designed it with a higher contrast ratio and high refresh rate.
  • Also, it is lightweight, has protection features and safety handles, and comes with individual boxed, ensuring it arrives safely and efficiently at various times.
  • The P2.97 applies in many ways, not only for events and concerts but also in places like hotels, restaurants, schools, cafes and clubs, and a lot more. It has dynamic features, adaptive, and makes faster installation and dismantling.
  • This device will surely help you excel in services-providing as it needs very little time for uploading, software use, maintenance, installation, and more. It is cost-effective, long-lasting, visually appealing, and makes a great advertising display.

The P2.97 LED screen features and advantages are unlimited. It may depend on the design, size, and structure you choose.


4. Conclusion


YUCHIP is a noticeable brand in the LED display industry with a firm 18-year experience in manufacturing and supplying various LED screen solutions. We have projects around the world using multiple products and services.

In Asia alone, we’ve accumulated hundreds of projects across South, Southeast, Western and other parts. Among these is the P2.97 LED screen for a Saudi Arabian Events Company. Also, YUCHIP takes delight in this expanding trust with our products. In return, you can always expect our never-ending valuable services.

Furthermore, we’ll continue upgrading and developing as we will always match your digital needs.

For more questions and inquiries, please message us at manager@yuchip.com.

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