P3.91 Stage LED Screen For Czech Republic


1. Introduction


Stage designing and organizing an event, especially if it’s big, is a crucial task anyone would think is problematic. Everything must be readily prepared, organized, and thoroughly planned from the stage design, program flow, etc.

P3.91 Stage LED Screen
P3.91 Stage LED Screen

In stage designing, it is undeniable that LED screens make things a lot easier, smooth, and more visually appealing. Also, in international events, LED displays are quite a necessity today.

This article will tackle a current stage LED screen project we had in the Czech Republic. Tune in for more information below.


2. P3.91 Stage LED Screen Project Details


YUCHIP recently concluded a project in the Czech Republic. As we may already know, the Czech Republic is a landlocked country in Central Europe, which is known as Bohemia, historically. The following countries border it; Austria, Germany, Poland, and Slovakia.

The Czech Republic is famous for having a UNESCO Heritage Site; Prague it’s the capital city. Also, the country has a high standard of living advanced economy and is considered one of the safest countries to visit according to the Global Peace Index 2019.

P3.91 Stage LED Czech Republic
P3.91 Stage LED In the Czech Republic

In addition, the country is rich in festivities, has many castles built hundreds of years ago, and has a lot more to offer to the world.

Perhaps, as the country urges through advancement and enjoyment, they held many events annually. And part of its events is the utilization of stage LED screens and indoor rental LED displays. Furthermore, below are our project details.

  • The project utilized a P3.91 Stage LED screen.
  • The P3.91 came from our indoor rental LED display series.
  • We provided a total number of 280 pieces of LED screens.
  • The screen, therefore, is divided into four, so each side has 70 cabinets in total.

Should you need a P3.91 stage LED screen or an indoor rental LED display, please message us at manager@yuchip.com.


3. P3.91 Stage LED Screen Features And Properties


The P3.91 Indoor Rental LED Display is YUCHIP’s most prominent LED screen product. We have exported hundreds of pieces to various countries for multiple projects and stage designing. Should you want to learn more about its offered advantages, here are a few.

  • Rental Features 

Safe mobility and easy installation are factors we consider in manufacturing LED screens. Apart from doing safe work and transporting them, these features give a sturdy and reliable structure to a product.

Some of the P3.91 LED display’s rental features are its anti-skid handle, shock-proof edges, wheels on boxes, and more. We also welcome adding more features if you opt for its design.

P3.91 Stage Indoor Rental Display
P3.91 Stage Indoor Rental Display
  • Great Visual Presentation

Having a small pixel pitch, the P3.91 LED display has a good brightness level, is adjustable, and makes a smooth refresh rate resulting in a sharp and vivid image display. It has a firm level of contrast rate, grayscale and more. Also, we double-check these parameters during the aging, production, and screen tests.

  • Energy-efficient

Adopting energy-efficient technology means utilizing advanced techniques and components in the market. The P3.91 makes justifiable energy consumption and will not burden your bills on electricity.

  • Long Lifespan

The P3.91 assures you of reliable performance in the long run as it can last for ten years or more depending on its maintenance frequency. Despite its warranty and the services we provide, its proper handling shall also matter in determining its length of service.

Should you have questions, please let us know right away.


4. How To Calculate A Stage LED Screen Size?


The standard and most commonly used aspect ratio for mainstream videos and displays is 16:9. For your stage LED screen, you cannot go wrong with this format as well.

Stage Background LED Screen
Stage Background LED Screen

Aspect ratio is the relationship between the width and the height of digital images and displays. The first number refers to the width, and the second refers to the size.

A 1:1 ratio means your screen width and height are equal, giving you a square size screen. 2:1 means the height is twice the width; hence, you have a landscape screen. 2:3 is an example of a portrait screen where height is greater than the width.

For the screen height of your LED screen for a stage show, 1/6 to 1/10 target (distance from the LED screen to the last row) is acceptable. Meaning to say, if the distance from your stage background LED screen to the last row is 21 meters, the height of your LED screen must be around 2.1 meters to 3.5 meters.


5. Why Is It Important To Consider The Pixel Pitch And Viewing Angle When Purchasing Or Renting Stage LED Displays?


Using LED screen stage design aims to provide your audience with vivid and clear images and video displays that they can enjoy during your event.

Pixel pitch is a vital element to consider because it is directly related to the ideal viewing distance for your LED display on stage so that you can give your audience an exciting audiovisual experience.

LED Wall Stage Design
LED-Wall Stage Design

Likewise, you need to identify your audience’s viewing distance because it is critical in determining which LED screen is perfect for the event. If your audience will be closed to your LED display, choosing an LED screen with a smaller pixel pitch is recommended. A higher pixel pitch is ideal if your audience is far from the screen.

A pixel pitch of 1 (mm) millimeters to 3 (mm) millimeters or lower are recommended for close viewing LED display. And for LED displays used for outdoor events, 3 mm to 6mm or higher are commonly preferred pixel pitches. If you are still unsure what stage LED screen is right for you, you may visit us at  https://www.yuchip-led.com/.

We have a wide range of LED screen displays perfect for your events and trade show LED display needs.


6. How Much Would It Cost To Rent Big LED Screens For The Stage?


The most common question is anyone looking for stage LED screens for events, price, or renting.

The cost of rental LED panels for stage displays varies depending on your event’s needs. The screen size and venue, the installation type, and the number of days you will need affect the renting price of stage LED screens.

LED Backdrop
LED Backdrop

If you want to have a basic idea of how much you need to make your stage LED screen display, you may go to our website and tell us about your LED needs, and we will provide you with a price quote.

YUCHIP is one of the top LED screen solution providers in China.  We can provide the best-LED screens in the market with our wide range of great LED screen options, skilled LED experts, and well-experienced personnel.


7. Conclusion


LED Screen P3.91
LED Screen P3.91

YUCHIP takes pride in our enlarging and expanding product market. However, being an international brand puts pressure, but we make sure to turn your expectations into reality all the time.

Suppose you’re looking for the best and most suited stage LED screen for your project or an event you’re organizing; please let us help you.

You may contact us at manager@yuchip.com or visit our website; https://www.yuchip-led.com/.

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