P3.91 Transparent LED Screen In Guangzhou: A YUCHIP’s Project


1. Introduction


LED Display Screen Transparent
LED Display Screen Transparent

Today, transparent LED screens are replacing conventional display designs. Apart from its translucent features, it allows air and light to pass through, enabling good heat dissipation.

Transparent LED screens such as the P3.91 fine LED display bring a more captivating feeling to all locations.

It urges and helps malls, establishments, offices, and events to make engaging segments to attract viewers properly.

Recently, transparent LED screens have also paved the way for nightclubs and entertainment areas.

With the help of a fine LED display, the whole vicinity becomes a new place, more appealing and more attractive. Also, transparent screens bring more captivating visuals and make nights spent in clubs even more fun and out of this world.

As part of the continuing widespread application of the transparent LED screen, YUCHIP finished a P3.91 Transparent LED screen in Guangzhou.

Furthermore, we’ll give you the project details and other to-do lists if you’re interested in getting a transparent LED screen in this post.


2. P3.91 Transparent LED Screen Project Details


YUCHIP recently finished a transparent LED Screen in Guangzhou, China. Guangzhou is a sprawling city next to Shenzhen, where we are headquartered. The town is famous for being one of the best commercial cities in China. It is also one of the central locations for trade, manufacturing, and digital technology.

Furthermore, these cities sit in Guangdong province, known as China’s economic powerhouse. The area is a few kilometers away from Hongkong.

P3.91 Transparent LED Screen
P3.91 Transparent LED Screen

On the other hand, here are some of the project details.

  • The project utilized a transparent LED screen with a pixel pitch of 3.91
  • It is installed for a nightclub area in Guangzhou, China.
  • The transparent LED screen has a total size of 460 sqm.
  • Such transparent LED screen applications are prevalent in Guangzhou, as many nightclubs and entertainment vicinities.
  • The transparent LED screen utilizes various sizes and designs as it is connected to make different ambiance and utilizes multiple installation methods.
  • A giant screen is installed for the DJ LED wall where the DJ stands and mixes music for the program.

The project achieved a different height for the establishment. Hence, it is also the best-LED screen type for your business or if you have nightclubs. Please let us know how we can help you.


3. Transparent LED Screens For Nightclubs: Advantages And Features


You may be asking why transparent screens are now utilized in nightclubs, disco bars, and the like. Here, we’ll give you the advantages the fine LED display can bring if you decide to have it for your business.

P3.91 Transparent LED Display
P3.91 Transparent LED Display
  • Overall Creative

We cannot deny that we are easily attracted when we see a place decorated with LED screens. What’s more, if it’s more creative and has a see-through effect, probably we’ll be more captivated. Transparent LED screens are undeniably beautiful. The lighting, content, optical illusion, and other products it shows are outstanding and advanced technology.

  • Has Good Heat Dissipation

The LED screen provides good heat dissipation because the front and rear are exposed (except for wall-embedded installation). Note that a better heat dissipation means better heat absorption and means the LED screen will not overheat. When used 24/7, for instance, the LED screen will not have flickers due to too much heat inside the cabinet. Also, better heat dissipation means no need for air conditioners; thus, they are noiseless and convenient.

  • Has Multiple Installation Methods

We can install a transparent LED screen in multiple ways, including hanging, wall-embedded, etc. The installation may rely on the very purpose of the equipment, the weight, and the size of the whole screen.

  • Cost-effective/Less Maintenance Requirement

The transparent LED screen requires low to no maintenance. Since it doesn’t have cabinets, all the lamps and parts are exposed. It is a cost-effective investment as it does not require much workforce for maintenance.


4. How Is A Transparent LED Screen Different From A Traditional LED Screen?


LED Screen Transparent
LED Screen Transparent

Permeability. These two LED screens have almost the same struct. However, the latter has that standard block screen, while the former has this clear glass screen that allows you to see through it.

Because of this, newer display technology’s transparency property provides a better display quality with brighter colors than the regular LED display.

Weight And Installation. The ordinary LED screen weighs around 52kg/m², unlike the transparent one, weighing approximately 14kg/m².

Since the transparent LED panel is much lighter, it is easier to install or hang.

Maintenance. Maintaining transparent screen displays is faster, more convenient, and labor-saving. This glass wall LED display can just be installed as part of a building’s or store’s unique architectural curtain wall.

It’s different from traditional LEDs, requiring post-maintenance special operations due to its complicated and heavy structure.

Display Effect. Both offer unique ways of promoting your brand or delivering your message. However, the transparent display gives you a more creative room and a better artistic effect.

Cost Efficiency. Using a transparent display instead of an ordinary LED display, you can significantly save your electricity bill. It does not require air conditioning or another cooling system. Installation is also easier; hence, you can save more on labor costs.


5. What Benefits Do I Get In Choosing A P3.91 Transparent LED Screen?


Small Transparent LED Screen

Here are the proven benefits you can enjoy when purchasing or using digital billboard displays.

High Transparence. This LED screen gives your display unparalleled transparency. It does not block sunlight and allows passersby to see through your transparent video wall.

Lightweight and Compact. The transparent LED display board is lighter compared to other digital board panels. It is easier to assemble and cheaper to transport.

Easy Installation and Repair. Setup time requires less time and effort. You will not need any complicated tools. This technology already built-in power supplies into its frames, so it is way faster to connect and fix. You can also set one SMD without removing a single transparent led module or whole panel.

Bright and Power Saving. You can achieve an ideal visual experience even under direct sunlight. It does not need a cooling unit, so it saves significant energy.

Modular Design. You can achieve the perfect digital display size that you need and desire. Modules come in three (3) dimensions which are amenable for making small to extra-large glass wall led displays.

Unique Effect. It gives your screen the illusion of just floating on your glass wall. It gives you a higher chance of catching the attention of the people.


6. Is A Transparent LED Display Applicable For Outdoor Advertisement?


Transparent LED Panel

A clear LED display is designed to be seen indoors and outdoor. It has adopted the indoor advertising setup but allows you to achieve outdoor promotion.

Though you do not have to install it on the exterior wall of the building or store, it has circumvented outdoor advertising measures.

This kind of screen display is now being installed on glass curtain walls as architectural aesthetics to improve the overall outlook of the structure of the building aside from creating attention-grabbing capabilities of electronic screen display but

This development in LED screen technology offers an effective and more practical way of reinforcing a brand, business, or message that you want to convey to your audience.

It allows you to create more creative display contents, which is impossible on LCD and ordinary LED screens.


7. Conclusion


P3.91 Transparent LED Display Screen
P3.91 Transparent LED Display Screen

When it comes to transparent LED screens, there’s one brand you can rely on—YUCHIP. We are China’s leading LED screen provider headquartered in Shenzhen, China. We’ve exported our transparent LED screens to various countries worldwide with multiple applications and uses.

Apart from transparent LED screens, we are also a great name and brand you can trust with flexible LED screens, high-resolution LED panels, and posters partnered with humble and excellent technical services and support.

To know more, visit our homepage or message us at manager@yuchip.com.

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