P3.91 LED Display Rental For The University Of The Western Cape


1. Introduction


LED displays are digital devices that are versatile, adaptable, and make smooth movability. That’s why not only businesses but also schools and events utilize it.

P3.91 LED Display Rental
P3.91 LED Display Rental

LED display comes in various sizes, designs, applications, and features, making them more visualized, and you have the choice to customize them for your project.

Furthermore, this article will feature YUCHIP’s recent project for an educational institution in South Africa’s capital, Cape Town. Tune in for more information.


2. P3.91 LED Display Rental Project Details


YUCHIP has recently provided a new project to the capital of South Africa- Cape Town. Below are the project details.

P3.91 LED Screen Rental
P3.91 LED Screen Rental
  • The project utilized a P3.91 outdoor and indoor rental LED screen.
  • It has a total size of 15 sqm, which measures 5 x 3m.
  • We provided the P3.91 LED display rental to the University of the Western Cape.
  • The LED screen device made the school ceremonies, such as graduation and recognition, emphasized, applauded, and formal.

The University of the Western Cape is a public research university in Bellville, South Africa. The University has also been through various discrimination and oppression over the years. And like other schools and universities in South Africa, the institutions ought to produce skillful and well-rounded individuals that could contribute significantly to the development of the nation.


3. Why Is The P3.91 LED Display Rental Common These Days?


You’ll see many P3.91 LED screens on sale in the market, in various sizes. In YUCHIP, it is one of the most common pixel pitch products we export internationally. We have utilized hundred of P3.91 modules in our 17-year journey in the LED display industry.


And if you’re thinking of having one for your project, here are some advantages it has.

  • Wide-viewing Angle. It has a wide viewing angle, enabling every viewer to see the exact resolution on all sides. The left and right sides do not suffer from color saturation, flicker, and other destructive factors.
  • Adjustable Brightness. Since it is designed for rental events, in which the color temperature of every environment may vary, it has flexible brightness features. In this way, you may change the color and brightness status of the whole screen when placed outdoors, semi-outdoor, or indoors. Some color features may also be available for adjustment, including the hue, saturation, contrast, etc. However, there are instances that they are fixed and automatically adjusted even before delivering the product to you.
P3.91 Outdoor Rental Bilboard
P3.91 Outdoor Rental Billboard
  • High Product Quality. The P3.91 Outdoor Rental LED display is made from high-grade materials. The product also undergoes a series of tests and inspections to ensure its quality and reliability for its long service.
  • Unique Rental Design. Outdoor/indoor rental screens have unique structural designs that ease mobility, installation, dismantling, etc. These include an anti-skid handle, lightweight design, average-sized modules, etc.

Apart from the mentioned features, your P3.91 Outdoor Rental LED display may come with various additional features. You may opt for feature customization with us.


4. Benefits Of School/University LED Screens


Schools benefit greatly from utilizing a digital LED screen such as a P3.91 LED screen rental. Here are things schools and universities gain in having an LED display across their vicinities, programs, and events.

P3.91 School And University Rental Screen
P3.91 School And University Rental Screen
  • The school LED sign helps raise awareness about school events. Digital signage like this serves as a great reminder to all guests and participants, which will result in better attendance and participation from the students.
  • The university LED screen identifies a school campus and makes it easier to find and navigate. It will make your school a landmark and a brand within your community and neighboring cities.
  • It helps to convey the school spirit to students, faculty, staff, and visitors.
LED Rental For Schools Or Universities
LED Rental For Schools Or Universities
  • It makes it easy for you to deliver different content. Digital LED signs support multimedia files such as audio, video, and full-motion graphics.
  • A school LED display does not use a lot of power. LED lights used in marquee signs are way more energy-efficient than other light sources used in traditional lighting technologies.
  • It has significantly low maintenance compared to a print media display. LED school signs, in general, are not hard to maintain. These signs do not necessarily require regular maintenance and check-up in most cases.
  • It is beautiful to look at, which is why it catches the attention of passersby. It is also why it is widely used in many schools and universities.
  • A school/university LED screen makes school ceremonies more empowering and formal, such as graduation and recognition rites.


5. Conclusion


P3.91 Stage Outdoor Rental
P3.91 Stage Outdoor Rental

Undeniably, LED screens have empowered many sectors in the field, be it marketing, advertising, tourism, leisure and entertainment, and now, schools and educational institutions.

Furthermore, YUCHIP takes pride in helping schools and universities achieve this breakthrough.

Should you have questions, please send us a message right away. Please email us at manager@yuchip.com.

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