P3 LED Screen in Nanyang

YUCHIP embarked on another project in Nanyang City, China. The project utilized a P3 LED Screen with a total size of 235 m². The LED display used SMD2121 black LEDs, ICN2153 IC with a high refresh rate and is maintained in two ways.

The P3 LED Screen is used for a theater venue. It has excellent visual resolution and has a high-definition display. 

Today, theater screens upgrade their visual presentations to continue presenting well and achieve more remarkable customer experience and value. 

YUCHIP is an excellent brand ready to help you with your various projects, whether for indoor or outdoor applications. Should you want a theater LED screen, please let us help you to the best we can.

The P3 LED Screen is often utilized in indoor venues where high resolution is well-valued and must. A smaller pixel pitch projects a high resolution and high definition display and is used in various indoor venues. It has great details, a high refresh rate, high contrast ratio, a wide viewing angle, and is completely easy to maintain. 

The P3 LED screen, perhaps, is used in YUCHIP’s Nanyang City Project in China. The LED screen is used for a theater venue where performances and films are average despite the pandemic. 

Below are the project details:

  • Type: Indoor LED Screen
  • Pixel Pitch: 3
  • Location: Nanyang City, China
  • Total Size: 235 m²
  • Pixel Configuration: SMD2121 Black LEDs
  • Purpose: Theater Use

Nanyang City in China is a prefecture-level city in the southwest of Henan province. The city is rich with cultural heritage sites to offer to the world. Its economy runs smoothly in the latter years and is known for herbal medicine manifested from the ancient Chinese dynasties.

Also, the city was one of the first cultural heritage cities in China to be opened to the world and is perhaps one of the most visited sites in the country. 

Because of its rich culture, the city humbly shares it with the world in many ways that include theater arts, performances, films, etc. 

As mentioned above, the Nanyang project utilized a P3 LED screen. Let us give you a glimpse of its advantages. 

    1. Dual Maintenance: While double maintenance features vary from product to product, the P3 LED screens often come with this advantage. It includes using a magnet or screwdrivers to detach the modules from the front or rear side. 
    2. High Resolution: It has a low pixel pitch, manifests a clear and vivid visual, and indeed leaves your audience in awe.
    3. Wide Applications: The P3 LED screen is applied to almost all kinds of conventional indoor venues. It can adapt quickly, is versatile, and has excellent overall quality. 

(YUCHIP P3 Indoor HD LED Display)

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