P4.8 Dance Floor LED For Uzbekistan


1. Introduction


Interactive dance floor LEDs, such as a P4.8 dance floor LED, are additional digital devices you can use to add flavor to events. Apart from the sturdy and smooth floor it offers, its interactive backlight is superb.

P4.8 Dance Floor LED Panel
P4.8 Dance Floor LED Panel

The floor LEDs are designed with rigid equipment inside so they can stand significant weights and sudden shocks. They are also convertible into LED walls utilizing either a wall-embedded or standing installation.

However, in doing so, in changing its position, you may need a good and skilled team to achieve it safely and smoothly.


This article features a dance floor LED we provided for Uzbekistan. Please tune in for more information or send us a message at manager@yuchip.com.


2. P4.8 Dance Floor LED Project Details


YUCHIP is a well-known LED display manufacturer famous for its hundred of projects provided globally. Our projects have been featured on many information websites and accumulated much positive feedback.

Interactive LED Dance Floor
Interactive LED Dance Floor

In one of our recent projects, we provided a dance floor LED for Uzbekistan. Check out the details below.

  • The project used a P4.8 Dance Floor LED.
  • We installed it for a hotel in Uzbekistan.
  • We provided a total of 224 pcs of dance floor LED modules.
  • The modules are then connected to form a substantial interactive dance floor that can stand heavyweights.
P4.8 Dance Floor LED Screen
P4.8 Dance Floor LED Screen

Our dance floor LED screen panel measures 500x500mm. It is made of solid aluminum and is lightweight as it weighs 10kg per cabinet. Also, it is equipped with super hardness and has a maximum load-bearing capacity of up to 2 tons per square meter. Even when applied with shocks and too much power, it doesn’t deform easily.

Furthermore, we adopt PC mask protection for modules, which is effectively waterproof and anti-scratch.

The thickness of the YUCHIP dance floor screen panel is the thinnest in the market; the minimum distance from the screen surface to the ground can reach 75mm.

Also, the module is equipped with an infrared sensor chip making it super sensitive, thus, giving you an extreme experience. The entire design considers both the excellent solidity and exquisite appearance of the LED screen panel.


3. Where Can I Apply The Dance Floor LED?


Dance floor LEDs are rigid structures that are both movable and adaptive. Apart from using them as dance floor screens, you may also use them as video walls for various purposes, locations, and events.

Here are a few more applications of a dance floor LED.

  • Hotels/Casinos
Rental LED Dance Floor
Rental LED Dance Floor

Hotels and casinos are typically delightful. The light and technology they provide mean more to their customers.

Huge hotels often have event halls where they can accumulate many events. For instance, dance competitions, weddings, birthday celebrations, and other family gatherings. These events shine through the use of interactive dance floors.

  • Concert Arenas
P4.8 Dance Floor LED
P4.8 Dance Floor LED

Coliseums and arenas are where international or huge local events take place. Examples are beauty pageants, brand launches (modeling), dance and singing competitions, cultural affairs, etc. While dance floor screens ease performers, it also adds to the event’s overall impact.

Videographers and photographers can catch better angles from above and all sides, essential in documenting a big event.

  • TV Programs/ Variety Shows
Dance Floor LED Panel
Dance Floor LED Panel

TV channels provide entertainment to the public. So, apart from giving news and tackling public issues, they also have TV shows. These shows offer various performances such as singing and dancing and more.


4. Why Choose YUCHIP’s LED Dance Floor?


P4.8 Interactive LED For Dance Floor
P4.8 Interactive LED For Dance Floor

YUCHIP’s LED dance floor is among the most rigid products.

Alongside the quality, we have the most affordable price in the industry.

YUCHIP’s LED dance floor has powerful features such as higher weight capacity, unique design, convertibility, and a long life span.

We ensure that all modules make sound performance and are uniform for stability during the aging tests and other inspections.

Besides providing you with a well-rounded solution to your needs, we offer various services necessary for your project.

It may include installation, operation, dismantling, software update, etc.


5. Conclusion


YUCHIP Dance Floor LED
YUCHIP Dance Floor LED

The dance floor LED is among the best-LED screen solution you can choose if you opt for an enriched customer and viewers experience. While it may be pricey at first if you have a tight budget, its benefit is highly underlying for your business or events.

Should you also need, a P4.8 Dance Floor LED, please send us a message at manager@yuchip.com.

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