YUCHIP’s P4.8 Outdoor And Indoor Rental LED Display In Austria


1. Introduction


Today, as pandemic gradually phases out, people are going back on track. Many businesses have resumed operations. Concerts and other entertainment events in music and dance have started holding events again. Also, as you can observe, tourists are already flooding some great spots in the world for leisure and family time.

P4.8 Outdoor And Indoor Rental
P4.8 Outdoor And Indoor Rental

We are already getting used to the “new normal” except for the underlying minimum health protocols that we have to follow. In crowded events such as concerts and film viewings, masks are still used, and social distancing is practiced. Also, to avoid people from getting all along with one another, event organizers ensure to widen the space so more people can be accommodated despite the limited number of viewers allowed in time.

And talking about events, as the world moves through the new normal, more and more events utilize LED screens. And for these specific indoor and outdoor events, rental LED screens are perfect, such as the P4.8 Outdoor and Indoor Rental Display.

The P4.8 Outdoor and Indoor Rental LED display is perhaps the star product of our recently concluded project in Austria. Learn more about the project details, usage, parameters, and other product features below.


2. P4.8 Outdoor And Indoor Rental LED Display Project Details


YUCHIP recently finished the production of the necessary module numbers for the Austria project.

P4.8 Indoor Rental LED Module
P4.8 Indoor Rental LED Display

Austria is a landlocked country in the southern part of Central Europe, in which the capital is Vienna. Vienna is famous among travelers and loves fantastic sceneries and historic sites. Also, the country, considered small, has an estimated population of 8.9 million as of the 2020 census.

Austria is known for scenic high drives, castles, cathedrals, and classical music. And speaking of music, the country loves holding numerous musical events and theater performances throughout various locations. It is why rental events, perhaps, are prevalent in the country, and so, YUCHIP provided a set of desirable products for events.

Below are the project details:

  • The project utilized outdoor and indoor rental LED displays with a pixel pitch of 4.8.
  • The location is in Austria, and it is designated for a theater project in Europe. Also, the project followed some high standards as per the client’s request.
  • The following parts are utilized in manufacturing the modules, panels, and cabinets for the project: Nationstar LED Lamp, CE power supply, Neutrik power, and signal connector, ICN2153 high refresh rate drive IC.
  • A single cabinet size measures 500 x 500 mm.
  • We provided 320 pieces of cabinets in total.


3. What Are The P4.8 Outdoor And Indoor Rental Parameters?


Please refer to the table below for the P4.8 Outdoor and Indoor Rental LED Display specifications.

P4.8 Indoor/Outdoor LED Module Specifications

Pixel Pitchmm4.8
Module Resolution Ratedots52 x 52
Module Sizemm250 x 250
Pixel Color1R1G1B
Pixel LED ConfigurationSMD1921
Working VoltageVolts (V)DC5V
Driving ICICN2153
Driving Way1/13

P4.8 Indoor/Outdoor LED Cabinet Specifications

Cabinet MaterialsDice-casting Aluminum
Cabinet Weightkg6.5
Resolution Ratemm104 x 104
Cabinet Sizemm500 x 500 x 85 (H x L x D)
Module Quantity2 x 2
White BalanceCD/ m24500
Color TemperatureK6500K – 11000K
Viewing Angle°H:140°; V:140°
Module Intervalmm<0.3mm
Maximal Power ConsumptionW/ m2800
Average Power ConsumptionW/ m2250
Frame Frequency RateHz60/50
Refresh Frequency RateHz3840
Grayscale Gradebit14
Working temperature-20℃ – +60℃
Protection GradeIP65


4. Where Can I Use A P4.8 Outdoor And Indoor Rental LED Display?


The P4.8 Rental Display, as applied to outdoor and indoor use, has extensive applications. You can use it in numerous ways; thus, it is very conventional, practical, versatile, and pliable for different installation sites. Below are a few locations where you can use it.

Like the very purpose for the Austria project, the P4.8 Rental LED display tops the theater use in the past years. It is one of the most utilized LED screen products for theater locations as it has excellent and balanced parameters. It has perfect and sole combinations for good color, brightness, resolution, and cost-effective features.

  • Concerts

Concerts are one of the rental events that are happening around the world. When we hear rental events, we can think of shows right away. It is because concerts have the exact setup necessary for rental LED displays. It includes installation and dismantling of the product from time to time. Also, not to mention traveling or fast track mobility.

  • Event Halls

Event halls surely need and require a rental LED display. In moments for events, it’s one of the most needed products to conduct the best event scenario, smooth transition of programs. Above all, you ought to see nothing but the best experience for your customers.

P4.8 Rental Display Screen Cabinets
P4.8 Rental Display Screen Cabinets
  • Charity Programs

You’ll need some charity programs to initialize specific causes, such as foundations or NGOs. In doing so, to properly communicate your purpose and other project layouts, you’ll undoubtedly need a rental LED display. Also, in this way, specific organizations and people can thoroughly understand the causes, issues, and beliefs you or your organization upholds.

  • Weddings/Private Occasions

Many people prefer the new way of conducting family occasions, more digital, thorough, and technology. Compared to traditional methods, family and private experiences today are more specific, enormous, and cost a significant amount in general.

  • Product Launch/Malls

Rental LED screens are very much appreciated in malls and product events. In product launch events, promotional and sales events, rental screens are of wide use as it features and shows different sides of the product. Also, it eases advertising and makes a fun and entertaining way to stick people around.

Apart from these mentioned above, the rental LED display series we have, including the P4.8 Outdoor and Indoor Rental LED Display, is of versatile use. You may apply them in many possible ways, locations, and more.


5. Conclusion


YUCHIP has partnered with numerous clients in the world. All left nothing but good feedback regarding our product and our services. And this is a great legacy we live on.

Over the years, YUCHIP has distributed, manufactured, and finished hundreds of projects in various countries in Asia, Africa, North and South America, and Europe. Each customer and client has different standards; that’s why we continue to upgrade the technology that we utilize.

Above all, we are humble and are always happy to serve you.

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