P4.81 Eco Pro Series LED Screen Outdoor In Dominican Republic


Recently, YUCHIP has successfully finished a new project in the Dominican Republic. The new project used P4.81 Eco Pro Series LED screen outdoor to offer most extraordinary outdoor advertising experience. The Eco Pro Series offers high-quality visuals, strong durability, and energy efficiency. It’s perfect for many uses around the country. In this article, we’ll look at the project details, features, and benefits of the P4.81 Eco Pro Series outdoor LED display, showing how it can enhance outdoor advertising and public events.


Project Details of P4.81 LED Screen Outdoor In Dominican Republic

This project use P4.81 Eco Pro Series LED display screen outdoor in Santa Cruz de Mao. Each screen has been carefully selected and installed to meet the specific needs of the customer. Here are some pictures of the P4.81 Eco Pro Series LED screen outdoor:

p4.81-outdoor-led-display-front-in-factory     p4.81-outdoor-led-display-back-in-factory

      P4.81 Eco Pro Series Outdoor LED Display                               The Back Of P4.81 Outdoor LED Display


P4.81 LED Screen Outdoor Installation

  • It measures 3×2.5m.
  • It’s a P4.81 Eco Pro Series LED screen outdoor.
  • This LED screen uses two kinds of cabinet size, 1000x1000mm and 1000x500mm.
  • We installed it in in Santa Cruz de Mao, Dominican Republic.

Apart from this project, YUCHIP has had another project using Eco Pro Series.

P3.91 Eco Pro Series For Ministry Of Defense, Saudi Arabia.


Features of Eco Pro Series LED Display Screen Outdoor


The Eco Pro Series uses 22.4kg/m2 profile aluminum cabinet with an ultra-thin 83mm thickness. This feature can make the installation process much more easier.

Adaptable Modular Panels

The Eco Pro Series features versatile modular panels in sizes like 1000x1000mm, 1000x500mm, and 1500×1000/500mm. These panels can be seamlessly integrated at 90° angles, making it easy to customize and fit different spaces.

Clutter-Free HUB Innovation

The cable-free HUB design of the Eco Pro series enhances stability and durability. It creates a sleek, clean look without messy wires. It makes this kind of outdoor LED screen attractive for people to see. And it can be both functional and aesthetically pleasing.

Seamless Front & Rear Serviceability

With easy access for both front and rear maintenance, this series of LED screen outdoor ensures quick repairs and saves space. The front maintenance design allows for efficient servicing without needing to access the back. Thus simplifying the installation process.

Comprehensive IP65 Protection

The Eco Pro Series outdoor LED screen is designed with IP65 waterproof and dustproof protection for both the front and back of the screen. This means it can withstand harsh weather conditions, enhancing durability. Also, it can reduce the need for additional protective framing and associated costs.


Our Story With The Client

A few months ago, a client named Merrero contacted us for advice on outdoor advertising LED display screens. During our conversation, we learned that he wanted to buy a screen to better promote his company’s brand and attract more customers.

Later, the client asked us some questions about the display’s performance. We found that he was most concerned about two questions: the ability to run for long periods (the screen lifespan) and ease of installation and maintenance. After discussing these concerns in detail and carefully analyzing the client’s demands, we recommended the Eco Pro series LED display screen outdoor.

Why did we recommend the Eco Pro series LED display screen outdoor?

Safe and stable operation for a long time. The working lifespan of the Eco Pro series screen is more than 100,000 hours, and it can work continuously 24 hours a day for 15 days.

Why can’t the screen work for more than 15 consecutive days? That is because, after the Novastar Taurus series sending box has been working continuously for 15 days, it will be forced to shut down, causing the screen to automatically go black. To avoid this situation, we recommend cutting off the power supply of the Novastar Taurus series sending box and restarting it within 15 days.

For the second question, our Eco Pro series screens are specialized for LED display screen outdoor projects. Its installation is easy and simple. It features a profile made of aluminum material, is lightweight at only 22kg per 1000x1000mm panel, and is ultra-thin at only 83 mm thick. The light and slim body will provide much convenience during installation.

Some Other Concerns From The Client

After addressing the two main concerns, the client had a few other questions. He was worried about the heat dissipation for the long-time use of the screen. We assured him that there was no need for additional cooling tools as the Eco Pro series outdoor display is designed with a HUB design and profile aluminum material, which provide good heat dissipation.

Additionally, the client asked about the product’s energy consumption. We told him that the Eco Pro series outdoor screen has a maximum power consumption of 790W/㎡ and an average of 270W/㎡. We also mentioned that we would provide a maintenance tool for free, allowing him to remove the modules from the front of the screen.

The client was very satisfied. After asking a few questions about payment, he placed the order immediately.

The Follow Up Of The Story

The entire communication process went very smoothly. We consistently responded to the client quickly and accurately, understanding their needs in the shortest time possible and recommending the most suitable LED display. Through our ongoing interactions, we became more familiar with the client and eventually friends.

After the installation, the client shared photos with us and provided positive feedback. He mentioned that the screen had worked perfectly. It was on from October until now without ever turning off. It was on for 24 hours without any failure. Now, he is preparing to put a new advertisement on the screen to make more people know about his company.

client-shared-photo1-advertising-screen   client-shared-photo2-advertising-screen

                 The Client Shared Photo 1                                                           The Client Shared Photo 2

We are very happy that we helped our client achieve their goals. The positive feedback we receive reinforces our commitment to help more clients.



The successful completion of the P4.81 Eco Pro series LED screen outdoor project marks a significant advancement in outdoor display technology for the Dominican Republic. This series of LED screens are known for their high-definition visuals, durability, and energy efficiency. They will revolutionize the local outdoor advertising and public events completely. As the country continues to modernize and adopt new technologies, the Eco Pro series outdoor LED display will play a crucial role in enhancing visual communication and supporting sustainable practices.

YUCHIP’s success in this project is not only due to our high-quality products and technical support but also our excellent customer service. The success of this project provides a reliable case and strong confidence for countries in North America like the Dominican Republic.

At YUCHIP, we aim to help companies and brands achieve their goals. We provide the best quality outdoor screens, prompt technical support, and comprehensive customer service to assist our clients in reaching their goals as quickly as possible.

If you need help and want to inquire about the Eco Pro series outdoor LED screen, please message us at manager@yuchip.com.

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