P6.25 Energy Saving LED Screen For Bell County High School


1. Introduction


Schools and learning institutions are where comprehensive education takes place. It is where we nurture our children to become the best version of themselves and prepare them for the adult world later on.

To become more efficient and effective, schools must also integrate various aspects that we see in society. It includes the application of lessons, utilization of materials, and integration of science and technology. And speaking of technology, our students today have been more aggressive in technology use and application. Many students are fond of gadgets for school or personal use.

P6.25 Energy Saving LED Screen
P6.25 Energy Saving LED Screen

It may be why schools also need to adapt to the changing times, which includes using technology instead of the traditional learning materials. LED displays, for example, are excellent learning materials that we can use. It has a broad application scope; you can use it for teaching at chemistry laboratories, symposiums, school conferences, etc. You may also use them as bulletin boards where you can post necessary announcements; they are way more catchy, detailed, and precise.


And lastly, LED screens are a must for recognition rites and graduation ceremonies. The event looks more impressive, formal, visually appealing, and digital.

Furthermore, in this article, we’ll feature a project for a school in the US. Below is more information.


2. P6.25 Energy Saving LED Screen Project Details


Schools have been a big part of the industry’s underlying list of clients. YUCHIP has successfully distributed many LED school signs over the years, and adding to the list is a project in the US. The project details are as follows.

  • The project utilized a P6.25 Energy saving LED screen.
  • We installed it for the Bell County High School in the US.
  • YUCHIP installed it outside the school and served as a school sign board.
  • It features front and rear maintenance and has ultra-thin and lightweight panels.
  • It is overall energy-saving as it consumes significantly lower power and energy in total.

Bell County High School is located in Pineville, Kentucky, United States. The school accommodates grades 9-12, locally referred to as the BCHS or Bell High.

It is a rural campus with estimated enrollees of 700 as of 2019. The school’s best-known slogan is “Bobcat Pride,” “Bobcat Nation,” and “We are BC!”.


3. Why Invest In An Energy-saving LED Device?


P6.25 Energy Saving LED Display
P6.25 Energy Saving LED Display With Front Maintenance

Energy-saving devices are beneficial today. We cannot deny that vanishing the use of appliances and gadgets would surely make our lives incomplete. So, to lessen the environmental impacts it may give, energy-saving technology is introduced.

What are energy-saving devices? Energy-saving devices vary in purposes and kind. They may extend from the appliances we use at home, to gadgets, to materials and devices we use at work or school.

Now, why are many encouraging people to use these devices? The most on-point answer would be because we need to preserve resources even if its renewable and much more with non-renewable ones.

Energy and power keep our gadgets running, so too much use means a surge in energy consumption tolerating environmental abuse.

Meanwhile, LED displays are massive equipment that you’ll typically see in events, on signboards on the streets, and almost anywhere.

And because it is becoming more and more prevalent, like other LED screen manufacturers, we’ve also integrated the energy-saving technology into our products. This way, we can contribute to overcoming energy shortages and retaining environmental wellness.


4. Conclusion


To be specific, LED screens, and energy-saving LED displays are not for businesses and events alone. Also, you can apply them in many other ways, including in schools. Schools are playgrounds for learners, and it is where they adapt lessons and applications.

Should you need a P6.25 energy-saving LED screen for schools or other applications, we got you always.

Contact and reach us at manager@yuchip.com.

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