P8 Energy-saving LED Screen For Saudi Arabia


1. Introduction


Energy conservation and other energy-saving techniques are prevalent today in the world. Many firms are changing and redirecting their operations to embrace this new technology.

Perhaps, you may have heard the term “energy conservation” many times before. We apply it simultaneously in many fields, not in the LED screen industry alone.

Over the years, technology has touched our lives in many ways that even though it distracts nature, we continue to utilize and even innovate it. This time, the environment has been reacting harshly to these doings, and so we need to pave back on how to maintain nature.

Furthermore, this article will feature one of our recent projects and talk about energy-saving LED screens and why it is a great demand to conserve energy today.


2. P8 Energy-saving LED Screen Project Details


YUCHIP is a global company known for utilizing energy-saving techniques and integrating energy conservation into our campaigns and products. We believe that helping nature through proper energy usage is one step toward global change.

YUCHIP has featured energy-saving diodes, equipment, and devices over the years. We adopted this technology so that apart from helping businesses venture, we are also making a significant change in the industry. And we hope more people follow.

Furthermore, here’s one of our projects using an energy-saving LED screen. The details are below.

P8 Energy-saving LED Screen
P8 Energy-saving LED Screen
  • The project utilized a P8 Energy-saving LED Screen.
  • The client needs at least 4-6 LED screens; however, they purchased their first sample screen from us for now.
  • It has a total size of 24 sqm and is installed in Saudi Arabia.
  • The client preferred to have an energy-saving LED screen because it requires no air conditioner as the location (Saudi Arabia) is known to be hot.
  • It also features ultra-thin and ultra-lightweight panels.
  • YUCHIP designed the device to have a 4.2V + 3.2V power supply instead of a 5V.
  • The front screen is cold, and the cabinet uses a die-casting aluminum material.
  • The P8 Energy-saving LED screen used ICN2069 with a high refresh frequency and energy-saving driver IC.

The project made our client overall satisfied. Also, apart from the mentioned features of the project, we offer customization to meet your desired project outcomes.


3. Energy-saving LED Screen Features, Applications, And Benefits


An energy-saving LED display, such as the P8 energy-saving LED screen, varies from typical LED screens in the market. The reasons are below.

  • No Air Conditioner Needed

Energy-saving LED screens are designed with better heat dissipation. With this design, the whole screen can quickly turn down the heat which means a lower probability of overheating.

Also, air conditioners are additional power consumption, so no air conditioner saves power significantly.

P8 Energy-saving LED Display
P8 Energy-saving LED Display
  • Justifiable Energy Consumption

These LED screens are equipped with parameters that reduce power and energy use. Its diodes are manufactured with lower consumption to achieve great function. You’ll notice that the energy it saves can run another device in the long run, thus making way for renewable energy conservation.

  • Low Maintenance Requirement

Energy-efficient LED screens require lower maintenance. Unlike typical outdoor or indoor LED devices, this product makes the lesser need for checking and cleaning and is cost-saving.

  • Durable Service

Heat is one factor that can deteriorate the function of an LED screen, especially if it is placed outdoors and the location is typically hot. So, one thing you need to look for in an LED screen is whether it has better heat absorption. Likewise, when heat is processed well, the device can promise you a long lifespan, a steady performance, and commendable visual presentations.

LED screens are enormous investments for many. Its price is relatively high than other devices you can use for business. So, it is excellent to think many times and consider many factors before your purchase in choosing one.


4. Why Choose An Energy-saving Device And Why Is It Relevant Today?


As much as we want to emphasize energy conservation, talking is very little than showing no action. And these issues are widespread today.

You can observe many agencies and non-government offices helping one another conserve nature. They motivate the people to reduce pollution, recycle, do reforestation, and stop mining and other dangerous acts. Also, excruciatingly, we can see how nature reacts to these acts through natural disasters.

P8 Energy-saving LED Display Screen
P8 Energy-saving LED Display Screen

But, in the field of LED screens, how can we help save the environment?

Technology is already a part of our daily lives, and we can’t deny that many aspects of our lives may be left behind without it. However, utilizing energy-saving devices can be a key to this problem.

Energy-saving devices can extend from LED screens to home appliances and gadgets daily. Before purchasing, it is wise to check whether the device makes low power consumption, is sustainable and is cost-effective.


5. Conclusion


Energy conservation is significant, not just today but in the future. We must instill positive information in the youth. The LED screen industry is vast, and so if we make and take steps together, it can have a more significant effect in the long run.

Above all, we live on one planet, and as stewards of nature, we have to sustain, retain and maintain it for future generations. Should you have questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us at manager@yuhip.com.

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