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YUCHIP has 16 years of professional experience in LED display manufacturing and projecting.

We have successfully exported LED displays to over 102 countries worldwide as a leading China LED display manufacturer.

China LED Display Module

YUCHIP is committed to supporting customers with responsive service and rapid delivery, opening a branch office in Germany, Hungary, Peru, and authorized dealers in America, Italy, Malaysia, Thailand, etc.

The Dubai branch office will also start soon. At the same time, we are seeking more qualified customers to join our excellent network.

If you’re interested, here are simple guidelines you need to meet to become our distributor.

Be A YUCHIP Distributor/Business Partner


Business partnerships always come with a contract with strict confidentiality between the two parties only on a typical business plan. It ensures the conciseness and willingness to commit time and profit and share with losses in inevitable setbacks. And likewise, in YUCHIP, we are confident in developing more opportunities with our business partners and stockholders. If you’re interested in being part of the YUCHIP company and be a distributor and business partner, here are few guides below.

  • Contract

The contract designates your proper and legal position in the business, projecting, and distribution. Besides, the agreement comes with strict confidentiality and guidelines. Needless to worry, upon contract signing, our legal team will assist and help you get through the whole contract guidelines.

  • Product Distribution Scopes

In the distribution of products, you need to familiarize which products you are to trade. Products include outdoor and indoor LED displays, transparent LED screens, LED posters, stadium LED screens, mobile LED advertising truck series, flexible LED screens, and other LED Display solutions.

  • Qualifications

You should have a registered business enterprise or individual unit with a tangible site or office and has a good support team regarding technicalities and sales.

  • Order and Payment Policies

Orders, payments, and shipments come with various guidelines that we require and highly encourage open communication. The cost comes with terms and agreements on portions required before manufacturing and before shipment. Also, the shipping expenses depend on the contract; either the distributor or the company will shoulder it.

  • Distributor’s Rights and Obligations

It is your right to have commissions on every sold product. We will also provide you some free LED products for a demo to help you gain more customers and attract interested stockholders. As an obligation, we expect you to sell the products, maintain professionalism at all times and provide room for training and support to open more opportunities in the future. Also, when it comes to technical support, warranty and monitoring, we will be right on your side all along.

  • Technical and Marketing Support

YUCHIP is along the way to help you with marketing strategies, training, technical support, product orientations, etc. We will allow you to participate in numerous exhibits and sales affairs within a specific vicinity to leverage your commissions and overall sales.

Our business network is expanding significantly; that is why we look for more business partners and distributors to grow more in the business and LED Display industry. Let’s grow together and explore more marketing strategies, sales plans towards valuable investments, economic growth, and business harmony and camaraderie. Be a part of China LED Display Manufacturer — YUCHIP.

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