Irregular LED Display

LED display market is undergoing significant changes, from fixed image display to mobile display, then the current irregular shape display.

Except for the traditional function of showing information, irregular LED displays also updated the outside looking, making it more suitable for the whole structure.


Irregular LED Display

Irregular LED Display the new product promoted by Leden’s R&D team members; it breaks the common special-shaped LED screen category and gained customer and professional admissions.

Circle LED Screen

Arc LED Display utilizes die-casting aluminum and extrusion aluminum cabinet; curved cabinet, ±5°,±10° and ±30° curve angle adjustable—support hanging up by truss and put a stage stand installation.

YUCHIP Sphere Display

LED ball screen has vast pixel pitch options. The most popular one is 4mm; others are 4.8mm, 5mm, 6mm, and 10mm. The smaller pixel pitch has a higher resolution and shows more clear video and image.

P4 LED Ball

P4 LED Ball is a creative LED display with a ball shape. Its 360-degree viewing angle delivers higher impact visuals that are more eye-catching.

P5 LED Display Ball

The spherical display is also in museums, planetariums, children’s palaces, gymnasiums, large open spaces, and more.

P6 LED ball display

P6 LED ball Display or spherical LED display; 360-degree view angle, full color, pixel pitch: 6mm. It is widely used in many fields due to its flexibility..

YUCHIP P6.25 Curve LED Display Screen

P6.25 Outdoor Rental Curved LED Screen utilizes die-casting aluminum and extrusion aluminum cabinet; curved cabinet, ±5°,±10° and ±30° curve angle adjustable.

Product Related Information

Irregular LED Display makes up creative display series, and we can use them in various circumstances. Such a creative display makes a venue look more promising and attractive, and friendlier.

We can install the spherical, flexible, soft, and irregular display in the following sample venues or places.

  • Concerts
  • Exhibits
  • World Fairs
  • International Conferences
  • Sports Venues, etc.

YUCHIP LED PostAir Products

  • LED Poster

    LED poster display featured portable, movable, easy use, and high-resolution advantages make it perfect use for retail, exhibition, hotel, and transport applications. The LED poster pixel pitch includes 1.86mm, 1.875mm, 1.92mm, 2mm, 2.5mm.

  • iPhone Style LED PostAir 1

    iPhone Style LED Poster supports front maintenance, ultra-thin LED rear. LED PostAir can be customized in size, pixel spacing, and resolution. At the same time, support remote cluster control, multi-screen synchronous broadcast programs.

  • As an essential category of smart city terminals, street pole advertising has many advantages, such as comprehensive and robust product performance, combining high value with commercial and people’s livelihood services, ease of operation, etc.

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