3D Hologram Fan

3D Hologram Fan LED display delivers an outstanding visual experience, greatly attracts potential customers’ attention.

Due to its creative design, excellent advertising performance, competitive price advantages, 3D hologram fans are applied worldwide as new advertisement media.


  • 3D Hologram LED Display creates a floating image of an object.
  • Perfect for indoor advertising, office decoration, or even for home use.
  • It creates a digital ambiance in the whole vicinity and creates a better background and display.
  • It is energy-saving and environment-friendly, and longer lifespan.
  • 3D hologram display can work as a single unit; few pieces can form one screen by cascading.
  • The 3D Hologram LED Display can play the same videos on one and different devices simultaneously.
  • Through controlling the light sequence and time of LED beams on the rotating fan blade and micro-controller programming, the 3D effect came.
  • 3D Hologram LED Display, also known as 3D Fan LED Display, has an electric fan performance and 3D video and image content source.
  • The factory complies with the ISO9001-2015 management system; products are certified by CE, RoHS, CCC, FCC, TUV-EMC, BIS, etc.
  • YUCHIP LED video display has a 3-5 years warranty. The raw materials are from well-known brands like Meanwell power supply, Nationstar LED lamp.

F1-50A Series

F1-50H Series

F1-50 Series

Refresh Rate






Physical Life


Packing size(mm)






Display Size





Quad-core Cortex™ -A7




(3D Hologram LED Display)

3D Hologram LED Display


Hologram fan has vast applications both indoor and outdoor. Before you go for 3D hologram fan product details, we’d like to show you its featured 12 types of 3D hologram fan applications firstly.

Quick Guide of FSP Fan LED Display
  • What is 3D Hologram LED Display
  • 3D Fan LED Display Unique Advantage & Basic Knowledge
  • 3D Hologram LED Display Has Such Vast Applications
  • F1-50a 3D Fan LED Display, A Revolutionary Advertising Media
  • YUCHIP 3D Hologram LED Display Is Your Best Choice
  • How Can I Get The LED Display Fan

What is 3D Hologram LED Display?

3D Hologram LED Display, also known as 3D Fan LED Display, has an electric fan performance and 3D video and image content source.

1.1 How the 3D Hologram LED Display works


It is an LED Display that adapting to heavier visual impact requests.

The creation of 3D Hologram LED display is from POV(Persistence of vision) When the object is in rapid motion, the human eye can continue to retain an image of 0.1 to 0.4 seconds after the image disappears.

Through controlling the light sequence and time of LED beams on the rotating fan blade and micro-controller programming, the 3D effect came.


1.2 Composition of 3D Fan LED Display

The 3D Fan LED Display consists of the main engine.

  •    Power cord
  •    Power adapter
  •    Male LED strip
  •    Female LED strip


1.3 Hologram LED Display ProductionPprocess
  • Connect power converter to the motherboard
  • Install rotor and protective housing
  • Install display panel
  • Register ID
  • Install Fan blade

3D Fan LED Display Unique Advantage & Basic Knowledge

3D Fan LED display successfully captured the attention of your customers.

Firstly as an LED video display, it doesn’t have a traditional LED cabinet; its portable, simple, and transparent appearance are excellent.

Secondly, as LED walls, its 3D content uniquely enables active visual stimulation; its displaying image seems floating in the air.


2.1 What format files does 3D Hologram LED Display support?

Hologram LED Display support video and image in a format like MP4, AVI, RMVB, MPEG, and JPG.

2.2 How to send videos to Fan LED Display?

The first option is by Web control; The second option is through YUCHIP self-developed Application. The App FSP is available to download in both IOS and Android systems, cell phone, and LED hologram display connected by Hotpot.

2.3 Can 3D Hologram LED Display play the same images or videos on different devices?

The 3D Hologram LED Display can play the same videos on one and different devices simultaneously.

2.4 If LED Hologram Display can connect few pieces as one screen.

3D hologram display can work as a single unit; few pieces can form one screen by cascading. The working theory is the same as a giant LED display.

2.5 How many seconds of video can a hologram LED display play?

The existing version hologram 3D LED display can play each video’s first 15 seconds. Any video over 15 seconds will jump to the next video after the first 15 seconds.

YUCHIP R&D is in the test process of a new version that supports 60 seconds video. We will launch the latest version in early 2020.


 2.6 How does 3D Fan LED Screen achieve one-click uploading?

To achieve a one-click upload, you need to download YUCHIP self-developed APP. For further details, please download the user manual here.

2.7 Where should I find the video material of the 3D Fan LED Display?

Usually, the video material of the 3D Fan LED professional video editors create a display.

If necessary, our designers can help you to achieve the desired 3D effect. If it’s an only simple font, YUCHIP could supply you for free. However, if it’s an image or video, we will charge you with the design.


2.8 Can 3D Fan LED Display play regular video?

You can play both 3D and regular video, but we recommend playing 3D video because the three-dimensional effect is outstanding and quickly capture customer attention.


3D Hologram LED Display Has Such Vast Applications

(Hologram Fan Indoor & Outdoor Applications – 12 Types)

3D Hologram LED Display is widely used globally because of its relaxed performance.


 3.1 Hologram LED Display is for indoor use

Due to its impactful and unforgettable visual experience, portable and easy control, small size, and slight investment advantages, 3D hologram LED display is in Shopping Malls, Restaurants, Hotels, Exhibition Halls, Airports, and Chains Stores coffee shops, clothes shops, etc.

The same function as standard LED displays, LED Fan Display brings a higher image of the installation site (To areas owner), raises brand influence (To brands advertised ), and earns significant advertising revenues (To investors that bring LED displays).


 3.2 3D Fan LED Display extends for outdoor use

Initially, Fan LED is for indoor only. But YUCHIP R&D never stop working out new products and launched waterproof hologram LED displays in early 2019.

YUCHIP adds a protective cover and a waterproof rubber to the 3D Fan LED Display.

With a protective case and waterproof apron, we also designed a backpack 3D Hologram LED Display, convenient and light and can be displayed to customers anytime and anywhere.

Walk down the street with this 3D Hologram LED Display on your back; you will attract the attention of passers-by.

F1-50a 3D Fan LED Display: A Revolutionary Advertising Media.


 5.1 What is FSP F1-50A?

We launched the FSP F1-50A version in 2017, the most famous American and European market model.

Its 50cm portable design enables various eye-catching scenes available to architects, art designers, investors, shopping malls and shop owners, etc.

3D LED Fan is used to show product sharp details and items with unique internal structures such as watches, cars, jewelry, and industrial products.


5.2 What size is available for a LED Fan Display?

There are three optional LED video display fan sizes: Diameter 50cm, 70cm, and 100cm. Each size differs in LED lamps’ quantity and resolution.

5.3 What’s the subsequent development for a 3D Fan LED Display?

F1-50A is the first family member of FSP; it successfully helps customers win more business.

YUCHIP is launching the next-generation F2 series, enlarging LED Fan Display applications with higher brightness, higher resolution, waterproof, etc. Features.

YUCHIP 3D Hologram LED Display Is Your Best Choice
  • YUCHIP is a leading LED Display Manufacturer in China with 15 years of production experience.
  • Our high-quality LED Displays are successfully exported to 102 countries, served 38,600 cases all over the world.
  • We are proudly located in China “Silicon-Valley” Shenzhen, where comes HUAWEI, DJI, TENCENT. Our skilled 260 employees are producing LED products in 15000sqm modern factory.
  • The factory complies with the ISO9001-2015 management system; products are certified by CE, RoHS, CCC, FCC, TUV-EMC, BIS, etc.
  • YUCHIP LED video display has a 3-5 years warranty. The raw materials are from well-known brands like Meanwell power supply, Nationstar LED lamp.
  • Think globally, Act locally. YUCHIP owns branch offices in Germany, Dubai, and Peru and has established distributor systems in America, Italy, Thailand, Malaysia, on-site installation teams in Nigeria and Africa. The quick local support brings YUCHIP a unique advantage compared to other competitors.

How Can I Get The LED Display Fan

To deliver you the suitable Fan Display LED, we kindly request your confirmation below terms.

8.1 Do you need an LED fan to single play?
Single play refers to each LED hologram as a complete screen, not connected to other hologram LEDs.
8.2 Do you need hologram fan cascading?

Cascading refers to few LED Display Fan pieces connected as one screen and divides one display content into these few pieces. For example, 3×2, 4×3, up to 11x11pcs LED fan connected as one screen.

8.3 What size hologram display do you need?

The standard diameter options are 50cm, 70cm and 100cm.

8.4 How much quantity of 3D fans fit your demand?

Our professional sales engineer would propose shipping methods like Sea, Air, or Express (DHL, FedEx, TNT, etc.)

If you want to know more details or have more suggestions and comments, please contact us at yuchip-led.com manager@yuchip.com. We are looking forward to exchanging ideas with you.

3D Hologram Fan Ultimate FAQ Guide


1. What is a 3D Hologram Fan?


3D hologram fan is a new breed of display technology that produces an illusion of holographic-like 3D images that seem to be floating in the air.

The fan blades are spinning fast enough to be invisible to the eyes of the audience. RGB LED strips are attached to the fan blades, and a control unit lights up the pixels as the fan spins produce an outstanding full-color picture.

3D hologram display is based on the concept of persistence of vision in the human eye. POV technology in fan displays is an optical illusion that happens when the image is in rapid motion,n. The human eyes continue to perceive the image for up to 0.4 seconds after it disappears.

By configuring the timing and lighting sequence of LED beams on the floating, rotating fan, a 3D image can be created.

The 3D hologram advertising display LED fan allows you to deliver outstanding visual displays that are eye-catching for your target audience.

Because of its innovative design and technology and its ability to produce impactful advertising displays, LED fan displays are now used vastly worldwide as a new medium for advertisement.


2. What are the Unique Features of a Hologram 3D Fan?


3D hologram display is a revolutionary way to deliver brand and product advertisements that will surely command your audience’s attention.

The 3D display fan is becoming more popular as a new generation of digital display technology. It is multifunctional, uses advanced technology, produces images mid-are, and offers easy installation and management.

Multifunctional. A hologram LED fan is a versatile LED display used on different occasions and for various purposes. You may use it as an advertising medium to promote your products or brands. Or it is sometimes used as high-tech LED displays in your events.

3D technology. A 3D fan hologram utilizes advanced technology that allows displaying 3D images without wearing 3D glasses. The use of a 3D hologram offers you and your audience a completely new and different viewing experience.

Floating Images. Hologram fan lets you display colorful and striking images that seem to be floating in the air. It does not have a background or border, giving it the illusion that it is dancing in the air.

Easy Installation and Management. The 3D display fan is easy to install and operate. You can choose to have it mounted on the wall or ceiling. It is as easy as screwing something on your wall. It is also easy to operate using the mobile devices that you already own.


3. How Does a 3D Holographic Fan Work?


Hologram LED fan allows you to deliver high-definition holographic images that are truly enticing to look at.

The fan blades with LEDs attached to them are what produce the full holographic images. The hologram fan generates accurate 3D picture displays, and the fast-spinning fan blades create the illusion that your display images are floating.

The 3D hologram fan is an uncomplicated advanced technology powered by a power cord and adaptor and LED strips (male and female).

It will only take you a few simple steps to assemble your 3D hologram display. It involves connecting the power converter, installing the rotor and the protective housing, installing the display panels, registering ID, and installing the fan blades.

If you want to watch an actual video on how you may assemble your LED hologram fan, you may click on the link that will direct you to a sample video of the actual process.


4. What are the Applications of 3D Hologram Fans?


The 3D hologram display offers as much flexibility, if not more, as the other LED displays.

You may see the LED 3D hologram installed in the following locations:

Stores, Shopping malls, supermarkets, and Convenience stores. If you are thinking of using LED displays to promote your store and attract your target audience and passersby, an LED hologram fan is a digital tool you may consider. It gives your store artistic and creative visual display decorations that are pleasing to the eyes. It effectively gives your store an advantageous digital display.

Schools and Universities. The 3D hologram fan is used in school as a decorative display or advertising tool during fairs or other school events.

Square and Plaza, Walking Streets. You can also see 3D hologram displays at local squares, plazas, and streets. It does not only light up the place. It also gives it a colorful and fashionable LED display to attract and entertain visitors.

Some places where you can find 3D hologram displays include banks, transport stations, car shops, restaurants, exhibition halls, etc.

If you want to see the actual footage of LED fan displays in action in the locations mentioned above, you may follow this link.


5. What Kind of Content is Supported by a 3D Hologram Fan?


3D holographic fan supports the most commonly used file formats.

It allows you to display videos and images in formats like MP4, RMVB, AVI, JPEG, and MPEG.

You may upload the file you want to display in a web control or mobile app that is downloadable on your android or IOS phone.

You need to have the file ready, and you may have a nice-looking LED display for your stores or events.

You can play both 3D videos and regular videos in your 3D hologram fan. However, it is preferred to play 3D videos to give your audience a better viewing experience.

For a better 3D display quality, it is advisable to create your video files with a black background. It is suggested if you want to achieve a better 3D-looking image display.

As for the length of video displays, your 3D hologram fan can only play the first 15 seconds of each video you have saved. After the first 15 seconds, the video display will jump to the following video.

YUCHIP is currently developing an upgrade to the video length that is playing for each video. We are working on a new version of the hologram display that supports videos of up to 60 seconds.

You may contact us to learn more about it.


6. Is the 3D Hologram Fan a ‘Plug and Play’ Display?


Yes, it is becoming a popular option for a digital display because of its ‘plug and play feature.

A holographic display using the 3D hologram fan will not require you to follow complicated configurations or setup procedures.

You need to save into an SD card or USB flash drive the file, video, or interactive display you wish to showcase to your viewers.

Plug your storage device into the unit or control device and play its content for your audience to see the spectacular floating images that you prepared.

3D hologram display is an easy and undemanding LED display that allows you to produce visually compelling digital images.



7. How to Control a 3D Hologram Fan?


The image above sums up how to operate your 3D fan display.

There are two ways on how you can control your LED hologram fan.

The first way is by web control. Web control lets a LAN user have control of the 3D fan display. You may also copy and paste the URL provided to you, and there you can manage your digital 3d display.

The second and more preferred option is by downloading an app for your 3D fan display. YUCHIP has a self-developed mobile application for controlling your 3D hologram fan display. The FSP app allows you to manage your 3D LED display using your smartphone. The app is compatible with both Android and IOS devices.

This app allows your LED hologram display to be connected to your mobile phone through the internet or hotspot.

We will guide you on how you can manage your display effectively during your LED display installation process.

Contact us today, and we will be ready to assist you.


8. What are the Available Sizes of 3D Fan LED Displays?


There are 3 available sizes of 3D hologram fan: 50cm, 70cm, and 100cm.

Each of these 3D LED fan sizes contains different LED lamps and offers other image resolutions.

The FSP F1-50A, a 50cm LED display fan, is the most popular and widely used version in the USA and Europe. This version of the 3D hologram display is used by mall and shop owners, architects, designers to give their guests, clients, and visitors an eye-catching digital display.

The F1-50A 3D LED display is proven effective in gaining a competitive edge in your business.

Hologram LED fans showcase valuable product pieces such as cars, jewelry, watches, etc.,s a form of advertisement and high-end display.

YUCHIP continuously works on a new and improved 3D hologram LED display series generation, offering higher brightness, better resolution, and more advanced features.


9. What is the Difference Between the Hologram LED Fan and Other LED Displays?


Both 3D hologram displays and regular LED displays provide a high-quality digital display and a great viewing experience to your audience. However, there are certain advantages that a 3D hologram display can offer.

More portable and Simpler. The 3D hologram display is relatively smaller and lighter compared to the regular LED display. It does not have an LED cabinet, which makes it portable and easier to install anywhere.

The setting up and configuration of control and operating systems are done during manufacturing in the LED factory, so users need not do complicated software configuration. You can efficiently manage it as long as you have your smartphone with you.

Three-Dimensional Image Display. Unlike the traditional LED display, which can only offer flat images and visual displays, the fan LED display gives your visual display an added 3d effect.  This three-dimensional effect makes your visual displays more appealing to the audience.

Cheaper Investment. The 3D hologram display is cost-effective. The average cost of a hologram LED is 1/10 of the average LED display cost. The lower market price that the LED fan display offers benefits many users and brand owners. It allows them to install multiple LED quantities in a shorter time and lower cost.

Smaller Display. If you want to have many small displays, 3D hologram displays can deliver that to you more efficiently. It is much less complicated to install and manage.


10. Is a 3D Hologram Fan Suitable for Indoor and Outdoor Use?


The 3D hologram LED display is first designed for indoor places. It is widely installed in airports, coffee shops, restaurants, stores, shopping centers.

But because of its delightful images and impactful appearance, the demand for 3D hologram display is constantly increasing.

In early 2019, YUCHIP has successfully launched 3D fan LED displays that are suitable for outdoor use.

YUCHIP has developed a 3D hologram fan with a protective cover and waterproof rubber to make it water-resistant.

Because of this innovation, you can now have your 3D LED display installed anywhere outdoor.

YUCHIP does not stop there. It is our goal to continuously improve and develop products and services for our clients and customers.

We also created a wearable backpack 3D hologram display. It has a protective cover and waterproof apron, so you could use it both indoor and outdoor. It is lightweight, convenient, and easy to use.

All you have to do is wear it like a regular backpack, and you can now display or promote your brand or business while walking down the streets.

With its bright color and extraordinary appeal, it is perfect for impressing and getting the attention of the people you pass by.


11. What is the Lifespan of a 3D Hologram Fan, and What Technical Support Do You Provide?


The average lifespan of a 3D hologram display is more than 30,000 hours. That is generally around 6 to 7 years. This estimate is based on a 12 hours usage daily.

If you experience any problem with our 3D hologram fan product, YUCHIP provides 24/7 online customer support for software-related concerns.

We complete the repair within five (5) business days after receiving the product for hardware-related concerns or fixing.

We also provide a 2-year warranty and lifetime support services.

Within the warranty period, we provide free replacements for any faulty products, defective parts, or any damages that are not artificial and or caused by force majeure. We still offer replacement parts and services but at a reasonable cost after the warranty period.

In case you receive a broken LED product, follow these simple steps:

First, contact our sales engineer, who will issue the commercial invoice.

Second, contact your preferred delivery express like FedEx or DHL to pick up the product.

Third, contact our sales engineer again and share the express tracking number for customs clearance preparation.

Lastly, we’ll complete the import customs clearance, and we’ll deliver it to the warehouse for repair.


12. Can I Use Multiple 3D Hologram Fans As One Big LED Display?


Yes, you can use multiple 3D hologram fans to act as one big LED display.

LED hologram fans may work as a single unit, or few hologram fan units can be cascaded into one screen. It is similar to the idea of connecting LED panels to form one big LED screen.

You can also opt to have multiple 3D hologram fans displaying similar content. It is perfect to increase brand awareness in your store or shopping centers.

You may contact us to learn more about how you can utilize our 3D LED hologram fan product.




13. Is a Hologram LED Display Cheaper Than Other LED Displays?


Yes, a 3D hologram display price is relatively lower than a regular, wall-sized LED display.

The holographic display LED fan has fewer materials and is less complicated to create. A 3D display fan is more cost-effective if you wish to have smaller and multiple LED displays around your event’s place or store.

You can have the same high-quality digital visual display with the added feature of a three-dimensional viewing effect. This 3D effect contributes positively to the viewing experience of your guests, visitors, and customers.

It is a worthwhile investment if you want to give your store or event an extraordinary appeal.


14. What are the Benefits of Using a 3D Hologram Display?


3D display fan offers excellent benefits to anyone who uses it. It brings your digital display to a new level of style and novelty.

Appealing Visual Display. As its name suggests, it allows you to produce 3D visual images that not all digital displays can offer. The vivid and bright pictures that it emits are already enough to capture the eyes of the viewers. But with its three-dimensional effects, it gives your display added charm that is harder to resist.

Portable. It is way lighter than other LED displays. You can carry a single 3D fan display with one hand. Because of its lightweight feature, it is a lot easier to install almost anywhere. It requires less labor force.

Manageable. It is easy to control and operate. You can use your mobile devices to manage its display content. All you have to do is to download the necessary app, and you are all set.

Cost-effective. The fan 3D hologram is cheaper than other LEDs and LCDs-based displays. It is a rewarding investment that will cost you less. You can enjoy the benefits of a 3D hologram display for up to 7 years.


15. Where Can I Buy a High-quality LED Fan Display?


If you are looking for reliable 3D hologram fan products from a trusted supplier, YUHCHIP has that reputation.

We have been producing LED products and services for more than 17 years now. We have successfully exported many LED products to 102 countries worldwide.

We provide custom-make LED solutions and custom-built LED products to meet the unique needs of every client.

We can also help you achieve the 3D effect that you desire with the help of our creative designers.

If you want to start planning your 3D hologram display with us, you may contact us today, and we will be happy to help you.

Our experts in the field and dutiful engineers and staff are waiting to give you the hologram fan display you have in mind. Let’s create that LED visual display that will make you stand out.

Contact us today at manager@yuchip.com.

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