LED Advertising Screen

LED Advertising Screen is of high contrast ratio at 4000:1 to display a vibrant and accurate color advertising effect. It successfully catches your audience’s attention from a far distance. Due to its modular LED screen panel design, you can build a seamlessly large screen at any size.

Advertising LED Display Screen presents a clear and vivid image, even under direct sunshine.  Another advantages of advertising LED display screen is it’s IP65 waterproof and dustproof, you can install it in any kind of environment.

Because of that, LED advertising screens is being popular and highly valuable in outdoor and indoor media.


Project Details

LED Advertising Screen Size:  8.192m x 4.096m

Screen Resolution: 512 pixels x 256 pixels

Pixel Pitch: 16mm

Resolution: 3906 pixels/sqm

Location: Luoyang, China

Structure: Wall-mounted, Back Maintenance


  • LED advertising screens play an essential role in outdoor LED advertising screens for years when LED digital screen advertising is developed for its high resolution and cost-effective advantages;
  • Advertising LED display screen utilizes large size LED module 256mm x 256mm and customized, enables a more uniform LED cabinet surface;
  • Outdoor LED advertising screen uses high brightness Epistar LED chips to reach up to 8000cd/㎡. The advertising LED screen displays to present a clear and vivid image, even under direct sunshine;
  • 1RGB full color LED advertising screen works with control systems like Linsn, Nova star, ZDEC, DBstar, etc. You can easily control the advertising LED display screen by computer, tablet, mobile phone.
  • The LED video wall is working automatically; power on and power off with time setup.
Pixel Pitch (mm)




Pixel Configuration



Pixel Density (pixel/㎡)




Module Resolution (WxH)




Module Size (mm) (WxH)



Brightness (cd/㎡)




Viewing Angle (H/V)


Cabinet Resolution




Cabinet Size (mm)



Cabinet Weight (kg)



Refresh Rate (Hz)



Max. Power Consumption (W)




Maintenance Mode

Front & Rear


Cabinet Material


Contrast Ratio


Color Processing Bits

16 bit

Operating Temperature (C/RH)


Storage Temperature (C/RH)



(360 Degree Outdoor Advertising LED Display)

 LED Advertising Screen


The LED display industry is pursuing to ease our lives and build up ways to improve businesses, gain profits and innovate. It goes like a cycle but with improvements every time it circles.

Cities, urban areas, and crowded streets have never been fascinating without LED displays. It brings soul, creativity, theme, landmark, and digital mood.

YUCHIP desires to cultivate more advantages of advertising LED display screens not only indoors but outdoors as well.

Outdoor LED Screen

Making a breakthrough in the LED screen industry is tough, but these products are necessities for businesses. It made some significant and satisfactory results.


Why do many firms use Outdoor LED Display?

To stay in the past-faced environment means a practical reason is standing behind. In the past years,  advertising LED Display screens has made a trend across different aspects and sectors. Let’s find out why.

  • Wider Audience

LED Advertising Screens often come in large sizes and are installed in either elevated or column. The main reason is for it to be visible to so many audiences as possible can see—the larger size, the better; the higher position, the more captivating.

LED Screen for Advertising Outdoor Price
Outdoor LED Screen 
  • Distant Viewing

Advertising LED display screens can reach a larger audience even at a distance. The LED display presents actual color and clear resolution even under direct sunlight.

  • Extreme Resistance

Outdoor LED Advertising Displays can withstand extreme environments, hot or cold. Though it needs an air-conditioner to achieve better heat dissipation, it is resistant and does not wholly affect the performance of the LED displays.

  • Cost-effective

The cost might be high, but the benefits are also enormous. If having it means you’ll get a spot on targeting high sales, then why not give it a try.

Its efficiency and effectiveness in advertising have proven its worthwhile contribution to so many products and brands. It helped famous and luxury brands to get on their way to every individual and every home.

Advertising LED screens will continue to venture; either you go with it or see it.

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