Large LED Screen Peru

The LED Ripley Peru is an enormous LED screen in South America, primarily installed in Peru. It has a total size of 402m², making it large enough to accommodate a more vast audience.

The Large LED Screen Peru utilized a P16 LED and adopted energy-saving technology. Given the widescreen size, initially, you will think that it might also eat up a higher amount of power and electricity. Thanks to YUCHIP’s new energy-saving technology, the crucial energy conservation within LED displays is solved.

The screen is for commercial advertising and information billboard. Should you be interested in using a P16 LED for your advertising, please contact us.

YUCHIP has initially solved the utmost topic of energy conservation within LED display products. YUCHIP has adopted the energy-saving technology that has been crucial in the past years. With energy-saving technology, LED displays products and solutions are equipped with fewer consumption properties that can save a significant amount of energy in the long run. 

One of the enormous projects we had that utilized energy-saving technology is the Large LED Screen Peru. Details are as follows.

  • Type: Outdoor Advertising LED Screen
  • Location: South America/Peru
  • Total Size: 402 m²
  • Installation: Building/Wall-mounted

This project is the giant outdoor advertising LED Screen in South America. It adopts P16 DIP with an area of 402 square meters, and the highest brightness reaches up to 8000 cd/m².

This outdoor giant display has the sole purpose of advertising. Because of its size can reach up to thousands of viewers in hours and days, thus propagating your brand awareness.

Brand awareness is a fundamental key when it comes to sales and prospects. You’ll get higher chances of achieving great deals when everyone is familiar with your product and services and how they will benefit them.

Outdoor advertising screen has excellent quality depending on the complete details, we guarantee both quality and on-time delivery of shipments, and our prices stay very competitive.

With our 13 years of LED display industry experience, we have thousands of outdoor LED display cases worldwide, so we are confident about outdoor LED Display products.

Meanwhile, the project is for Ripley, Peru. Ripley is a department store, financial services, and shopping mall management company based in Chile. Hence, Ripley Peru is a branch of Ripley in South America. Ripley has 29 stores in Peru. 

Ripley Peru can play content advertising-wise and improve brand awareness among their products towards audiences of local and international backgrounds through the Large LED Screen. 

(The Biggest Outdoor Advertising LED Screen In South America)

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