Commercial LED Display

Commercial LED Display

Commercial LED Display is known as commercial advertising LED screen, and it ranges from outdoor LED screen to indoor LED display advertising application fields.
  • Commercial LED displays’ vivid colors, and sharp images deliver extraordinary visual impact and attract those passing by to maximize the media advertising value.
  • It brings digital perspective to the whole area, making it look nicer and adding creativity, theme, and color.
  • Even at a distance, viewers can see the photos, videos, ads, campaigns, and texts. Plus, a commercial LED screen can display a wide variety of animations; therefore, it is the best choice for outdoor advertising.

Commercial LED Display Product Categories

Over the years, advertising has been a part of businesses. Every firm believes that advertising is the best way to capture an audience. With the content played on digital screens such as LED displays, people can quickly learn and be educated about the various products and services you offer.

Going back to traditional advertising, papers and posters are very common. But as technology moved and advanced, advertising was also greatly affected, changing channels and methods significantly. Understanding the need for effective advertising is a crucial task; however, if you opt to achieve it, you have to partner with a reliable provider to help you build an empire for yourself.

Outdoor Advertising LED Display

Outdoor Advertising LED Display is your best accomplice in advertising along with commercial buildings and business establishments with an outdoor fixed installation.

Indoor LED Screen

Advertising can also be done in indoor establishments such as shopping malls, hotels, and restaurants. It is widely common because people gather in indoor locations.

Custom Commercial LED Screen

With Custom Commercial LED Screen, you can choose different shapes and presentations that would surely make advertising even more captivating and presentable.

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  • Commercial LED Display

Advertise With Commercial LED Display

Advertising should be effective because it is, it builds so many opportunities for your business. And investing in worthwhile equipment such as a commercial LED display is a wiser choice.

  • We provide outstanding and utmost service and support from choosing your commercial LED screen, customization, installation, maintenance, etc.
  • We will help you choose the best pixel pitch option for your commercial LED display screen projects and businesses.
  • Considering various factors in choosing, YUCHIP will guide and help you realize the most advantageous product for you to achieve effective advertising for your firm.

Customize Your Commercial LED Display

Commercial Advertising LED Display should be huge enough to be able to cater to huge audiences. YUCHIP, with our technical and R&D team, will help you bring your idea into a blueprint and make them into reality.

Customizing might take the following factors in the table such as budget, installation area, maintenance, and size, however, we will help you achieve your preferred display product.

  • The commercial LED display has various pixel pitch options ranging from P1.56, P1.875, P2, P2.5, P3, P4 to P8, P10, P56, and we also customize according to your preference.
  • If you’re worried about installation, we will help you with it and provide you with guides and manuals, too.
  • Regarding maintenance, we offer you to choose either front or rear depending on the available space on your LED Display surroundings.
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YUCHIP: Your Professional Commercial LED Display Manufacturer And Supplier

YUCHIP, with 17-year experience in the LED display industry, is an expert in providing you quality screens for advertising. Since commercial LED display comes in big sizes, we make sure to give nothing but the firmest material, reliable and cost-effective commercial display products.

We have provided hundreds of commercial LED display modules to hundreds of countries around the world and we’ve seen how advertising impacted our clients’ business status and economical level. With our commercial LED display, we look forward to helping you achieve effective advertising and upgrade your product’s visibility and brand awareness.

Commercial LED Display Projects We Finished

Outdoor Advertising Screen
Commercial LED Display should be catchy and has high visibility. In curved buildings, all you need is a custom commercial LED screen.
Outdoor Advertising LED
Outdoor events are where people gather to enjoy and have fun. It is also a great opportunity to advertise using outdoor screens.
Commercial Advertising LED Screen
Advertising screens should be installed that people can see them well such as traffic roads, road intersections installed in buildings.
Advertising Display
Cities, capitals and urban areas have fully adopted the use of commercial LED displays for advertising and also for decorative purposes.
Pixel Pitch (mm)




Pixel Configuration



Pixel Density (pixel/㎡)




Module Resolution (WxH)




Module Size (mm) (WxH)



Brightness (cd/㎡)




Viewing Angle (H/V)


Cabinet Resolution




Cabinet Size (mm)



Cabinet Weight (kg)



Refresh Rate (Hz)



Max. Power Consumption (W)




Maintenance Mode

Front & Rear


Cabinet Material


Contrast Ratio


Color Processing Bits

16 bit

Operating Temperature (C/RH)


Storage Temperature (C/RH)



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Advertising LED Screen: Ultimate FAQ Guide


Do you want to make a better impact on your audience? Does your current advertising method not give you enough reach to penetrate your target market?

Commercial Screen
Commercial Screen

Maybe it’s time to utilize the most advanced and sought-after advertising method many of the biggest companies currently use. We’re discussing utilizing digital display technology to promote and advertise your brand to a bigger audience effectively. And when it comes to digital display, the most recommended is the LED advertising screen.

1. Introduction


Outdoor advertising LED display is an essential part of out-of-home advertising. And it has become the leading carrier of outdoor advertising because of technological progress and cost reduction.

P5 Outdoor LED Screen
P5 Outdoor Advertising LED Display In Vietnam

The LED display system displays advertisements in various formats—pictures, videos, and text. Thus, broadcast social media advertisements can provide economic guarantees and income for investors’ networks and line costs.

Different screen layouts are according to situations and requirements in the advertising process. Besides, the system has built-in various layout modules, supporting eight-screen split arrangements and displaying other contents in different areas.

With economic development and social progress, we have entered the information age. Thus, fast, accurate, and quick information transfer has become necessary for efficient work. It reduces input costs and improves work efficiency.

You can place the display screen where people are, such as building facades, basketball stadiums, football fields, airports, highways, large commercial centers, stations, etc.

Its comprehensive contact advantage and direct information transmission have enough control technology that other public communication media cannot match.


2. What Is An Advertising LED Screen?


Outdoor Advertising LED
Outdoor Advertising LED

An Advertising LED Screen is a TV monitor that shows different ads to promote your products or services to bystanders, commuters, shoppers, and other possible customers.

It is a digital billboard or display that allows you to have bezel-free or visible line breaks to the audience, making it more conducive for viewing.

Today, it is the most advanced digital display option available in the market, producing screen brightness better than any other available alternative.

The LED screens have pixels working together to create beautiful images on the screen surface. These screens come in different sizes to match your varying business needs.


3. What Are The Types Of Advertising LED Screens?


Since you are already contemplating investing in your unit of LED advertising screens, you should learn about its different types. It will help you make an informed decision on which one best suits your business needs.


Indoor Advertising LED Display Screen


Indoor Advertising LED Display Screen
Indoor Advertising LED Display Screen

An indoor advertising screen is ideal for inside locations, as its name suggests. It is common inside shopping malls, airports, restaurants, and others.

This type of screen is used to improve the overall experience of the customers visiting your place. It allows you to showcase audio-visual ad content to attract or inform more potential customers lounging in the area.

It is imperative not to install this advertising screen in unsheltered or unprotected areas as it does not have enough protection to withstand collision and liquid intrusions.


Outdoor Advertising LED Display


Outdoor Advertising LED Display
Outdoor Advertising LED Display

This is the ideal LED screen to install an ad display in outdoor locations. It effectively targets a wide variety of audiences from close and far distances. Moreover, an outdoor advertising screen has at least an IP65 protection rate. This rate is the required ingress protection for all outdoor LED screens.

It refers to the sealing capacity of your LED screen case cabinet, protecting it from harsh environments and weather conditions. You can often see this advertising screen alongside major roads and highways in the city or buildings’ exterior walls.


Mobile Advertising LED Screens


Mobile Advertising LED Screens
Mobile Advertising LED Screens

You can quickly move this advertising display from one place to another. An LED screen is attached or mounted on a truck or trailer for easy transportation. It is not installed in a fixed location, so having it in multiple locations is not a problem.

Mobile LED advertising display boards require the least time and effort to install and dismantle since they are already attached to a vehicle. You can have it driven around the area to increase the exposure of your ad content. 

Mobile LED screens are usually for rent. It is an ideal solution for your future event.


Poster LED Screen Display


Poster LED Screen Display
Poster LED Screen Display

The poster LED screen is often the smallest advertising LED screen. It is usually the same size as a regular print poster display.

This type of ad display is also manageable and movable from one point to another. Although it does not usually have wheels like a mobile advertising screen, it has a base that makes it stand independently.

It is often in front of any establishment to attract viewers and passersby. Since it is relatively smaller and lighter, you can also have it mounted on light poles, walls, or windows.


4. What Are The Common Applications Of Advertising LED Screens?


Advertising LED display screens are one of the most functional and multipurpose display technologies we can use today. Discover the best places you should be installing and lighting up your LED video wall for advertising.


Mall Display
Mall Display


Shopping malls are one of the places where people are expected to spend some money. Then, it immediately becomes an ideal place to showcase your captivating ad content to convince mall-goers to try your product or services.


Stadium Display
Stadium Display


A stadium is a place where concerts and important sports events are held. It is another place that caters to a large number of people. Therefore, an LED digital screen for advertising can benefit your brand and business.


Airport Display
Airport Display

Airports And Transport Terminals

Airports and transport terminals are the entry point for many people anywhere. Many tourists and travelers drop by, wait, and lounge in the airports.

Restaurant Display
Restaurant Display

Restaurants, Hotels, And Retail Stores

Advertising LED display screens can help your business become more easily discoverable. You can also use them to entertain customers and display promotions and other services. Since they say information in striking colors and brightness, they are more effective in getting your customers’ attention.


  Other Settings

LED advertising screens are also suitable for offices, buildings, events, clubs, etc.


5. What’s The Function Of An LED Advertising Screen For Outdoors?


Outdoor Digital Advertising LED Screen in Macau 1
Outdoor Digital Advertising LED Screen In Macau
  • Product propaganda and attracting customers
  • Storefront decoration and improving enterprise-grade
  • Popularize knowledge (You can use it to play small information of corporate products and understanding of relevant industries.)
  • Bulletin Board (promotions, job postings)
  • Heighten the atmosphere. You can play the welcome speech from the superior leaders and various guests’ celebration speeches for significant festivals on the LED display.
  • It is a warning screen for road traffic, navigation, and instructions.

Undeniably, the ultimate goal of establishing outdoor advertising LED display is to promote product information, attract target customers, and maximize your profits. The outdoor advertising LED display became the first choice for corporate promotion precisely for this purpose.


6. What Are The Advantages Of An Outdoor Advertising LED Screen?


These are some of the cited advantages of using an LED screen for outdoor advertising:

  •   They make your advertisement more attention-grabbing.

One of the most appealing aspects of advertising LED screens is to make ad content more eye-catching. Creating interesting ad content is one thing, but flashing it on a bright, vivid LED screen is another. You will notice that viewers are likelier to stop and pay attention to your advertisement or message.

Commercial Display
Commercial Display
  •  They are weather-resistant.

LED advertising screens are built to last. They have high resistance to damage. Also, they have protection factors that allow you to display your ad content regardless of the weather condition.

Advertising Display
Advertising Display
  • They are easy to manage and operate.

LED screens are ideal for busy business owners like you. And even if you don’t have a computer system in the location, you can still keep your advertising screen operational. Using a plug-and-play external media player, you can manage and control your digital advertising screen. All you need to do is plug in your storage device to broadcast your ad content.

  •   They support a variety of media content.

As an advertiser, you want minimal or zero limitations on what you can show in your advertisement. LED screens allow you to choose from all media content for your digital displays. You may opt for dynamic media for better audience engagement and viewing experience.

7. What Is The Production Process Of LED Screens For Advertising Outdoor?


There are many kinds of LED displays, and all need product approval according to the different work environments, display content, and unique customer requirements. Also, to determine the product’s indicators to meet customers’ needs.

A. Identifying The Bill Of Materials

After the product approval design, there is a need to make a detailed bill of material and BOM list. Meanwhile, the plan needs to include all materials of the whole project, as follows:

  • First, module bill of materials;
  • Second, cabinet bill of materials;
  • Third, structure bill of materials;
  • Lastly, a list of ancillary equipment.
B. Production Process Of Module
  • Patch – It needs to use solder paste, printing machine, placement machine, reflow;
  • Plug-in –  The process of plugging the LED lamp into the PCB board according to the PCB package’s polarity becomes a plug-in. During the plug-in process, attention must be given to the anti-static and LED polarity;
  • Wave Soldering Equipment needed product fixtures, Wave Solders;
  • Post-welding –  Some significant components, such as the power outlet, input, output interface pin, and point solution capacitor, cannot have wave solderings. Also, they all require manual welding, and we call the process post-welding;
  • Test and module assembly – Mainly detects broken deadlights, dark lights, and electronic components. The signal timing is correct whether the part has an imaginary or false weld. As a result, you can assemble the tested mold into the bottom case and mask.
  • Semi-finished products aging – Light up the tested product and judge the quality of the entire screen;
  • Plotting glue – Outdoor products must plan a bond after installing the module’s bottom shell. Then turn into the plotting glue department and wear the mask when the glue is dry. It is necessary to pay attention when plotting glue. So, the amount of glue should be moderate, or else it will affect the firing angle of the lamp and the assembly of the mask;
  • Module aging test – First, light up all modules and assembly kits to test. And then assess lamp life and attenuation, LED screen color difference, white balance effects, realistic angles, quality of playback graphics, etc.
C. Cabinet Aging Test
LED Display Aging Test
  1. Connect the cabinet
  2. Connecting the power cable
  3. Connect the signal cable between the cabinets
  4. Connect the system cable
  5. Check before turning on the power (whether there is a short circuit between the power supply and the module)
  6. Power on
  7. The commissioning system and;
  8. Handling problems
D. Production Materials
LED Control Card

Materials include:

  • The LED chip or LED lamp
  • Package module
  • Circuit board
  • Sealant
  • Kit
  • Driver IC
  • Control board
  • LED control card
  • Power supply, etc. ;

Besides, the entire LED screen also includes exterior materials such as cabinets, steel structures, brackets, fasteners, various connecting wires, etc.

Also, it needs a piece of equipment, mainly a computer and some playback device.


8. How To Install An Outdoor Advertising LED Display?


Outdoor LED Advertising Screen Installation method YUCHIP
Outdoor LED Advertising Screen Installation Methods
  • Follow works needed to be finished before installing the LED display:
  • Also, confirming the frame structure of the installation place;
  • Then, acquiring details about power distribution systems;
  • And then comprehending the control platform system;
  • Knowing the location of various ancillary facilities;
  • Lastly, people and tools are needed to install the outdoor advertising LED display.


9. What Is The Process Of Outdoor Advertising Installation And Debugging?


  • Install the cabinets into the frame structure
  • Connecting plates should connect cabinets.
  • And then, ensure that the gap between the cabinets is minimal and the surface of the LED screen is level;
  • Lastly, check the power cable and signal cable;
YUCHIP Outdoor LED Advertising Screen Install
YUCHIP Outdoor LED Advertising Screen Installation

The signal cable includes cable connection between cabinets (sealed cabinets are aviation connectors) and the network connection between systems;

  • We install ancillary facilities, such as air conditioners, exhaust fans, audio equipment, etc.
  • Also, whether the power cable connects to the wrong or short circuit, the system signal is in the same direction, or there is an external metal object;
  • Power on commissioning – The system is set to check the connection between cabinets, module display, signal transfer, graphic transfer, display, etc.
  • Frame edging;
  • Customer training – Such as control software use, kinds of files and graphics playing, and solutions for LED screen common problems;
  • Finally, project acceptance.

Generally, a commercial LED advertising screen is a fixed installation. In addition, the IF and OF series of YUCHIP have been in among 100 countries.

10. LED Screen For Outdoor Advertising Representative Cases


Now, please allow us to introduce two representative cases to you about the YUCHIP Outdoor LED display:

First, the largest outdoor LED display in Latin America is one of the most significant projects of YUCHIP.

The Biggest Oudoor Advertising LED Screen In south America
The Biggest Outdoor Advertising LED Screen In South America

Features are as follows:

  • Size: 402sqm
  • Brightness up to 8000cd
  • Colorful and stable quality.

Second, a stadium project in India, about 184.1 sqm, is India’s most extensive stadium LED display. Thus, it has broadcast many major sporting events, and it’s operating stably.

Above all, customers must consider many factors when purchasing an LED display: brightness, warranty policies, and maintenance methods.

Also, if you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us at;

Besides, YUCHIP has more than 14 years of history in LED display manufacturing. So, we want to share the experience with you and support you in your purchase. Besides, we are happy to provide you with a suitable solution and get the most professional service and support. By the way, if you want to know about the latest 3D billboards, like How Times Square’s 3D LED Billboards Are Changing The Ad Game? Contact us today!

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