Dual Maintenance LED Screen In Finland

Do you know dual maintenance LED screens are also for outdoor use?

The availability of both sides, front, and rear, make dual maintenance even more convenient for many.

  • Type: Dual Maintenance LED Display
  • Location: Finland

We installed a dual maintenance LED screen in Finland, a country in Northern Europe.

If you’re not yet familiar, dual maintenance features two-way maintenance methods; front and rear sides.

Either way, it is very convenient that you can use it for both indoor and outdoor installation.

What do dual maintenance features benefit you?

  • Dual maintenance gives you convenient care since both are feasible in a LED display. Either way, both are easy, and you can do it with very little to no assistance.
  • Front maintenance uses a magnet to detach the module from the cabinet, while rear maintenance includes screws to check the LED display from the backside.
  • You don’t have to worry about installation because whatever method you’ll use, maintenance comes in handy.

(Dual Maintenance LED Display)

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