Rental Perimeter LED Display

Rental perimeter LED Display Screen is a type of LED Display designed for sporting events, live broadcasting, and commercial advertising.

It is best with sporting events that are done seasonally, annually, or perenially. It has easy-transporting features that allow owners and leaders to move them from one place to another easily.


  • Sports Perimeter – YUCHIP rental perimeter led display can be applied to sports Stadiums such as the basketball hall, football pitch perimeter LED screen, install fast 10 seconds to complete the installation.
  • Indoor Cast Aluminium, Quick Assemble – Extrusion Aluminium cabinet 1024mmx768mm. 0.1mm gap line between 2 cabinets High technology design high flatness.
  • Connection – Cabinet between signal and power lines connecting using connector socket to have a quick and safe connection.
  • IP65 for outdoor use – Particularly for outdoor high resolution, the protection rate is IP65.
  • Smooth display image – Smooth display image is realized shooting with 2000HZ refresh rate even under 1/2000 shutter professional camera shooting, fully meeting the demand of live feed switching.
  • Rental Features – Rental perimeter LED display comes with an anti-skid handle to ensure the LED will not be damaged during transportation and shipment. The LED display is equipped with easy installation and dismantling features, so it will not require much workforce during assemble.

Pixel Pitch (mm)




Pixel Configuration



Panel Resolution

96 x 72

86 x 6064 x 4848 x 36

40 x 30

Panel Dimension

400 x 300mm

Pixel Density




Panel Weight




Chromaticity Uniformity


Cabinet Flatness








Display Work Method




Grey Scale


Refresh Rate


IP Rating


Operating Temp./Humidity Range (℃/RH)

-20~60℃ / 10%~85%

Storage Temp./ Humidity Range (℃/RH)

-20~60℃ / 10%~85%


160°/ 160°

Color Temperature (K)



(P8 SMD3535 Outdoor Sports Stadium LED Display)

Rental Perimeter LED Display

Sports events do not take place on a daily basis, they occur seasonally; once, twice, or the most frequent, three times in a year.

So, sports analysts and organizers can not purchase perimeters right away which are only for seasonal events. That’s where the rental perimeter comes in.

Sports Stadium LED Display In Hungary For Football Stadium
Sports Stadium LED Display

As you might be familiar a perimeter LED Display is used for displaying various information in a game such as game mechanics, participants’ names, announcements, advertisements, scoreboards, and a time clock.

And a rental perimeter is basically a perimeter LED Display that you can lease whenever you’ll need them. For events such as Olympics that occur annually, the rental perimeter fits well.

Why choose a Rental Perimeter LED Display?

  • Movable

Unlike fixed, you can transport rental LEDs from one corner or from one location to another. Its transportability design allows it to be moved without damaging the whole system.

P8.0 Rental and Perimeter LED Display 1

It also has a handle and wheels, making it easier and feasible for a small workforce to bring and set them by themselves.

  • Ultra Lightweight

Its ultra-lightweight feature makes it possible for easier moving.

The cabinet weighs 26 kg, thus, you can easily transport them from time to time.

  • Raw Material

It utilizes an extrusion aluminum material so no need to worry about dust, corrosion, and moisture.

  • Long Life Span
LED Perimeter Boards4
Perimeter Board

Rental Perimeter is a great investment and so for business individuals, it is vital that it has to last long. And yes, it is.

Not only it’ll extend your income in leasing, but it will also give you a return on investment even twice or thrice.

  • Safe Connection

It uses a Neutrik power and signals so, the power connector explicitly gives you a reliable locking system for a safe power connection.

The safer connection, the better.

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