Irregular LED Display

LED display market is undergoing significant changes, from fixed image display to mobile display, then the current irregular shape display and someone with special requirements.

Except for the traditional function of showing information, irregular LED displays also updated outside-looking requirements, making it more suitable for the whole structure.


Irregular LED Display the new product promoted by Leden’s R&D team members; it breaks the common special-shaped LED screen category and gained customer and professional admissions.

The product adopts multi-levels of protection cover, uses un-shaped steel glass. It can display words, animation, and video documents, and so on.

  • Low power consumption saves resources, longevity, and no need for maintenance.
  • It beyond abnormity and flexible in structure.
  • Simple installation and assembly expediency maintenance.
  • New structure and unconventional.

As a matured developed irregular LED Display manufacturer, YUCHIP has advanced equipment and machines. Many irregulars LED Display items aim to provide a suitable product to all of our customers.

(YUCHIP Creative LED Display)

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