P20 Video LED Display In Germany

LED display can show various content and can work 24/7 especially outdoor displays.

In many ways, video LED display helps people to get themselves while hustling and rushing in their everyday lives.

  • Type: Video LED Display
  • Pixel Pitch: P20
  • Pixel Configuration: 1R1G1B
  • Location: Germany

Outdoor LED display has wide applications. Many people install them on traffic roads to lessen pressure and entertain people with various content. With our everyday hustle, it is necessary to relax, have some ample time for ourselves while traveling, crossing streets, walking on a busy road, and so on.

Video LED walls are an essential source of digital visuals. It can help us learn things we are not familiar with, give us information about something up to date and help us be aware of various competitive brands and products. They’re not for advertising alone, but also for learning continuously.

YUCHIP can also customize your video LED display, or you can choose from our outdoor, advertising, commercial, and billboard series. Pixel pitches range from P8 to P56.

Suppose you’re thinking about the installation and maintenance. In that case, we will help you and guide you with the process and rest assured our LED displays undergo series of aging tests to ensure stability and outstanding quality.

P20 Full Color Outdoor Advertising LED Billboard)

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