P10 LED Screen Outdoor Saudi Arabia

YUCHIP is a China-based LED display products and solution manufacturer with a 17-year of experience in the industry. Our products and services have reached 105 countries on various continents, including Saudi Arabia—the largest country in the Middle East.

In this project, we utilized a P10 Outdoor LED screen for a vast petrol company in the said country. Saudi Arabia is known for oil businesses and firms which expand to various countries in the world.

This project aims to leverage the petrol business and create an engaging and road-friendly LED screen from which the company and customers will benefit.

The use of the LED screen, such as the P10 outdoor screen, is vast and widespread in different firms today. Because of its benefits and advantages, many business individuals and owners invest in this enormous influence of technology. 

One of our projects is an LED Outdoor in Saudi Arabia. 

The country is known for its abundant oil supply and is a rich Arab country. Saudi Arabia is the largest country in the Middle East and is the second-largest in the Arab world. The kingdom is also known for spectacular and extraordinary infrastructures that are eye-catching. 

Here are the project details:

  • Type: Outdoor LED Screen
  • Pixel Pitch: 10
  • Purpose: For a Petrol Company/Advertising
  • Installation: Single Column/ Fixed Installation
  • Location: Saudi Arabia

A عرض الصمام or LED display is an effective instrument for leveraging the digital presence of a company. In this case, a petrol company invested in an LED display to help them achieve advertising goals. However, an LED display for petrol business, such as a P10 outdoor screen, has various uses such as the following:

  • Road Signage

Professional drivers, being able to drive for miles, somehow still forget some road reminders that are essential for safe driving.

Road signage that displays reminders, warnings, and information can help both drivers and passengers achieve a smooth and safe trip on the road.

Along with the information a P10 outdoor screen can play, it can also show entertaining videos to help stranded passengers caught in a traffic jam. 

Note that a driver and passenger-friendly petrol company is essential, therefore, makes a good status and patronized by many people. 

  • Price Display Screen

You may use a P10 Outdoor screen as signage for displaying the price of various petrol products you have. By exposing the multiple costs, petrol users can easily see and compare the differences of one product to another. 

  • Playing Ads/Commercials

Ads or advertisements are powerful ways that are effective for engaging your customers to buy your product. You can show them how your product is different and how effective it is for consumers through an ad.

In the case of the petrol business, you can show through ads and advertising screens how safe your petrol products are for vehicles and how effective they are in vehicle maintenance, and a lot more. 

(P10 Outdoor LED Display In Egypt)

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