Mobile Truck LED Panel In America

Mobile Truck enables more and more people to see advertising or other related content.

It creates a wider and higher possibility that the product you’re advertising might go on the peak.

  • Type: Mobile Truck LED Screen
  • Area: 29㎡
  • Pixel Pitch: 16
  • Pixel Configuration: 1R1G1B
  • Location: USA

Why do many people choose a mobile truck LED screen for their advertising goals?

  • Movability

Mobile advertising such as truck LED screens has movability features. Since it can travel from one place to another, it has the ability to reach a large audience in a day or in few hours of rooming around the areas.

  • Various Engaging Content

The mobile truck LED screen can play various eye-catching content simultaneously. It can play videos, animations, display images, texts, and other related content.

(Truck LED Display For Advertising)

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