Outdoor Advertising Germany

Outdoor advertising has a promising benefit for advertising media providers, business owners, and individuals. Since it set foot in the LED industry, it has ascended both local businesses and international firms.

Advertising is believed to have earned high regard in prioritizing sales and profit of many trading, industries, careers, merchandising, marketing, and lines of commerce. The bottom line comes because it enables people to remember your brand and product more precisely, unlike previous conventional advertising.

Outdoor advertising in Germany, likewise, has a magnificent build-up and a charismatic approach. YUCHIP is present to instill a different choice for your outdoor advertising needs.

YUCHIP is a China-based LED Display manufacturer that has hundreds of projects around the world. Among our projects are in Europe, and one is in Germany. The project details are as follows.

  • Type: Outdoor Commercial Advertising Screen
  • Location: Germany
  • Installation: Building-mounted
  • Purpose: Commercial Advertising

Why Do Many Industries Choose A Commercial Advertising Screen?

  • Outdoor commercial advertising screen is your best partner in giving people knowledge about your brand. Alongside its size and clarity of display, it quickly catches the human eye and entertains people simultaneously.
  • It can automatically adjust screen brightness with a sensor card according to the changing light between day and night. So it can save energy reduce your operating costs considerably and prolong the lifespan of the LED display.
  • Commercial advertising screens have a high refresh rate and high gray grade making the picture vivid, which meets the high visual quality of commercial usage.
  • With a multi-functional card, it can turn on and off the screen by software timing or manually at any time.
  • The customization comes in handy; you can play or change content simultaneously using a computer or tablet.

LED Bildschirm | LED Videowand

The LED screen industry is curving upward in the seventh-largest country in Europe- Germany. YUCHIP, as its LED manufacturing partner, hopes for more projects to continuously affirm how LED displays can help numerous businesses and commerce in the country.

YUCHIP products and services continue to grow and develop with a flaming identity, manifested in its growing business partners, distributors, projects for firms, merchandising, marketing, and other business lines.

The latter and outgrowing individuals, stalls, and local community events will continue to undertake steady progress and growth.

The LED Bildschirm/ LED Screen and LED Videowand/ LED Video Wall benefits your business a lot. An LED screen video wall can leverage your business identity and brand apprehension from advertising, decoration, and information sharing.

(The Biggest Outdoor Commercial Advertising LED Display In South America)

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