Outdoor Advertising Macau

LED Digital Screen Advertising In Macau gives you knowledge and information about various products and services in just a glance.

Along with that, you’ll get to watch trivia that’ll give you learning as well.

  • Type: LED Digital Screen Advertising
  • Pixel Configuration: 1R1G1B
  • Location: Macau


  • Macau is one of the most visited places by many tourists across the globe. The place offers a wide choice of vacation and relaxation options.

Why choose an LED Digital Screen Advertising?

  • LED Digital Screen Advertising is designed for advertising purposes. It has high brightness and enough to make the content visible under direct sunlight.
  • Since it is for advertising, it has multiple input signals such as USB, WiFi, cords or wires, etc. Digital advertising, in particular, has easier input because you can control it using a computer or tablet.
  • You can customize the content with outdoor advertising whether you want images, videos, animations, etc.

(YUCHIP Four-sided LED Display)

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