Outdoor Rental F Series

This outdoor rental F series suits not only as a video wall display for concerts, events, and other outdoor occasions, it also fits as a rental floor screen.

It has a nice bearing capacity to engage with your events without worrying about damaging the LED Display.


  • Ultra HD Display Excellent Visual Effects

-Ultra-high dynamic contrast and high-quality display, ultra-high-definition perfect picture quality, bring you unprecedented visual enjoyment.

-Easily attract attention, greatly enhance the value of advertising.

  • Compact Structure, Single Operation

-The lightweight design of the box is lighter, thinner, and more beautiful.

-Single box weight is 12.5kg;

-New die-cast aluminum frame design, fanless design,

-No noise, low power consumption, good heat dissipation.

  • Can Be Used as Stage Floor LED Display

YUCHIP Outdoor Rental LED Display F series can apply to the outdoor rental and can be used directly for the stage floor. The unique cabinet design only needs to cover the transparent PVC. It can withstand 2 tons of weight.


Pixel Pitch




Pixel Configuration



Panel Resolution

128 x 256

104 x 20884 x 16880 x 16056 x 112

48 x 96

Panel Dimension

500 x 1000mm

Panel Area

0.5 ㎡

Panel Weight


Led Quantity/Panel





5000 nits(adjustable)

Brightness Adjustment

256 level

Viewing Angle

Horizontal 140, Vertical 140

Shortest Viewing Distance




Display Work Method




Drive Mode

Constant Current




16 bit

Refresh Rate

≥2400 Hz

Ip Rating


Tenure Life Of Lamp (50% Brightness)

10 years

Operating Temperature

-20℃ ~ +70℃

Operating Humidity

0 ~ 95%

Input Power

AC110-240V 47/63Hz


(Outdoor Rental Q Series)

Developing Direction of

Outdoor Rental LED Display

The LED industry has had promising development in the past years and continues to flourish as the days pass. The spreading news and needs make the LED industry proceed rapidly.

Across the countries, the need for an LED Display keeps expanding and increasing because it captivates people generously and gives way to businesses to establish a refined identity.

Outdoor LED Display Rental F Series
Outdoor Rental F Series

Among YUCHIP’s LED categories, outdoor rental makes a significant growth. The rocket increase in sales means a great understanding and appreciation of our efforts. Where does it might lead us?

Outdoor Rental F Series

Since the outdoor rental category makes upsurge development, YUCHIP has come up with new product improvement, and we must say a new outdoor rental series.

Outdoor LED Display Rental F Series

Below are essential features you should check out.

  • Excellent Visual Effects

It has ultra-high contrast, which makes good resolution; high refresh rate that gives vivid picture quality, no flicker, no lapses, and no delay.

  • Compact Structure

A single cabinet weighs around 12.5 kg; lightweight, easy to carry, move, or transport.

It also utilizes die-casting aluminum as its raw material and comes fanless, so it has no noise, less power consumption, and better heat dissipation.

Outdoor LED Display Rental F Series

  • Stage Floor

The outdoor rental B series is also designed for the stage floor. It has a high weight capacity of up to 2000 kg/sqm.

Multifunctional; you can use it as an outdoor display for events, either as a stage floor or a standing show. Quite impressive, right?

  • Wide Applications

For outdoor use, it has a broad application scope. You can use it as event displays, stage floor, an advertising medium, or for quick information sharing, etc.

YUCHIP’s outdoor rental will continue to emerge, and your support is vital for us to push through.

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