LED P10 Outdoor has a high resolution of 10000 pixels per square meter.  The LED P10 Panel size is 320x160mm, with a resolution of 32 x 16 pixels.

Due to LED P10 outdoor great advantages of IP65 waterproof, high brightness, and cost-effective, LED P10 is widespread globally. It’s a popular choice to build your large LED screen.

You can install LED P10 on a steel pole, wall-mounted, on a building roof,  or in other areas that need dynamic LED P10 outdoor.  We will provide you with a detailed structure drawing, installation guide, and user manual.


  • Wide Viewing Angle. YuChip LED P10 uses an SMD3535 high-quality LED lamp with a large viewing angle at 140 degrees vertically and horizontally.
  • IP65 Waterproof and Dustproof. Our LED P10 panels front sides will inject high-quality silicon, and backside PCB goes through the conformal coating. Our receiving card inside the P10 outdoor cabinet must pass the conformal coating.
  • High Brightness. YuChip LED P10 PCB adopts top quality 1.6mm thickness, and the circuit layout uses a 1/2 scan design. It ensures you a high brightness and highly stable quality P10 outdoor.
  • Longer Life Span.  All our P10 outdoors adopt Meanwell power supply, the electro-optic conversion ratio of up to 82%, and fast heat dissipation. With Nationstar‘s top-quality LED, we guarantee you a 100,000 hours long life span outdoor LED screen.
  • Unique guide rain trough design, practical and reliable – P10 Outdoor LED Display with unique guide rain trough design, improving cabinet strength, prevents cabinet damage during transportation.

P10 LED Module Specification

Pixel Pitch (mm)


Pixel Configuration




Colors Matches


Module Resolution (Pixels)

32 x 32

Module Pixel


Module Size (mm)

320 x 320

P10 LED Cabinet Specification

Cabinet Size (mm)

960 x 960 x 150 and customized

Cabinet Resolution (pixels)

96 x 96

Cabinet Pixels (pixels)


Cabinet Material

Steel/Die-casting Aluminum/Aluminum

Cabinet Weight (kg)


P10 LED Display Specification

Pixel Density (pixel/㎡)


Brightness (cd/㎡)

≥8000 (adjustable)

Brightness Adjusted

100 grade by software or by Auto-optic induced

View Angle

Horizontal 110°; Vertical 70°

Best Viewing Distance (M)


Communication Distance (M)

<100meter by Internet Cable without Relay; Multimode fiber cable < 500m; Single-mode fiber cable < 20km

Display Work Method

1/4 Scan

Led Driving Method

Constant driving current

Color Contrast Ratio


Gray Grade


Display Color

439, 804, 651, 110

Refresh Frequency (Hz)


Picture Display Method

Intellective control technology, test-itself technology, correct technology, Synchronization Control

Input Signal

DVI (S-VIDEO, CVBS, DP, HDMI, VGA, PAL/NTSC, etc. through Video processor converting)

System Operating


Front/Rear IP Level


Control System

Novastar, Linsn, LEDvision, LEDset

Working Temperature (ºC)


Stored Temperature (ºC)


Operation Humidity (RH)


Display Lifetime (hours)

Ten years or more (natural environment) 

100000 hours (ideal environment)


Rear side

Working Voltage

AC110 / AC220V±10% 47~63HZ

Power Consumption

Max: 940W/㎡ ; Ave:400W/㎡

Out Of Controlled Dot

≤3/10,000 (Out of controlled dots means the pixels of which the brightness and the wavelength are both >10% depart from the normal one)


(P10 SMD3535 Outdoor LED Display)

P10 SMD LED Screen: Ultimate FAQ Guide


1. What Is P10 SMD LED Screen?


(P10 Outdoor LED Screen Aging Test in Workshop)

P10 SMD LED screen, sometimes referred to as LED P10 panel, is an  LED digital sign with a dot pitch of 10mm. There is a 10mm distance between each LED pixel used in the LED module. There are around 10,000 dots per square meter LED module panel. The P10 digital display is trendy and widely used for outdoor events and venues- though some also use it in significant indoor places like stadiums and arenas.

Just like an outdoor LED screen, the P10 LED screen can also display highly animated text, images, and video content to serve you with every LED display need. It has adopted the SMD LED module technology and dynamic scanning technology to picture quality and stability better. This LED screen can deliver high brightness that can reach up to 7500 nits.

P10 SMD LED screen display is cheaper than the DIP LED screen, yet it offers better display effects. For that very reason, there is greater demand for P10 SMD displays today in the market. The P10 LED Screen is ideal for HD outdoor advertising and an LED background video wall for significant significance.


2. What Are The Key Features Of The P10 Outdoor LED Panel?


Wide Viewing Angle. The P10 SMD LED screen display can offer you and your ace a wide viewing angle. This sought-after LED screen delivers excellent visual performance within the angular range of 140 degrees in horizontal and vertical viewing directions.

Light and Slim Panel Design. P10 LED screen is a sleek-looking LED screen that is lighter and slimmer than traditional LED panels. This feature makes your LED screen display easier to transport, lift, and install.

LED P10 Panel
LED P10 Panel

High Color Uniformity. The adopted SMD LED technology gives your P10 LED screen a full-color outdoor display with the highest color uniformity. Each LED pixel contains RGB colors for a better color tone and mixture.

Weatherproof. P10 SMD LED screen is resistant to many weather conditions, especially from rain and moisture. It has a protection level of IP65, which is the recommended protection for outdoor digital displays.

High Refresh Rate.  With a P10 LED screen, you can expect a smooth image display with a high refresh rate of ≥480 Hz.

High Reliability and Wide Application. A P10 LED screen has a lifetime of 80,000 to 100,000 hours, depending on how you maintain it and its working conditions. The P10 display is a flexible and versatile technology. You can use it almost anywhere outdoors at any event.


3. What Is The P10 SMD LED Screen Specification?


Here is a sample specification of a P10 SMD LED outdoor. Please note that these values are based on a single product. Some P10 LED screens sometimes utilize different LED technology and materials, resulting in slight specifications.

P10 SMD Outdoor LED Screen Specification
Pixel PitchmmP10
Pixel Densitydot/sqm10,000
Pixel ConfigurationRGB SMD
Brightness / Luminous Intensitynits≥ 6500 -7500
Brightness Uniformity%≥ 97 %
Brightness Adjustment256 grades
Refresh RateHz1920 / 3840
Frame RateHz50 / 60
LED Cabinet (size)mm960 x 960, and customized
Viewing Angle°≥ 140 (Horizontal and Vertical)
Viewing Distancem (meters)10 – 100
Contrast Ratio5000: 1
Operating TemperatureCelsius degree-20 ~ +60
Operating Humidity%10 % – 95 %
Main MaterialsGlass Fiber, Aluminum, Carbon-based sed plastic
Supported InputVGA, DVI, HDMI, S-video, SDI, etc.
Protection RateIPIP65
Operating LifetimeHours100 000
MTBFHours6 000


Please leave us a message on our website for further inquiries about our P10 SMD outdoor LED screen products.

4. What Does SMD Mean In P10 SMD LED Display?


SMD in P10 SMD LED screens refers to the LED technology utilized in creating the LED panel. It stands for Surface Mounted Diode.


SMD LED tells us about the pixel configuration or LED arrangement of LEDs used in the LED module -mounted onto the P10 LED module.

The light-emitting diodes are precisely soldered onto the LED substrate. After that, our engineers will cover it with an epoxy casing/resin.

The SMD LED technology is better than the first-generation LED technology, DIP (Direct In-Line Package) LED.

The DIP LED has a single LED encapsulation. In contrast, SMD technology has adopted a three-in-one RGB color integrated into a one-pixel unit for a better full-color LED image display.

SMD technology makes it possible to have a better-looking digital display without paying more money because an SMD LED is cheaper than the previous LED technology.

With SMD LED technology, you can have a digital visual display that is more natural-looking and less pixelated.

SMD LED also makes LEDs smaller, and suitable for smaller electronic devices. That is another reason SMD technology has become famous in the LED industry. SMD LEDs have a flat design that gives the LED screen a cleaner and more elegant look.


5. What Is The Difference Between P5 And P10 LED Screens?


When choosing an LED screen for commercial or non-commercial use, you have to require yourself to give attention to your LED display’s screen pixel pitch.

LED P5 vs P10
LED P5 vs. P10

The pixel pitch value is essentially the display resolution of the LED screens. The digit shown in the LED label (i.e., P10 and P5) is the breadth between the LED cluster (RGG SMD). Those spaces are the major game-changer in LED resolutions of LED signs.

P10 and P5 LED screens can have equal dimensions. Still, their pixel density and resolution will be a different 37 x 13 LED sign with a pixel pitch of 10mm; its screen resolution is around 96 x 32. The P5 LED screen’s solution with the same dimension will be 192 x 64.

However, it does not mean you will need to choose LED screens with low-pixel pitch. The resolution relies on the distance of the end-users to the screen. LED screens with low pixel pitch like P5 are more suitable for closer viewing distances. And those with a higher P-value are ideal for far viewing distances.

If you fail to consider this thing as you purchase your LED screen, this might affect your LED display’s performance. It may cause obscurity or discomfort to your audience.


6. What Are The Standard Sizes For P10 LED Displays?


The LED modules of the P10 screen display come in different sizes. There are 320 mm x 160 mm, 320 mm x 320 mm, and 160mm x 160 mm measurements. Based on the LED P10 panel size, its cabinet size can be 960x960mm, and others customized.

The good thing about the P10 outdoor LED display is that it is modular. It used several modules (LED P10) in manufacturing one outdoor LED display.

P10 Outdoor LED Panel
P10 Outdoor LED Panel

The P10 outdoor panel modules are linked together to achieve a large-scale P10 outdoor advertising screen/sign. Each P10 outdoor LED panel gap is so small that the LED display (P10) is outdoor. The spaces between the LED panels are almost not visible once mounted on the wall. These LED panels are configured to function together as one. Hence, a one-unit large LED screen is made possible.

If you think that the sizes of the P10 full-color advertising digital signs you can see in your cities are customizable, you are right.

Whatever outdoor LED display requirement you may have, you can achieve it by connecting multiple P10 outdoor LED panels. More giant screens require more LEP (P10) meetings and vice versa.

Talk to us about the LED display size you prefer, and we will make sure that you will have it.


7. What Is P10 SMD LED Display Control System?


Like the other outdoor LED displays, two control systems are suitable for P10 outdoor LED displays.  These are synchronous control systems and asynchronous control systems.

P10 LED Display
P10 LED Display

The synchronous control system allows you to display text, images, and video content directly to your LED screens from input sources such as digital cameras, DVDs, laptops, or computers.

Using the synchronous p10 led display control card, you will need your input source connected to your digital display. Synchronous control is a real-time system that allows you to display your visual content straight away.

Another type of control system is asynchronous. An asynchronous control system means you do not always need your laptop or computer connected to your LED display. It means that your screen display and input source could work remotely or separately.

The content will be created and edited on a separate computer. A control card will receive the file in your LED display via Wi-Fi, USB connection, or 4G connection. Once received, the file will save on your device memory, which you can play anytime.

The asynchronous control system is your preferred P10 LED display controller if there is a great distance between you and your digital display or the wiring connection is not convenient.


8. What Are The Top Benefits And Advantages Of Using A P10 SMD LED Screen?


We present to you the top advantages of P10 screen displays. We put in writing the reasons why it is rewarding to invest in P10 outdoor LED panels:

Better Picture Quality. The P10 SMD LED screen offers a better display quality overall. Compared with previous digital displays, you can now display pictures and videos with better color quality, better resolution, sharper and more vivid content, and brighter images. P10 LED screen gives justice to your creative multimedia content to let you effectively communicate or deliver your message and intentions.

P10 LED Display Cabinet
P10 LED Display Cabinet

Easy Configuration and Programming. The LED screens, in general, are easy to configure and program. It supports almost all types of connection and input options. The LED screen displays are considered a ‘plug-and-play device that allows you to display your content with so much ease. There are also various ways to make the P10 led display work. You can control it remotely or use the very electronic devices you already have.

Slim and Lightweight Design. The SMD technology utilized in the newest P10 LED displays makes it possible to make your digital display even thinner and lighter. As you may agree, a slimmer screen makes a monitor and digital display more appealing and modern-looking. And since it is lighter, it is much more convenient to transport and install.

Low Power Consumption and Low Environment Impact. The P10 LED displays consume less power than the older versions of digital collections. LEDs are more “green” than any other bulb or light source available in the market right now.


9. How To Get The Most Out Of  Your P10 LED Display?


Let us face it. Having an outdoor LED display is not a cheap investment. So be smart, not just in choosing the perfect LED display for you but also in keeping it in good condition after buying it.


So, either you are contemplating having LED displays for your upcoming events, or you just recently purchased or rented one, read these tips so you can fully utilize your LED display investment.

  1. Ensure you get an LED display with pixel pitch and size suitable for your audience’s needs. Are the pixel and screen size of your P10 LED screen match your audience’s viewing distance and location? Choosing the suitable pixel and size will ensure that you and your target audience have a good viewing experience.
  2. To ensure that your LED display will be in good physical and operating condition for a long time, have a regular maintenance schedule. Do not repair it without guidance or help from LED screen experts. Dust it regularly and only clean it using the recommended cleaning liquids.
  3.  Make sure to create dynamic and creative multimedia content. LED displays are supportive of complex and high graphic effects. Make sure to turn that feature to your advantage to capture your audience’s attention and interest.
  4. Transact with a reliable LED screen supplier. A cheap price tag does not always equate to practicality. Look for a reputable LED provider that offers high-quality P10 LED products for a fair price.


10. How To Program A P10 LED Module Using An Arduino?

The LED P10 screen display is an ideal option for outdoor advertising solutions. The P10 LED panel has LEDs mounted on the plastic board’s surface for better visual display results.

P10 Outdoor LED Display Panel Module
P10 Outdoor LED Display Panel Module


If you give necessary information on connecting a p10 led module to an Arduino Uno to have a running text display, follow the simple steps below.

First, prepare the P10 LED display module, the Arduino, and a connector.

Second, connect the P10 outdoor LED module and Arduino Uno. Follow the pin configuration that you can find below.

Third, connect the P10 LED module to a 5 (volts) power supply.

Fourth, install and complete the code for your P10 LED display. You will need to have supporting libraries that need to be installed.

Lastly, once the upload and installation process is successful, your text display will appear on your LED module.

If you want a tutorial on how you could test your P10 LED module, you may watch this video.


11. What Are Helpful Tips In Purchasing A P10 LED Screen Display?


Listed below are some of the tips before purchasing your P10 LED screens.

  1. Determine the size of your P10 LED display. For outdoor advertising displays, the bigger, the better.
  2. Decide where you will install your LED display and what installation method you will use. Strategize in what place or position would your LED display draw more attention.
  3. If you put your LED display in an outdoor open area or a harsh environment, buy an LED screen panel with a higher protection rate.
  4. Look for a rental P10 LED display if you only use it for a limited amount of time, otherwise, invest in a high-quality P10 LED display.
  5. Purchase your P10 LED screens from a trusted supplier. Read reviews and ask around to know if you are dealing with a supplier with a good reputation.


12. What Company Is A Reliable Supplier Of High-quality P10 LED Displays?


P10 Outdoor LED Display
P10 Outdoor LED Display

We are a leading and trusted P10 LED solutions provider in China. We offer first-rate LED display products made from excellent quality materials. We provide customized LED display products and services to our beloved clients here in China and abroad.

We have a highly efficient staff and experts in the field who will assist you with every P10 outdoor or indoor LED display needs you have. We are committed to providing you with a first-class LED product and services to realize your wanted LED screen project.

Do not hesitate to reach out to us and talk to us by any means, so we can start working on your project today.



YUCHIP’s P10 SMD LED Display In Zambia


1. Introduction


P10 SMD LED Display
P10 SMD LED Display

Today, LED screens are of widespread use for advertising. These large commercial displays ease in bringing brand sensitivity feasible to the public. 

These large LED screens are considered the most effective advertising medium today as they have wide screens that can play different content such as images, videos, and texts. 

Also, because the P10 SMD LED Display has the most conventional pixel pitch, it is one of today’s most prevalent LED screen types.

Furthermore, as it becomes even more widespread, YUCHIP recently concluded a project in Zambia utilizing a P10 SMD LED display. 


2. P10 SMD LED Display Project Details


P10 SMD Screen Display
P10 SMD Screen Display

YUCHIP is a reliable LED screen supplier and provider from China. We have accumulated hundreds of projects across the globe and have provided thousands of LED modules to many countries worldwide. One of our top-rated products is the outdoor LED screen. The series comes in various pixel pitches and can come in multiple sizes, applications, and installation methods.

On the other hand, Zambia is a landlocked country in South Africa. The country’s official language is English and has a total population of 18.38 million as of 2020. The government is also famous for its vast diversity and safari, rich natural resources, and more.

Perhaps one of our most recent outdoor LED screen projects is the P10 SMD LED Display in Zambia. Below are the project details.

  • The project utilized a P10 SMD LED Display.
  • It has a total size of 32 sqm.
  • The P10 SMD LED screen is used as a commercial advertising screen.
  • It utilized a single-column installation method.


3. How Can You Use A P10 SMD LED Display?


P10 LED SMD Screen
P10 LED SMD Screen

P10 SMD LED displays offer you and your audience a full-color, HD visual display with high brightness. It serves many purposes and can use in various ways. The well-known applications of P10 LED screens are as below:

  • Advertising LED Screen

The P10 SMD screen technology is ideal for delivering content or raising brand awareness in outdoor places like busy streets and highways, parks, public markets, open fields, etc. P10 LED screen lets you deliver your content in a very noticeable and stylish way. P10 has a wide viewing angle and can reach up to 100 meters viewing distance so that you can cater to a bigger audience.

  • Scoring LED Board

The P10 digital signs are in demand in sports venues such as arenas and stadiums. Since sporting events draw hundreds and thousands of audiences and spectators, the LED display boards give viewers a better viewing experience of the competition or game. The P10 LED is used for scoring purposes and a live feed camera screen.

  • LED Background Video Wall

P10 LED video walls are beneficial during concerts and other big gatherings like outdoor masses, rallies, festivals, etc. It alleviates all the attendees’ viewing experience by giving the audience a better view and making the surroundings more colorful, alive, and inviting. It successfully makes the audience more engaged and involved.


4. Conclusion


P10 LED Display
P10 LED Display

If you’re looking for the best outdoor advertising screen manufacturer, then you’re precisely on the right page. YUCHIP guarantees you outstanding services, quality products, and comprehensive guides.

We provide nothing but quality screen solutions as we have a professional R&D team and skilled engineers who will be right by your side to address your needs.

Apart from outdoor advertising LED screens, we also have flexible LED screens, outdoor rental LED displays, and more.

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