P16 LED Outdoor Advertising Billboard

P16 LED is IP65 waterproof and dustproof to fit your any environment use. It has both DIP and SMD LED solutions with a module size 256x256mm and 320x320mm. The resolution is 16×16 and 20×20 accordingly.

P16 Outdoor Advertising Billboard is of high resolution 3906 pixels/㎡ for outdoor advertising LED billboard use. It has a high contrast ratio of 4000:1, LED panels display a vibrant and actual color LED display advertising effect.

P16 LED is your ideal LED screen for advertising outdoor if your project requires a far viewing distance.


YUCHIP P16 Outdoor Advertising Billboard

  • P16 Outdoor advertising LED billboard played an essential role in outdoor LED advertising screens for years when developers developed electronic LED signs for their high resolution and cost-effective advantages;
  • Outdoor LED advertising displays panel P16 is utilizing large size LED module 320mm x 320mm, enables a more uniform LED cabinet surface;
  • 1R1G1B  P16 LED video displays outdoor use high brightness Epistar LED chips to reach 8000cd/㎡. The LED video screen displays present a clear and vivid image, even under direct sunshine;
  • P16 full-color advertising LED module is of high resolution 3906 pixels/㎡ for outdoor advertising LED billboard use;
  • Advertising P16 full-color digital LED billboards are of high contrast ratio at 4000:1, thus LED panels are displaying an active and actual color LED display advertising effect;
  • P16 1RGB full color LED walls sign works with control systems like Linsn, Novastar, ZDEC, DBstar, etc. The LED video wall works automatically; power on and power off with time setup.

P16 LED Module Parameter

Pixel Pitch (mm)


Pixel Configuration




Colors Matches


Module Resolution (pixels)

20 x 20

Module Pixel


Module Size (mm)

320 x 320

P16 LED Cabinet Specification

Cabinet Size (mm)

960 x 960 x 150

Cabinet Resolution (pixels)

60 x 60

Cabinet Pixels (pixels)


Cabinet Material


Cabinet Weight (kg)


P16 LED Display Specification

Pixel Density (pixel/m²)


Brightness (cd/m²)

≥8000 (adjustable)

Brightness Adjusted

100 grade by software or by auto-optic induced

View Angle

Horizontal 110°; Vertical 70°

Best Viewing Distance (m)


Communication Distance (m)

<100meter by Internet Cable (without relay; Multimode fiber cable < 500m; Single-mode fiber cable < 20km

Display Work Method


LED Driving Method

Constant driving current

Color Contrast Ratio


Gray Grade


Display Color

439, 804, 651, 110

Refresh Frequency (Hz)


Picture Display Method

Intellective control technology, test-itself technology, correct technology, Synchronization Control

Input Signal

DVI (S-VIDEO, CVBS, DP, HDMI, VGA, PAL/NTSC, etc. through video processor converting)

System Operating


Front/Rear IP Level


Working Temperature (ºC)


Stored Temperature (ºC)


Operation Humidity (RH)


Display Lifetime (hours)

10 years or more (natural environment) 100000 hours (ideal environment)


Rear side

Working Voltage

AC110 / AC220V±10% 47~63HZ

Power Consumption

Max: 850W/㎡ ; Ave:350W/㎡

Out Of Controlled Dot

≤3/10,000 (Out of controlled dots means the pixels of which the brightness and the wavelength are both >10% depart from the normal one)


(P16 Outdoor LED Display)

P16 LED: LED Billboard Ultimate FAQ Guide


1. What Is A P16 LED?


(402sqm P16 LED Screen in Peru)

P16 LED Screen Display is known as an LED display screen for outdoor advertising. It is ideally suited for a fixed LED display installation outdoors.

This LED screen has Light-emitting diodes embedded in PCB boards and LED chips responsible for producing the RGB-colored lights to deliver bright and full-color images and videos.

The P16 LED display’s physical pixel and virtual resolution are designed to display vivid, no blind dots, and flicker-free contents.

This type of LED screen is dustproof and water-resistant to function in rain and shine.

P16 LED screen is manageable, easy sizing and configuration. Its cabinet is also strategically engineered for easy assembling and disassembling.  These are added reasons for a to-go LED screen for business owners, advertisers, and marketing people to execute their ad campaigns.

If you consider putting an outdoor advertising screen display in the future or organizing an outdoor affair or event, the P16 LED display is one of the best options you may consider.

2. What Does “P” In P16 Mean?


The “P” in P16 stands for Pixel Pitch. The numerical value after the letter “p” is the pixel value of your LED screen. LED manufacturers and suppliers put this label on their LED screen products to let buyers and users know what pixel pitch value they are about to receive.

The pixel value refers to the spatial distance between pixels. This distance is also sometimes called dot pitch. The pixel pitch is an essential factor to consider when choosing an LED screen because it is directly correlated to the resolution quality of your digital display.

If you want to know the most suitable pixel pitch value for your LED screen, you have to consider the viewing distance of the viewers. An LED screen display with a P16 pixel pitch value is best viewed from a distance of 20 to 54 meters. This makes it an ideal screen choice for outdoor displays.

Do you want to know what LED screen is best for you? Contact us today, and we will help you choose the LED screens that are suitable for your needs.


3. What Are P16 LED Display Specifications?


P16 LED Display is perfect for outdoor use. It is one of the most preferred LED screens by advertisers and event organizers to promote their brands, business, and events to a larger group of people.

P16 LED Screen Display Specifications:

Pixel Pitch: 16 mm

Module Resolution: 20 pixels x 20 pixels

Module Pixel: 400

Module Size: 320 mm x 320 mm

Cabinet Size: 960 mm x 960 mm x 150 mm

Cabinet Materials: High-quality Steel

Cabinet Weight: 50 kg

Pixel Density: 3906 pixels/m2

Brightness: ≥ 8000 (This is adjustable.)

Viewing Angle: Horizontal/Vertical, 110 degrees/70 degrees

Refresh Rate: ≥ 1000 Hz

Our P16 LED can support multiple picture display methods like intellective control technology, the synchronization control method, test-itself method technology, etc.

To know more about P16 LED Display parameters and specifications, you may follow this link. You may also send us a message or an email at manager@yuchip.com.

If you need further assistance, please let us know, and we will guide you with your outdoor LED display project.


4. What Can I Expect From A P16 LED Display?


Are you wondering what a P16 LED screen can give you? Here are some of the things you can expect from a P16 LED Display.

High Brightness and High-Quality Images. The LED technology utilized in the P16 LED display ensures that your digital display will be bright enough to be seen from a distance, even when it is daytime. Instead of just using backlit images, the LEDs produce their lights to exhibit the inputted content displays. So, you can expect high-quality imaging for your outdoor LED display.

Wide Color Gamut. In layman’s terms, LED displays produce more vibrant colors than other digital displays. It offers a wide range of RGB color spaces that gives your digital content a richer tone and a more realistic look.

Antistatic. The LED chips have antistatic properties to avoid triboelectric charging that can cause damage to the electrical components of your LED displays.

Long Lifespan. Compared to other outdoor digital displays, the P16 LED screen display has a relatively long lifespan. This LED screen may last for up to more than ten (10) years if maintained properly.

Weather-resistant. The P16 LED screen has passed the water spraying test to ensure that it will function even when it is raining. Its LED cabinets are compact and have silicone sealings. This is absolutely an ideal alternative for an outdoor advertising display.

Reliable. A proper aging test guarantees that the P16 LED screen display will operate adequately under various conditions.


5. What Is An LED Billboard?


LED billboard is a billboard display that delivers professional-looking digital images using LED light technology. It is widespread for all of us to see LED billboards alongside highways, streets, public places, and other crowded places because it is one of the most effective ways to deliver advertising and marketing content.

LED billboards to help showcase dynamic and bright-colored visual displays for commuters, passersby, and potential consumers and customers. Traditional billboards are hard to see, especially at night, because of their poor lighting.  Fortunately, because of the LED billboard’s adequate brightness (adjustable), it can be seen even from a great distance, day and night.

Compared to printed and other digital billboards, LED billboard allows you to display moving video content, instead of just static pictures. You can even have several ad contents successively playing to a set interval on just one LED billboard screen. LED billboard display also lets you add animations and image effects to make your messages, images, and videos even more appealing and engaging.


6. What are the Applications of LED Billboards?

(YuChip Outdoor LED Screen as LED Billboard in Denmark)

The LED Billboards offer enough versatility to be able to perform beneficially in various applications. LED billboards are used for advertising purposes, and they can also be utilized for public service purposes.

The typical applications of LED billboards are as follows:

Streets and Highways. LED billboards are widely installed within the busiest streets and highways in every country. Thousands of people are passing and driving by these roads. Alongside busy roads are one of the most convenient places to have your LED billboard installed. If placed strategically, you can successfully convey your message and marketing content to more prospective customers.

Office Buildings. LED screen billboards can also be mounted on the exterior part of the buildings. Government offices and private companies use these LED billboard screens to communicate to people outside their building premises. It is also a perfect medium to inform the public about their products, services, and other related information.

Shopping Malls. The goal of putting ad content on a digital billboard sign is to convince the people to avail of your goods or render your services. A shopping Mall is a place where people go when they want to buy or purchase something. So, it is an ideal place to have digital billboard displays. It is one of the reasons why advertisers often choose LED electronic billboards situated near shopping centers.

Other places where outdoor billboard LED displays (or P16 displays) are used include churches, airports, stadiums, universities, parks, etc.


7. What Are The Advantages Of LED Billboards?


The LED billboard display offers excellent benefits to users and advertisers. Given its advanced technology and superior performance, it gives you the following advantages:

Increased Visibility. LED billboard signs outdoors have to be ‘notorious’ in a good way. LED billboards are found in the busiest places in your city. Though busy places are perfect place to deliver ad content, it becomes difficult most of the time because people are “busy.”

Because LED billboards can deliver high-quality, multi-color audiovisual displays, it gives your ad an extra edge to be seen or noticed in such crowded locations. Increased visibility is one of the best things an LED billboard can offer.

Interactivity. LED billboards may consist of applications and software that lets you do intelligent navigation. It has a Wi-Fi hotspot, an integrated camera, and is supportive of remote management. All these features allow you to have a multi-color led programmable sign message display billboard.

Better Customer Experience. Bright colors, high resolutions, engaging contents, and display effects contribute to a better viewing experience for the audience. A better viewing experience is equivalent to a better customer experience that may lead to our purchasing or rendering service.

Quick ROI. When placed in the right location, you can easily acquire a return of investment for your LED billboards. Either it will increase your sales, or it will serve as a new revenue source. LED billboards are demanded by advertisers these days.


8. Is The Size Of The LED Billboard Customizable?


(P16 LED Size is Customized Based on Your Project Needs)

Yes, most LED billboards are modular. They are formed by connecting multiple LED display screens as one screen. You may request a specific LED billboard size that you want. Your provider will remove or add LED screens to scale your LED billboard screen proportionally.

This only means that LED billboard manufacturers can create a billboard size appropriate to your building or wall size. We can do that for you. For your LED billboard needs, you may contact us through our website or email. We provide LED billboard solutions (products and services) that are considerate to all your requirements.


9. Why Are LED Billboards Rising In Popularity?


Aside from the advantages that we enumerated in “What are the advantages of LED billboards?“, LED billboard is gaining popularity in the advertising and marketing industry because of the following reasons:

  1. LED Billboard gives its users a competitive advantage. The goal of curating a marketing strategy is to ensure that your advertising content will be well-received by the customers. LED billboard does not only allow limitless creativity in creating content, but it also makes your marketing content stand out. Its bright, bold, and dynamic images and effects make it distinguishable.
  2. LED Billboard allows you to change its content so quickly. Advertisers do not need to print large-format images and manually install them every time. With LED billboards, the convenience of changing your ad content is at your fingertips.
  3. LED Billboard does not quickly wear and tear. LED billboards can retain their display quality for years. They are weather-resistant so they can be used during various weather conditions. The discoloration in a display is not an issue with LED billboards.
  4. LED Billboard lets you deliver your message in any way possible. LED billboards use innovative technology to support complex animations and visual effects.


10. How Much is an LED Billboard?

The LED billboard price depends on your digital display needs and requirements.

Since most LED billboards vary in size, their prices vary as well. LED billboard companies use different materials for their LED billboard screens. This also explains why digital-led billboards’ prices vary per supplier.

If you want to buy an LED billboard for your store, building, or personal use, please send us your LED billboard project details, and we can custom-make it for you.

We offer high-quality LED billboard display screens for a very reasonable price. We can send you a price quote for your LED project, or we can set up a meeting to discuss in detail the needs and requirements.


11. How Much Power Does A Digital LED Billboard Consume?


The LEDs used in LED billboard displays are created to be an energy-efficient light source technology. Unlike other light sources like incandescent and fluorescents, LEDs offer greater luminance and lower wattage.

For example, a single P16 LED display used for LED billboards has an average power consumption of 350 w/m2 and a maximum of 850w/m². Electricity consumption and costs of an LED billboard screen display depend on factors like screen brightness and resolution, length of use, and electricity rate.

If you wish to have more information about the power consumption of our LED display products, you may check our products on our website.


12. Are Digital LED Billboards Profitable?


Yes, you can turn your LED billboards into a profitable leasing digital display. LED billboards are in demand for advertisers, especially for places with a big crowd or population volume.

LED billboards are an effective tool to deliver marketing content to hundreds and thousands of travelers, visitors, and guests. Many companies own LED billboards not only to use for their advertising. They also allow marketers to lease their LED billboards in exchange for a specific remuneration. By just holding LED billboards, these companies generate income cash flow.

The rate of your income may vary depending on the location of your LED billboards. Usually, LED billboards placed on busy highways and crowded areas may have a higher rate of 60% more than those set in secluded areas.

13. What Are The Things To Consider Before Buying/Renting LED Billboards?


When purchasing/buying LED billboards, there are some things that you need to consider first. Listed below are some critical factors in buying LED billboard screens:

LED Billboard Size. When buying an LED billboard, it is necessary to know how big or small you want your LED display. Measure the space where you plan to install your digital billboard display so your LED provider can guide you properly. Most LED billboards are custom-made, so make sure to let your provider know about your needs and requirements, which they will surely ask you.

LED Billboard Pixel Pitch. The screen pixel pitch is the next one to consider. It refers to the screen resolution of your digital display. The optimal viewing experience of your audience is highly dependent on your LED screen pixel pitch value. Your LED provider will help you choose the correct pixel value.

LED Billboard Installation. Where and how do you want your LED billboard to be installed? Your answers to these questions will help your provider determine the correct requirements for your LED billboard display.

LED Billboard Protection Rate. Look for the IP rating of your LED billboard. Check if it has enough protection to keep up with an outdoor installation.

LED Billboard Supplier. Transact only with a reliable and trusted outdoor LED billboard manufacturer. So, you can be assured that you will get the most out of your LED billboard investment.

14. How Do I Rent An LED Billboard?


Most LED suppliers and manufacturers offer outdoor LED screen rentals. If you do not plan to purchase LED billboards because you will only use them for a specific period, you may opt to rent these so you can still take advantage of the benefits they can give you.

YUCHIP has a wide range of rental LED screens for outdoor use, perfect for your temporary LED billboard. For inquiries regarding our available LED billboard products and service, you may get in touch with us. We have high-quality LED products and outstanding services we want to offer you.


15. Where Can I Find A Supplier/Provider Of P16 LED Display For Your Outdoor LED Billboards?


Are you looking for an LED billboard supplier in China that you can trust? YUCHIP has been in this industry for almost 17 years now. We have managed to export our top-grade LED product to more than 100 countries around the world. For your LED billboard needs, we have P2.5, P3, P4, P5, P8, P10, P16, and P25 LED displays that are perfect for your outdoor digital display,

We custom-make LED billboards to meet the needs of every client. We use high-quality products that meet international standards to guarantee superior performance.

Since 2004, we have been committed to serving our customers worldwide with LED solutions of the highest standard. Our field experts, engineers, and personnel are trained to follow strict guidelines to ensure that you will get what you deserve.

Contact us today, and let us start your LED billboard project journey with us.

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