P16 Outdoor LED Billboard In Italy

Whenever you look around in big cities or even rural areas, you’ll see stunning billboards.

Billboards may come for various purposes such as for information display, advertising, or entertainment. Either way, it eases people’s everyday lives.

  • Type: Outdoor LED Billboard
  • Pixel Pitch: 16
  • Pixel Configuration: 1R1G1B
  • Location: Italy
  • Cabinet Size: 960 x 960 x 150 mm
  • Cabinet Weight: 50 kg


YUCHIP’s outdoor LED billboard series has comprehensive pixel pitch options. Since it has a vast size, it requires safe installation and maintenance.

The installation has many options such as hanging, standing by a column or two, wall-mounted, building-mounted, etc. And maintenance is through the front side, but needless to worry because it requires very little to no maintenance.

P16 Billboard has a noise-less fan and high brightness, so can you be sure of clear conveyance of your advertising content or information display.

(P16 Outdoor LED Billboard)

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