P2.5 LED Module Specification

THE P2.5 LED module’s outstanding specification makes it a most popular use for indoor LED screens.

P2.5 LED has a high resolution of 160,000 pixels in one square meter. It ensures you a clear and high-quality image and video display.

P2.5 has a 2m best viewing distance. So your audience can enjoy its excellent visual performance even in a short space.

YuChip P2.5 LED uses top-notch technology to reach 16-bit grey grade and dot-by-dot color calibration. You will have an ultra-smooth and pure color display.



  1. High Contrast Ratio. P2.5 LED uses black LEDs with a 5000:1 high contrast ratio to deliver you a more pure and vivid image color.
  2. High Refresh Frequency. YUCHIP P2.5 uses a high-end driver IC at 3840HZ refresh frequency, so you can freely take photos or do live camera broadcasts without any water wave.
  3. Easy and Fast Service. P2.5  LED Display is easy and fast to assemble. YuChip P2.5 LED module can be both front and rear service depending on your project needs.
  4. Seamless Connection. We designed a high-precision module frame so LED P2.5 doesn’t have a gap between the two modules. You can build a large LED screen seamlessly
P2.5 LED Module Specification
Pixel pitch (mm)2.5
Pixel configuration3 in 1
Colors matches6:3:1
Module resolution (pixels)128 x 64
Module pixel8192
Module size (mm)320 x 160
LED Cabinet Specification
Cabinet size (mm)640 x 480 x 65
Cabinet resolution (pixels)256 x 192
Cabinet pixels (pixels)49152
Cabinet materialDie-casting Aluminum
Cabinet weight (kg)8kg
LED Display Specification
Pixel density(pixel/㎡)160000
Brightness(cd/㎡)≥800 (adjustable)
Brightness adjusted100 grade by software or by Auto-optic induced
View angleHorizontal 140°; Vertical 140°
Best viewing distance (m)≥2m
Communication distance (m)<100meter by Internet Cable (without Relay; Multimode fiber cable < 500m;
Single-mode fiber cable < 20km
Display work method1/32 Scan
LED driving methodConstant driving current
Color contrast ratio500:1
Gray Grade16bit
Display Color439, 804, 651, 110
Refresh Frequency (Hz)≥3840
Picture display methodIntellective control technology, test-itself technology, correct technology,
Synchronization Control
Input signalDVI (S-VIDEO, CVBS, DP, HDMI, VGA, PAL/NTSC, etc. through a Video processor
converting )
System operatingWINDOWS 98, WINDOWS 2000, WINDOWS XP,WINDOWS 7 etc.
Front/Rear IP LevelIP43
Working temperature (ºC)-20~+60
Stored temperature (ºC)-30~+80
Operation humidity (RH)0-95%
Display Lifetime (hours)Ten years or more( natural environment)
100000 hours( ideal environment)
MaintenanceFront / Rear side
Working VoltageAC110 / AC220V±10% 47~63 Hz
Out of controlled dot≤3/10,000 (Out of controlled dots means the pixels of which the brightness and the
wavelength are both >10% depart to the normal one)

(P2.5 Indoor Rental LED Display)

P2.5 LED Panel: Ultimate FAQ Guide


1. What Is A P2.5 LED Panel?


YUCHIP P2.5 LED screen panels have 2.5 millimeters (mm) pixel pitch. The P-value or dot pitch of LED panels refers to the pixel density and distance between LED lights.

In selecting your LED screen panels, a rule of thumb is that the smaller the pixel number is (like P2.5), the higher the pixel density. This high density equates to better screen resolution, which is ideal for close viewing. On the other hand, a higher pixel pitch value is more suitable for LED displays intended for long-distance viewing.

The P2.5 pixel pitch number is currently one of the smallest pixel pitch values available in the market. It’s over 160,000-pixel density per sq. m. is ideal for fixed indoor installation as it uses SMD technology that supports high-definition and high-contrast screen displays. It means that this LED screen can display more vivid images and video quality for your audience.

Choosing LED panels with the correct pixel pitch is essential as it directly correlates to the resolution quality of your video display as well as the suitable viewing distance for its viewers.

(How To Make Novastar RCFG File for P2.5 LED Panel)


2. What Is P2.5 LED Module Specification?


The P2.5 LED panel has an outstanding module specification making it the most preferred choice for various indoor applications.

Our P2.5 LED display uses black LEDs for more realistic and vivid image color and high-end driver IC so you can take static-free photos of your displays on the screen monitor. The P2.5 RGB LED panel is best-suitable for live camera broadcasts.

Another desirable quality of the YUCHIP P2.5 LED panel is its LED cabinet specifically designed for easy and fast assembly and dismantling. Each cabinet has four (4) sets of secured lockers. They make the connection of panels quick and seamless. As a result, you can expect a much lower cost for installation.  Plus, it has a die-cast aluminum enclosure for stability and transportability purposes.

A P2.5 LED wall is thin and lightweight, but it features high strength, endurance, and performance.

You can expect our P2.5 LED panels to have ultra-high resolution and a wide viewing angle. It has an exceptional grey level and a tremendous energy-saving scan process.

For complete information on our P2.5 LED panels specification, you may check out this link.


3. What Are The Best Application Scenarios For A P2.5 LED Panel?


LED screen panels are continuously increasing their popularity in many locations where high-quality displays are needed.

The LED P2.5 screen panels, being most suitable for indoor use, are often used for the following purposes:

A. Indoor LED Screen Poster For Advertising


Smart LED Poster Display

(P2.5 LED Poster)

P2.5 LED posters allow businesses to provide high-resolution displays featuring their products, promos, and other services in the easiest but most creative way.

Since these P2.5 LED posters or LED displays are straightforward to install, you can choose to have them placed almost anywhere you think they can be seen best.

They are now a popular go-to marketing tool for large corporations and small businesses like retail stores, restaurants, clubs, salons, etc.

Since these businesses often change their menus, deals, promos, and advertisement content, indoor LED screens allow them to display and update their content quickly and easily.

B. Indoor LED Video Wall


(P2.5 LED Screen Installation Guide)

Multiple P2.5 LED panels are connected to come up with one larger LED screen or video wall. These LED video walls can serve different purposes.

Indoor P2.5 LED video walls are sometimes mounted on the conference and building walls to serve as large-scale monitors for displaying company-related infomercials.

They can also serve as background video walls for churches, stages, auditoriums, etc.

They can be a perfect fit as video surveillance monitors inside security control rooms as they can provide a substantially higher image and video resolution than any other television monitor.

C. Indoor Stadium Perimeter LED Screen


Gone are the days when sports organizers used banners and tarpaulin to decorate stadiums during sporting events. Big LED screens and LED cubes are now being used, as they are more functional and practical to use.

Aside from being easier to manage, they also provide other opportunities in advertising and real-time information sharing.

Besides, they make the venue look more inviting and vigorous, which increases the audience’s engagement and participation.


4. What Are The Limitations Of The P2.5 LED Panel?


P2.5 LED panels are among the most in-demand and most preferred panels for LED video walls and displays. But these LED display panels have limitations that you should know before deciding to purchase and install them.

Outdoor Installation.

The P2.5 LED panels are ideal for indoor use. Though no one can stop you if you’d like to install it in an outdoor area, especially if it is for temporary use only, you should expect, however, that there is a tendency that they might not deliver the best quality display.

Also, make sure that they are in a covered/protected area to protect them from any possible damage.

Lack of Weather Safety Features.

Since these LED panels are ideal for indoor use, they may have a lower IP or Ingress Protection, which refers to the sealing effectiveness of LED display enclosures against foreign intrusions like dust and moisture.

Your LED display may get damaged if you place it in a location that has a harsher environment.

Closer Optimal Viewing Distance.

The P2.5 video wall is perfect for close viewing distance. It will give your audience the best quality audiovisual display that will amaze and entertain them.

It is essential to consider the distance of your viewers from your LED display. For the P2.5 LED display screen, the ideal viewing distance is from 3 meters to 8 meters. Those who will view it far greater distance will still have a good view, but there will be less clarity with the picture quality.


5. Are P2.5 LED Video Walls Customizable?


Yes, just like any other LED video wall, the P2.5 video walls are customizable. Just have your LED screen supplier informed about the size requirements you need for your project, and they will make a custom-made LED video wall for you.

You can rely on us and let us know about this project of yours, and we can decide on the ideal size of LED display for you.

Large-scale LED video walls are modular, meaning they are formed by connecting multiple LED panels to achieve the screen size you prefer for your store, restaurant, club, etc.

Thanks to the sleek cabinet designs of P2.5 LED panels for having fast lock mechanisms for quick and easy LED panel connections.

The seamless connection of these P2.5 LED panels allows you to achieve any size screen that looks like one unit or monitor.


6. How Much Is a P2.5 LED Panel?


The cost of a P2.5 LED screen display varies depending on the requirements of your digital display project.

That is because, aside from the LED panels themselves, there are other things that we need to factor in like, the installation site, your LED video wall size, and other services required for your project.

You can share with us some details about your project and request a price quote from us. We will get you a detailed price quotation that is only valid for a given period.

Our goal is to give our clients the best quality LED display for a very reasonable price. Rest assured that we will offer you our best price guarantee.


7. What Are The Tips In Purchasing P2.5 LED Panels?


Before purchasing your P2.5 LED display, you must consider the following first.

If you don’t know one or two of these factors, there’s nothing to be worried about, as we will guide you to sort this out as we start working on your projects.

  1. Consider Your Budget. The cost of LED panels increases when the pixel pitch is smaller because they contain more RGB LEDs. And Since P2.5 mm is essentially a small pixel pitch, it can be a little more expensive than other LED panels with a more significant P-value. Hence, take into account your need and financial situation before buying a P2.5 LED video display.
  2. Identify Your Installation Location. An audio-video screen with P2.5 mm requires a specific wall size or mounting area to show 1080p 16:9 visuals more efficiently. Therefore, you should first identify a location for your LED display before purchasing.
  3. Select the Appropriate Refresh Rate. Choose an LED panel with a certain refresh rate according to your specific purpose. To achieve flicker-free images on your P2.5 LED display, you need to choose a product with a high refresh rate. Choosing LED panels with a lower refresh rate can cause eye irritation or eye fatigue from your viewers.
  4. Know Your Audience Distance from the LED Display. As we have mentioned repeatedly, the P2.5 LED screen display is ideal for indoor applications and close viewing.

The generally accepted formula for knowing the optimal distance for viewing an LED video wall divides the pixel pitch by 0.8 (for minimal viewing distance) and 0.3 (maximum viewing distance).


8. Why Should I Buy The YUCHIP P2.5 LED Panel?


(YuChip, China Leading LED Display Manufacturer)

When you choose YUCHIP, you are going for a top-notch LED display quality. We are a leading and trusted P2.5 LED panels manufacturer and LED display supplier in China today.

We are very much committed to providing all clients of ours with nothing but the best LED display products and services for a very reasonable price.

All our LED products including, the P2.5 panels, undergo strict quality inspection and aging tests to ensure that they are of the best quality.

Our joy and pride make our customers, here and abroad, happy and satisfied with the LED solutions we provide them.

Our team of technical and marketing experts will give you excellent service that we guarantee will meet your expectation.

For inquiries, contact us through our website or via email at manager@yuchip.com.

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