P20 Football Perimeter LED Display In Turkey

People love sports so much like it’s a necessary thing for us.

It’s evident in what and how people show their love for sports, like thousands of sporting events and other sports-related equipment.

  • Pixel Pitch: 20
  • Pixel Configuration: SMD3528
  • Location: Turkey
  • Cabinet Size: 400 x 300 mm
  • Cabinet Weight: 22.5 kg


This project in Turkey utilized aP20 Football Perimeter LED display for a large stadium.

How does perimeter work?

  • Perimeter LED displays work as safety measures during a sporting event.  It forms a barrier between the player and spectator and helps lessen the fatalities during uncertain situations.
  • It creates open communication between the people watching a match. Everyone can easily follow what is happening in the game, plus advertising is very feasible and more accessible.
  • Also,  perimeter displays create a digital touch during football, basketball, cricket, and other ball games to become more sports-friendly, engaging, and exciting.

(P8 Football Perimeter LED Display)

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