P20 Outdoor Full Color LED Display

P20 Outdoor Full Color LED Display is mostly used as large size LED billboards to replace traditional static advertising billboards.


  • According to its usage, the P20 Outdoor Full Color LED display can be a billboard, advertising board, mobile panel, curtain, traffic, and rental screen.
  • According to its shape, full outdoor color led display can be divided into an arc, cross, dot matrix, and multi-sides.
  • There are full-color, single-color, and tri-color outdoor screens. Advertising and billboard panel is similar on usage. The road or expressway usually uses a billboard.
  • The mobile panel includes boat, car, truck, and trailer portable panels. As for vehicles, a single color panel is primarily standard for showing information or news. The curtain screen usually uses a hanging structure.
  • Cost-effective, especially suitable for large size LED billboards;
  • P20 Full Color LED high-quality display image and video presentation for large size LED billboards advertising use;
  • Enough brightness to deliver a clear picture and video even under direct sunshine;
  • Automatic brightness adjustment to present a comfortable display effect in day and night and also save energy;
  • The remote control helps to realize one computer control number Commercial LED screen timely;
  • The eye-catching active advertising effect delivers to more audience and gains more revenues.
Pixel Pitch (mm)


Pixel Configuration


Pixel Density (pixel/㎡)


Module Resolution (WxH)


Module Size (mm) (WxH)


Brightness (cd/㎡)


Viewing Angle (H/V)


Cabinet Resolution


Cabinet Size (mm)


Cabinet Weight (kg)


Refresh Rate (Hz)


Max. Power Consumption (W)


Maintenance Mode


Cabinet Material


Contrast Ratio


Color Processing Bits

16 bit

Operating Temperature (C/RH)


Storage Temperature (C/RH)



(P20 Outdoor Digital Advertising LED Display)

P20 Outdoor Full Color LED Display

Today, outdoor advertising makes an even more promising breakthrough worldwide. And to mention, the best era is yet to come through the overwhelming support the LED industry receives from various fields.

Outdoor displays or billboards are now replacing the traditional advertising methods.

More and more domains are shifting to outdoor advertising since it helps their brands to attain both long-term and short-term goals in business.

YUCHIP 172㎡ P20 Outdoor LED Display in Peru
P20 Outdoor Full Color LED Display

Africa, Europe, North and South America, and Asia have been influenced well by LED display use. Across various countries, you’ll be able to see LEDs almost everywhere, especially in big cities and busy areas.

One of the most prominent YUCHIP’s outdoor LED is the P20 Outdoor Full Color LED Display.

It is an outdoor display designed for advertising and information distribution. Among its benefits and advantages are below.


  • Multifunctional

P20 Outdoor Full Color LED Display can be a billboard for advertising or information display, a mobile panel, LED curtain, traffic display, or rental screen for outdoor events.

In short, it has various functions, so if you have different purposes in getting an LED display, then this one suits you best.

  • Various Shapes
YUCHIP 172㎡ P20 Outdoor LED Display in Peru
P20 Outdoor Full Color LED Display in Peru

It can be an arc, cross, dot matrix, multi-sides, or flat, the usual one.

We can customize its shape to help you best fit your outdoor usage of the display.

  • Full-color, Single Color or Tri-color

You can choose from full-color, single color, or tri-color depending on your preference.

Colors are very distinctive factors to the LED display and are something you have to consider, too.

  • Cost-Effective

Giant billboards, as such, are very dominant in open places.

The view catches everyone’s eyes; thus, you have a very high probability that more and more people can see your ads or vital information that you want to convey.

  • Automatic Brightness

The display has automatic brightness adjustment to help you save energy.

Daytime and nighttime brightness are different, which depend on the light factor in the environment. In the morning, the display is visible even under direct sunlight.

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