P20 LED Video Display In Hongkong

Hongkong adopts new technology just like other urbanized places around the world.

One of the technologies they utilize is using the LED display in their business and making their vicinities more empowering.

  • Type: Outdoor LED Video Display
  • Pixel Pitch: 20
  • Pixel Configuration: 1R1G1B
  • Location: Hongkong
  • Cabinet Size: 960 x 960 x 150 mm
  • Cabinet Weight: 50 kg


P20 Outdoor Video Display is one of YUCHIP’s best-selling outdoor LED products. It has the perfect balance of P10 and P25 LED displays. The brightness can be adjustable depending on the environment and lighting conditions.

During daylight, the brightness is higher so that the content will be visible, while at night, the intelligence automatically goes down to avoid too much light pollution.

P20 LED display has various installation methods such as hanging, column, wall-mounted, building-mounted, and roof installation. Either way, it is vast enough to become visible even from a distance.

(P20 Outdoor LED Display In Thailand)

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