P20 Sports LED Display In Brazil

Sports LED Display helps every spectator to enjoy the utmost experience of a live event such as sports and matches.

While you enjoy the view, you’ll also access other information from the display, such as advertising and other knowledgeable content.

  • Area: 82㎡
  • Pixel Pitch: 20
  • Location: Brazil
  • Cabinet Size: 960 x 960 x 150 mm
  • Cabinet Weight: 50 kg


YUCHIP’s sports LED display series has wide pixel pitch options ranging from P4 to P20. We offer LED displays for various sports purposes such as perimeter display, rental perimeter, scoreboard display, video wall, advertising, etc.

Why do you need a perimeter LED Display?

  • Perimeter LED makes way to open communication between the players/participants and spectators.
  • It provides easy exit during unexpected and uncertain circumstances during a match.
  • Everyone can vividly see various information related to the event such as scores, timeclocks, participants’ names and details, etc.

(P8 Football Perimeter LED Display)

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